Friday, December 3, 2010

Chapter 26

The golf cart pulled up to the dressing room, Desi reached for Jon and helped him scoot out while the driver took the other side . They slowly and gingerly walked him into the room then sat him down on the makeshift table .

Jon laid down on the table, biting his bottom lip then cast a glance over to Desi, who stood next to him holding his hand.  “You could have hurt yourself. “ he bit out through the pain.

“Hush now will you . I’m fine. You on the other hand are not. “ Desi retorted.

Jon cast a look of bewilderment at her. “Damn am I - Fuck ! “ he growled as a sharp pain shot through his calf.

The doctor walked in and quickly assessed the situation.  “These need to come off Jon so I can see what the problem is. “ he ordered as he pointed to his jeans.

Jon’s eyes widened. “Here? Now ? “

“Yes , here and now . “ he answered then turned to face the large crowd that gathered around. “Everyone please leave so he can undress. “ the doctor’s eyes landed on Desi, who made no attempt to leave, though a slight flush crept upon her cheeks thinking about he almost always went commando.  “IF you’re gonna stay , you can help him with his jeans. “

Though in a lot of pain , Jon couldn’t help but smile at Desi’s reaction. That was soon forgotten when she reached for his jeans and started to tug on them . “Mother fuck ! “

The doctor quickly turned around . “ Stop , we are going to have to cut them off. Find a blanket while I get the scissors. “

Desi leaned over Jon , gave him a quick kiss then darted out the door in search of a blanket.

A few moments later , she returned to find him with no jeans on and the doctor leaning over  examining his calf.  Desi quickly covered him then returned to holding his hand while the doctor finished his examination.

“Well Jon , It’s definitely more than a pulled muscle . I’m afraid you are going to have to go to the hospital.  Need to run an MRI to exactly what it is but from the looks of things and the amount of pain you’re in . You have a torn muscle. “

Jon groaned as he tried to sit up . “Fuck! I hate hospitals. “

Desi, who once she heard that he had to go to the hospital searched around in his bag  for a pair of shorts then brought them to him .  “Yea they are just a blast , but he says you gotta go so you’re going. “ she spoke with a firm voice. while helping him on with the shorts.

“Yes ma’am “ Jon replied with a salute . “What happened to my sweet Desi ? “

“Someone needs to take care of you. “ she answered matter of factly.  “ If left up to you , you would shrug it off as nothing. Am I right? “

“Well.. I “ He was cut off mid-sentence by Richie who stepped in the room , clearly enjoying this petite girl giving Jon a run for his money.

“Admit it Kidd, she has you pegged.  “ Richie laughed as he walked over and swung his arm around Desi pulling her into a half hug.

Before Jon shoot off a comeback , Obie and Matt appeared in the room with a wheelchair. “The  car is ready for you . “

Jon looked at the chair and growled. “ I ain’t getting in that damned thing! “

Desi quirked an eyebrow, “Oh really and I suppose you plan on walking on that leg down that long hallway? “

“Yea Its not that far. “ Jon argued.

The doctor returned into the room with an ice pack . “Did I just hear what I thought I heard from you Jon? You are not to put any pressure on the leg. “

Clearly sensing that this was one battle he wasn’t gonna win, He hobbled off the table with the assistance of Desi and Richie and settled into the chair.  He growled inwardly , Damn I’m not an invalid.

The  doctor placed the ice pack on his leg, “ Keep this on . And by all means listen to the doctor.”

Jon rolled his eyes, “ I ain’t cancelling anything , you all hear that ?! “ he shot dark looks to everyone he passed by.

“And if you make it worse and need surgery what you gonna do then? “ Desi asked as they helped Jon into the car then she slide in beside him.

“It’s possible its not that bad ,  I still have one good leg and I’m not cancelling on my fans. “ Jon argued.

“And if it is , you think they would want you to risk it for them , I think not . “ Desi shot back.

Richie peeked his head in , “Frank  we’ll meet ya at the hospital . Be a good boy and listen to Desi. “ then shut the door.

 Desi settled in beside Jon, her hand resting on his leg. “Shit ! “

Jon shot her a puzzled looked “What is it? You didn’t hurt anything did you ? “ he asked a mixture of worry and pain coated his voice as he tried to move to face her.

“Oh no , just that I didn’t even ask if you wanted me to come along I just did. “ Desi said with a light chuckle.

Jon smiled, reached for her hand and squeezed it . “No one I rather have with me if I’m gonna get poked with long ass needles. “

“Are you sure? I kinda took over and I’m sorry just I saw you hurt and - Well I been there myself. ‘ Desi admitted quietly.

“No baby its fine, I want you here with me and I happen to like the bull dog Desi , kinda of sexy . “ He waggled his eyebrows.

Desi snuggled up to him , being all to careful of his leg . “ Sexy huh? If you promise to listen to the doctor maybe I can find a way to make you feel better. “

Jon arched an eyebrow , a smile spread across his face. “ Really and all I have to do is listen to the doctor? “

“Yup that’s all you have to do . “ Desi leaned in and kissed him .

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chapter 25

After soundcheck was finished, the girls looked around not sure what to do next. Obie saw them and motioned them in the direction the guys had disappeared. Backstage a member of the crew looked at their laminates and pointed them towards an open door. Peeking in, Desi saw Jon and hesitated, unsure, until Ana pushed her into the room.


“Hey Beautiful.” Jon greeted Desi  with a bit uncertainty. “What did you girls think of soundcheck?”

“It was interesting.” Desi was still a little annoyed.

Ana poked her. “Ignore the ungrateful bitch Jon, it was great!”

“Thanks. You must be Ana.” Jon held out his hand. Ana shook it.

“I’m sorry.” Desi gave herself a mental shake and performed the introductions. “Where’s Richie? Ana really wants to meet him.” She smirked at her friend’s murderous look and stepped out of reach. “What? It’s true!”

“Then that makes two of us darlin’.” A deep voice spoke from behind them.

Turning, Desi grinned at Richie and went through the introduction routine again. “Ana’s a fan.” She leaned over to murmur to her temporarily speechless friend. “I warned you...payback’s a bitch!”

“I’d be disappointed if she wasn’t.” Richie assured an obviously flustered Ana. “Why don’t we sit down over there and get to know each other a little better?”

When they’d moved away, Jon turned his attention back to Desi. “Please don’t be mad at me. I just want to make sure that you don’t get hurt again.”

Desi sighed. “I know. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me....really.”

He slid his arms around her waist, linking his fingers and resting them in the small of her back.  He leaned in closely to her ear and whispered. “Am I forgiven? “

The soft tone vibrated through her ear , sending a chill down her spine and after taking a moment to recover, she spoke softly. “Yes. “

“Good, “ He replied as he placed a sweet kiss along the nape of her neck. “Now can I say just how much I missed you? “

Desi couldn’t help but smile. “ Yes over and over if you like. “

Jon released her waist , turned her to face him then placed several sweet kisses on her lips. “I missed you , I missed you  I missed you. “

Wrapping her arms around his waist, she eagerly returned his kisses . “I missed you too, though I just don’t see how this could be happening so fast. “

Jon pulled back for a moment, gazed down into her beautiful eyes . “I know , I never thought “ he paused, a warm smile spread across his lips. “I never thought I could feel this way again. I never wanted to -- til now. “

Before Desi could respond, Obie stepped into the room . “ I hate to interrupt this party but you have an interview scheduled in about 5 minutes and Rich your mom just arrived. “

Jon reluctantly pulled away from Desi , “ Okay will be there in a few “ he replied though his gaze remained fixated on Desi.

Obie started back out the door when Jon called out. “ Could you escort the girls back to their seats ? “

“Sure “ Obie answered then turned his attention away so they could say their goodbyes.

“I guess I gotta go , “ Jon whispered a hairs breath away from her lips. “See you after the show” he leaned in and kissed her passionately.  Then he pulled away and with a wink he turned towards the door and walked out leaving Desi to catch her breath .

Richie had departed but not before giving Ana a kiss and promises of getting together after the show for a later dinner.

Both girls headed back to their seats and settled in for the show.


The show was incredible , Jon definitely was in a good mood and the guys were on fire.  Playing rarites such as Raise Your Hands and Open All Night.  Both Jon and Richie smiled at the girls as they made their way to the circle for a couple songs . Things were going nearly perfect, as perfect as they could get when it happened.  They had just finished the first song into the encore and began Glad All Over , Jon just pivoted on his heel and almost immediately Desi knew something was terribly wrong .

Pain etched cross Jon’s face as he clutched tightly to the mic stand while bending down to massage the calf . All the while without missing a note , He then tried to walk it off but a pronounced limp became evident . After finishing the song , he spoke “I think I just wrecked my leg but its okay I still have another one. “ he forced a smile and started into Prayer.

She stopped dancing , her mouth dropped for a second watching him intently as he grasped his calf , his face coated with pain.  “He’s hurt , I have to go to him “ she said not sure if Ana heard her or not .

Desi made her way through the crowd , with Ana following closely on her heels.  She made it over to wear Obie was standing . “I knew I would see you. “ he responded. “Come with me . “ he lead them beneath the stage to his small, quick change area.

“You know what happened? Is he alright ? “ Desi asked her voice coated with worry.

“Have no idea . But the doctor is on stand by as soon as we can get him off the stage. “ Obie answered as he watched and waited for the last bars of Prayer to be over.

It seemed like any eternity before Jon descended down the steps with David on one side and Richie on the other. His head dipped down as a string of curses flew out of his mouth .

Desi patiently waited for them to slowly approach her before walking up to him . She waved Richie away then placed his arm across her shoulders as she slipped her arm around his waist.. “ Lean on me.“ she quietly ordered , not giving neither David or Jon a chance to argue before she started to walk him to the golf cart that was waiting for him.

Once they had him settled into the golf cart , Desi hopped in the front .  “We’re ready . Lets go.” She quickly glanced over to a Ana, who if it hadn’t been for the concern she had for Jon would have laughed at all the guys reaction to Desi and her ordering everyone about. Sweet, soft spoken Desi turned into a drill Sergeant in a matter of a few moments.  “See you in the back. “ was all she said as the driver quickly took off for the backstage area and to the doctor that was waiting for Jon to arrive.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chapter 24

Forty-five minutes later the girls arrived at the stadium. Desi glanced at the letter one last time before placing it in her purse then retrieved her phone . Flipping it open , she pressed speed dial then waited for Jon to answer.

Jon felt the vibration of his phone and reached in his pocket, glanced at the name and with a smile answered.“Damn I knew it took women a long time to get ready. “

“Maybe so but not this time. Damned traffic was backed up for miles.“ Desi retorted as she climbed out of the car then waited for Ana to join her before walking over to the gate. “You’d think the President is visiting or somethin’. “

A burst of laughter escaped Jon’s lips. “ You never know who might show up at our shows.. “He replied while leaning against the door frame of his dressing room.  His eyes darted down the long corridor , spotting Obie walking towards him.

“Hold on a sec babe. “ Jon said then held his hand over the mouthpiece “The girls are here can you go let them in  and escort them to their seats. “

Obie nodded. “Sure thing boss. “ then turned on his heel , heading back down the long corridor. He paused for a moment “ They’re ready for you on stage . “

“Tell them I’ll be there in a couple minutes. “ Jon answered then returned his attention to his phone. “Babe I gotta run , but Obie should be there in a few to let you in.”

“Okay talk to you later. “ Desi replied then flipped her phone closed.

“So what did your boyfriend have to say ? “ Ana teased with a ornery grin.

Desi rolled her eyes,  “He isn’t my boyfriend.  And to answer your question nothing much other than Obie is on his way . “

“Uh huh . I still say he’s your boyfriend .” Ana taunted. “ Desi and Jon sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G , first comes love , second comes marriage third is Jon pushing a baby carriage. “

“God , Ana you’re incorrigible. “ Desi replied then chuckled. “Oh here he comes.“ she pointed towards the man walking towards them.

Obie strolled over to the big metal gate and opened it for the girls. “Hey Desi good to see you again” he said with a big friendly smile.

“Nice to see you again too. “ Desi smiled sweetly, “ Obie this is Ana , my best friend . Ana this is Obie .”

Obie offered his hand while he spoke. “Nice to meet you Ana. “ Then stood back to allow the girls to walk through.

“Nice to meet you too . Are you the one you keeps the boys in line?“ Ana teased her eyes twinkling with a slight ornery tint.

Obie snorted. “I wish . They don’t listen to nothin’ I fuckin’ - “ He paused his eyes widened “Um I’m sorry for my tour mouth.  They don’t listen to nothing I say.“

Desi and Ana laughed as they followed him through the maze of seats on the field. “We ain’t angels . We got as much of a potty mouth as you guys “ Ana answered.

Their seats were located just inside the circle , not far from the stage but not where Desi might get injured again.  They weren’t bad seats and she knew she should be grateful but he really didn’t have to treat her like a china doll. Well okay Des, you are a china doll but still ! She thought with slight frustration.

Desi shot a annoyed glance to Jon who was watching the girls settle into their seats.  “Why must you all treat me like this ? “

Jon winced inwardly as his eyes caught her annoyed look, Don’t she understand I don’t want her hurt again? he turned around and with a sigh , called out the first song and began the first bars of Raise Your Hands.

Ana shook her head with dismay. “Des give the guy a break , I think its sweet he wants to make sure your safe. “

Desi left out out a frustrated sigh. “I know. “ was all she said as her eyes remained glued on him. That really wasn’t the issue not really anyway. She just was so afraid of her feelings that were becoming more present each time they talked or saw one of another.

Ana’s eyes darted away from Richie momentarily. “ Desi its okay to admit you love the attention he is giving you and maybe you might be feeling something for him. “

Desi knew Ana was right but it was so hard to believe and take a  chance after her heart was broken not too long ago.  She glanced briefly at her friend and flashed a force smile . “ Let’s not think about that right now . We are here to have a good time .”

“Just tell yourself that girl . I’m already enjoying myself. “ Ana grinned as her eyes returned to Richie. “ Damn if that man can work those fingers . Wonder what else he could play with like that ? “

Desi snorted, “ Play your cards right and you never know. “

Ana simply nodded as her eyes caught Richie’s . He smiled back  “Damn I so love those dimples .”

“You love every inch of that man.“ Desi retorted as her gazed remained on Jon.

“Yes ma’am I do including what he’s packin’ in those jeans of his. “ Ana replied saucily as she wiggled her eyebrows.

“God , Ana you’re so bad. “ Desi chided as she flashed her a big smile.

“And you’re such an angel? “

“Yes I am . A sweet angel. “

“Yea right in your dreams. Maybe I should ask blondie up there just how much of an angel you are ? “ Ana taunted.

“You wouldn’t ! “Desi gasped , a slight blush crept upon her cheeks.

“I sure would. Wonder what he would tell me. “

“He would tell you its none of your damned business . I think “ Desi answered a bit uncertain.

Ana slung her arm over Desi’s shoulders. “You know I’m just playing . I love to get you riled up . Its cute. “ she planted a friendly kiss on her friends cheek.

“Paybacks are a bitch  you know. “ Desi laughed.

"You keep saying that. " Ana grinned back.

"Just you wait and it'll be when you least expect it . " Desi shot back good naturedly.

The girls grew quiet , well as quiet as too fans could get while the band finished their soundcheck. Neither girl knew just how wild of a ride these few days were going to be.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chapter 23

Early the next morning , both girls awoke , quickly showered then ordered breakfast before beginning their preparations for the show that evening.

Once breakfast arrived, the girls sat down at the table in the corner of the room for a few relaxing moments to eat. “So have you decided on what you’re wearing ? “ Ana asked while stuffing a fork full of scrambled eggs in her mouth.

Desi finished chewing her bite of toast “ I think so . It’s supposed to be a scorcher today so maybe Capri's are in order for today and tank top. “

“Yea for once I agree, less clothing the better “ Ana agreed “ I wonder where our seats are since he is being Mr protective of you ? “

Desi shook her head “ I haven’t a clue other than we have laminates “

“So that means we can go anywhere we want “ Ana smirked, a twinkle of naughtiness flashed in her eyes.

Desi snickered then pushed herself away from the table “If we don’t get started now we won’t be going nowhere. “ She stood then walked over to her suitcase , pulling out a pair of blue jean Capri’s , a light blue tank top then padded off to the bathroom to change.

“Don’t take forever I need to get ready too “ Ana hollered good naturedly.

“There’s a mirror and plug in out there , you know . “ Desi teased while she dressed then applied her makeup.

“I know . Just felt like giving you a rough time “ Ana chuckled as she combed her long raven hair “So you sure Richie is interested in meeting me ?  I am not exactly his type you know ? “

Desi nodded as she walked out of the bathroom “ That’s what Jon said . Who knows maybe he’s tired of blonde's “ she replied with a big smile and a wink.

Ana turned around to face her friend , her gaze fell over her then she let out a whistle “ Damn girl you going for the jugular tonight ? “

“What ? “Desi asked as she glanced down at her outfit “It’s just a tank and Capri's ? “

Ana shook her head “Never mind “  she replied while she pulled her hair into french twist.

“You know I just thought of something . What if their families are there ? “ Desi asked her voice coated with slight worry and concern.

Ana paused a moment , turned away from the mirror and glanced at her friend “Well we have three options , one - go back to the hotel and wait , two- stand off to the side till they’re ready to go or three let them decide whether they want to introduce us or not ? “

Desi chewed nervously on her bottom lip as she listened to Ana list their options “Ana I think its much too soon to meet his family. Hell I dunno what we are yet ? If we are anything yet “

“I think maybe that is one thing you both need to discuss. But if you want my opinion if what you two have was just a fling then he wouldn’t have invited you to these next three shows”

Des gave a slight nod in agreement.“ Guess you’re right “

“I’m always right “ Ana answered with a slight teasing tone.

She laughed then hugged her best friend  “What would I do without you ? “

Ana returned her friends hug, “ I dunno living life as a hermit I suspect “

“I’m not that bad am I ? “ Desi inquired as she pulled back to look at her friend.

Ana quirked an eyebrow “Hate to say it but yes - you are “

Desi , though she wanted to disagree with Ana , she couldn't . Ana was brutally honest and as much as Desi hated to admit it  , she needed a good swift kick in the behind.once in awhile.  “Well we better head on down “ Desi said while casting a quick glance at her watch. “ Paul will be arriving soon to pick us up . “

Both girls took one last look in the mirror before walking out the door and down the long hallway towards the elevator.

A few moments later , the girls stepped out of the elevator, walked through the lobby towards the glass front doors to wait for Paul to arrive. Just as the girls settled down on the plush copper bench , a big black SUV pulled up in front of the hotel.

“Looks like our ride is here “ Desi replied as she stood, gathered her purse and walked out the door.

Ana quickly followed with amusement watching her friend take off out the door not even bothering to wait for her. “In a bit of a hurry are we ? “

Desi stopped and turned “No just don’t want to keep Paul waiting is all “

“Sure tell me another one “ Ana mused.

Paul stepped out of the car , package in hand and opened the back door for the girls. “Good to see you again Miss Desi and Miss Ana “his eyes twinkling with amusement.  “Here’s the package the boss told me to give you. “ handing it over to Desi.

“Thank you Paul.  You’re gonna get tired of seeing me. “ Desi joked as she slid into the backseat .

“Never Miss Desi “ Paul replied with a huge smile while he waited for Ana to join Desi then shut the door behind her.

Desi opened the Manila envelope , which contained two laminates and a note .She reached in pulled the two laminates out , handing one to Ana while sliding hers over her head then pulled out the note and started to read it.

Dear Beautiful, 

If you’re reading this then you’re on your way to the Stadium , I expect.  I just wanted to say just how much I missed you and can’t wait to see that beautiful smile of yours again. Crazy I know , hell Richie thinks I dipped into the bottle one too many times.  Maybe I have who the hell knows I sure can’t explain it.  I just hope you feel the same way. 

Gotta run business calls, see you soon


Ana watched her friend’s changing expressions play across her face and wondered what Mr Rockstar had to say to make her friend react like that.  Tempted to ask her if he had asked her to marry him by her dreamy expression but thought better of it and turned her attention to the passing scenery , Finally maybe she can be happy again. He better not be playing with her emotions or I’m gonna have to kick some rockstar’s ass.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chapter 22

A  few weeks of several long distance conversations , as much as Jon’s schedule would allow , it was time for the girls to leave for Jersey.  Desi pulled her bag to the living room and dropped her carry on beside it .

“Shouldn’t we call a cab? “ Ana asked

“No Jon said -” Desi was interrupted by a shrill honk of a car horn in her driveway.  She peeked out her window “Our ride is here “ while she bent down picked up her carry-on , and pulled the other behind her.

“Damn girl what other surprises does he have in store “ Ana replied with a impressed tone.

“Guess you have to wait and see “ Desi smirked as she headed out her door, then waited for Ana to walk out before locking the door.

Paul stepped out of the car “Miss Desi good to see you again “

“Hiya Paul didn’t expect to see you ? “ Desi answered with a surprised tone.

“Well the boss said he knew  you knew me and might be more comfortable with me so here I am “ He smiled as he grabbed the girls bags and tossed them into the trunk.

“We’re not driving all the way there are we? “ Desi asked as she climbed in the back of the Black SUV.

“No ma’am “ Paul answered while he waited for Ana to climb in then he closed the door.

About 45 minutes later they arrived at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Paul pulled up to the curb, climbed out and grabbed the girls bags.  “Follow me ladies “ He quickly walked to the security check then through to where all the Private planes flew in.

They crossed the tarmac towards Jovi Air , what Desi and her fellow Jovi fans called their private jet.“Oh hell I didn’t know he was doing this “

Paul turned and smiled “Seems to me , you rank very special to the Boss “ he winked then carried their luggage up the steps “Make yourselves comfortable . Its not a real long flight but should be a smooth one all the same. “

Desi and Ana stepped onto the plane , their eyes widened at the plush surroundings “ Shit girl you did good “ Ana exclaimed , clasping her shoulder appreciatively.

“He didn’t have to do this “ Desi responded with a mixture of shock and wander.

“Yea he did , he is trying to woooo you girl friend “ Ana smirked “ And I believe he has succeeded with impressing your friend at least “ she then settled into a comfy chair and buckled up .

Desi sat across from her friend , gazing out the small window “ Unbelievable , How can he like me this much this fast , its impossible “

“Listen to me I am not getting into another argument on how you’re not worthy of him “ Ana chided “So you might as well enjoy yourself and learn to love what is being given to you “

“Yes ma’am “ Desi snickered , leaning her head back against the headrest. Moments later they were taking off and on their way into the unknown.  Having no clue , just exact what Jon had in store when the girls landed .


A couple hours later , the girls arrived at their hotel.  Desi slid her key-card into the slot and opened the door. “Now you get to see where I stayed ,but this is a even nicer room . “ she  commented while dragging her bag behind her and into her room .

“I can’t say it enough , you have one smitten puppy on your hands “ Ana quipped as she carried her bags into her room.”

Desi rolled her eyes “ Okay I get it “ then laughed while she came out of her bedroom. “Wanna order room service ? I’m starved “

“Sure wonder how much we can spend “ Ana snorted

“Well shit don’t order the whole damned menu. “ Desi retorted as she tossed her a menu while she glanced at her own copy.

“Oh why not , not like he couldn’t afford it “ Ana mused. After Desi shot her a distressed look she relented ‘A’right A’right I’ll behave . Um- “ she looked over the menu “ Okay how’s about a chicken sandwich with a side of ranch and fries and a Mt Dew “

“That’s better “ Desi grinned then walked over to the phone , picked up the receiver and dialed for room service.  A few moments later with their order placed , she sauntered over to a chair and settled in.

Once the girls settled down in the living area, flicking through the channels to find a decent movie, Desi’s phone trilled . She reached in her purse , glanced at the name and smiled then flipped it open. “Hi  there “

“Heya baby , did you make in okay ? “ Jon asked as he climbed in the back of a Black SUV. He settled in , gazing out the window.

“Yea we did but seriously you didn’t have to go to all this trouble “

“You didn’t like the flight ? “ Jon asked

“OH no it was great just that - “ Desi was interupted by a soft punch in the arm by Ana “ Ouch “

Jon sat up , worry creased his forehead “What happened you okay? “

Desi chuckled, swatting Ana’s hand away “ Oh yea , I’m fine Ana just punched me in the arm “

“Why she do that ? Don’t she know that will hurt you ? “ Jon asked a tinge of anger coated his voice .She’s supposed to be her friend !

“Yea she does, I’m okay - it was really just a light tap, honest “ Desi replied assuredly .

Ana shot her a amused look, Damn he was concerned about her , this is getting more and more interesting .

“If you’re sure “ Jon added, still not totally convinced.

“Honest I’m fine . “

“Okay but tell her not to hit you anymore “Jon gently ordered.

Desi bit back a grin,Overprotective much, I might be able to get used to this .“I will pass along the message “ while she glanced over at Ana.

“Good girl , Now for the reason that I called .  Tomorrow Paul will pick you ladies up around 4 , he will have a package which has two laminates , slip those on before you reach the stadium . GIve me a call when you reach the stadium and I will send Obie to meet you to at the gate .

Desi curled up in the chair , as Ana went to answer the door  . Once Jon had finished she spoke “Okay will do “

“Can’t wait to see you again “ Jon admitted “Oh and Richie is quite interested in knowing more about your friend here “

“Really? Well then I think they will get along great because she is interested in getting to know him better too “ Desi replied with an amused tone.

“Then I guess we don’t have to worry about those two then huh “ Jon smirked.

“No I guess not. I hate to cut this short but our dinner has arrived and I am starved . “ Desi said with a slight reluctance of wanting to hang up the phone.

“You go eat and I’ll see you tomorrow then baby “ Jon replied

“Thanks again for everything “ Desi said gratefully.

“Not a problem , told you I would do anything to get what I want “ Jon snorted “Eat well and Sweet Dreams “

Desi laughed “ I’m really beginning to believe that , Night Sweet Dreams to you too . “ she flipped her phone shut , and quickly dug into her dinner.

As Ana finished chewing her bite of chicken sandwich. “ So what that was that about ? “ she asked curiously.

“Oh just give us deets for tomorrow and to tell you to quite hitting me “ Desi smirked while she took a sip of her soda.

“He did now huh ? Interesting “ Ana grinned “ Me thinks someone is taking over my spot as your bodyguard “

“Pfft , okay whatever “ Desi replied “ Lets eat before this gets cold , I wanna crash early “

“Uh Huh “ Ana grinned as she returned her attention back to her sandwich and fries

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chapter 21

Once Desi arrived at work, she put in her request for the days off. With that checked off on her to do list , All she had to do was contact Ana so she could put in for time off as well.

At lunch she dialed her friend, “ Hey girl could you come by tonight after work . I gotta something to ask you ? Talk to you later “ then flipped it closed. Desi was about to stick her phone back in her purse when she decided to scroll through her address book , landing on Jon’s number .” Should I ? I better not bother him too much ? But damn if its not tempting especially after last night’s heated conversation. “ she muttered to herself.

Toying with the button , she sucked in a deep breath ,closed her eyes then pressed send, What the fuck am I doing ? He’s probably busy and he doesn’t need - a, her thoughts were interupted by the all too familiar voice “Well hello didn’t expect to hear from you ? “ Jon grinned.

Desi fidgeted on the bench, outside of her office  “Um , well I - I didn’t catch ya at a bad time did I ? “ she stammered nervously.

“No not really , getting ready for sound check but I got a few minutes to talk “ Jon replied softly as he turned away from the others and ducked into his dressing room , shutting the door.

“Oh um ok, I just well hell I don’t know why I called . “ Desi confessed “ I’m at lunch and just called Ana and she didn’t answer so “

“So I was your second choice , I see where I rate now “ Jon teased .

“Its not like that , I called her to ask her to come over and tell her about the 9th “ Desi said with a chuckle.

“I know just teasing ya babe , So you get much sleep ? “ Jon asked , leaning back in his chair .

“A bit . You? “

“Same here , living off caffeine right now “ Jon chortled “But it was worth it . The late night talk that is “

“Or you mean the -” she paused , glanced around to make sure no one could hear her whisper “ phone sex “ A blush crept across her face the moment the words left her mouth.

Jon chuckled “Hell yea baby , I would love to have phone sex with you again but I meant its been a long time since I stayed up all night talking on the phone . “

‘It was nice all of it “ Desi smiled

“Yea it was. Did you ask for the time off ? “ Jon asked then glanced towards the door , Richie peered in pointing to his watch then grinned and walked away.

“Yea I did , I think I’ll get it . The boss loves me “ Desi laughed

“Whats not to love about you Desi “ Jon spoke honestly

Once again Desi blushed “Stop that ! “

“Stop what ? It’s true “ Jon reiterated

With a roll of her eye , she spoke “OK whatever , I better let you go . My lunch break is about over anyway “

Jon sighed, Damn why does she have to do that “ Okay baby talk to you later ?”

“Okay , hope you have a good show tonight “

“The crowds have been fantastic, should be a good one again“

“Yea from what I saw , pulling out some rarities I see “ Desi teased

“Have to if I don’t , they’d  have my head “ Jon snorted.

Richie peeked his head in again “ Hey bro , we gonna do sound check sometime this century? “

“Yea, Yea , I’m coming “ Jon answered “Hey baby gotta run but talk to you soon “

“Okay , take care “ Desi replied “Bye “ then flipped her phone closed stuffed it back in her purse and headed back in to her office building to finish out her day.


A few hours and a quick run to the grocery store Desi arrived home. After unloading and putting them away . She began preparations for dinner- spaghetti with a tossed salad and garlic bread. Once the hamburger was browned, she added the sauce , turned down the stove to let it simmer then set a pot of water on the back burner , ready for boiling once the sauce was nearly done.

Once she had dinner cooking , she wearily walked back into the living room , kicked off her shoes and plopped down in her recliner.

Ana burst through the door a few seconds later, “Heya girlfriend . What’s up ? Got your message? “ she asked while passing through the living room and into the kitchen then reached in the fridge for the wine and pour herself a glass .

Desi chuckled “Make yourself at home “

“Don’t mind if I do “ Ana grinned as she lifted the lid of the spaghetti sauce “ Yum , how did you know I was hungry for spaghetti ? “

“Great Minds think a like . As for your question well-- You think you can get July 9th- 12th off ? “

“Um why? “ Ana asked as she traipsed back into the living room , settling in on the couch.

“Well what if I said we were invited to Jersey for the 4th show at the Meadowlands then on to Saratoga Springs then finishing up in Ohio? “  Desi replied matter of factly.

Ana’s eyes grew wide “Shit  Girl you made a hell of impression with Mr Bongiovi there “

Desi smirked “ I guess so , He called me last night ? ‘

“How the fuck he get your number ? You said forgot to give it too him “ Ana asked incredulously.

“I dunno , he wouldn’t say but had to have gotten it from my phone “

“See miss full-of-doubt , are you gonna believe he wants to see you again ?”

“Okay okay when you’re right you’re right though doesnt mean we are gonna get married , have kids and live happily ever after “ Desi pointed out.

“So, live for the here and now , if that happens it happens and if it don’t . Just enjoy the ride while you can “

“I suppose you’re right “ Desi agreed with a bit of reluctance .

“I know I am.  So does that mean maybe a hook up with the big man “ Ana asked devilishly.

Desi shook her head , then threw her head back and laughed “I dunno but maybe that could be arranged. “

“Then yes , I can get the time off “ Ana grinned “Plus I wanna see just how Mr Rockstar treats my best girl “

“Always the ever protective bull dog ain’t ya ? “ Desi laughed as she stood , walked into the kitchen to finish their dinner.

“But of course “ Ana walked in the kitchen ,grabbed two plates then set the table “ I don’t think I’m gonna have to worry too much though “

Moment’s later the girls were sitting down at Desi’s kitchen table , enjoying a nice quiet dinner while they discussed their plans for their upcoming trip.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chapter 20

It had been two weeks since  she last saw Jon , and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t forget him , during the day they were little reminders whether it be a certain song would play at work to her dreams at night..   Meanwhile Desi’s life went back to normal, work , home an occasional girls night with Ana but other than that . Life was back to its boring self.

After fixing her lunch, consisting of a grilled cheese and tomato soup she carried it into the living room then flicked on the tv .

A few moments of channel changing she finally settled on Lord of the Rings , sitting the remote back down on the coffee table , she grabbed her sandwich then dunked it in her soup .she was about to take a bit when her cell phone trilled . Setting her sandwich back down on the plate, she reached for her phone  “Who the hell is this ? “ she muttered , not recognizing the number , though the name flashed Jon ,NO way it could be him! “Hello “

“Why hello baby “ Jon answered , a smile spread across his face . It had been too damned long since he had heard her sweet voice.

Desi’s eyes grew wide, “What ? How did you -- get my number ? “She stammered.

Jon chuckled , leaning against the balcony railing “ I have my ways Baby. You’re gonna find that if I want something I don’t stop til I get it “

She couldn’t help but laugh  “I guess I might have met my match when it comes to being stubborn then huh? “

“Yup, you got it sweetheart . So how you’ve been ? “ Jon asked while he watched the London traffic wizz on by .

“Not bad , Just been working real exciting life huh “ Desi joked , leaning forward to grasp her soda then took a sip.

“That’s all I been doin’ so you see this is why we make a good pair “ Jon bantered.

“Well your job is a bit more interesting than mine , you get to travel and see the world. Like now you’re in London, Am I right ? “

“So you are keeping tabs “ Jon grinned  cheekily, as he walked back inside towards a soft comfy chair in the living area.

Desi rolled her eyes “ And I would stop why? ‘ she retorted

“I dunno .You agreed to see me again but then didn’t give me your number “ Jon snorted “ but then I already had it “

“You’re very sneaky “ Desi laughed

“Yes I am , ain’t ya glad I am or we wouldn’t be talkin’ right now “

“True and I have to say its good to hear your voice again “ Desi admittted .

“It’s really good to hear yours again too “ Jon answered back  “How’s your leg doin? “

‘Good , got the stitches out last week “ Desi replied as she settled back against the chair, Lunch can wait , this phone call can’t she smiled to herself.

“Bet that’s a relief huh?  how’s it feel ? “ Jon asked

“ You have no idea.  I actually can take a regular shower or bath if I want .“ she bit her tongue , wanting to say another lovely scar to add to her many that she had but she was sure he would chide her for that.

Jon shifted in his chair, just the mere thought her naked in the shower caused his jeans to grow tight and he stifled a groan.  “Damn girl just had to mention that didn’t ya ? “

“Mention what ? “ Desi smirked “ You’re the one that asked if it was a relief and I answered “

“You know what I’m talking about you tease “ Jon retorted

“Ohh you mean , me talking a bath and a shower now “

Jon pinched his eyes shut, the visual of her,watering spraying over her made the tightening worse , he reached down and tugged at his jeans to relieve the pain . “Yes that “ he replied gruffly.

“Whats the matter ? “ Desi asked “You’ve gotten quiet “

“Just thinking about what I liked to do to you in the shower “ Jon responded as his hands reached for the button on his jeans, Fuck I hadn't had phone sex in years, as he slid the button thru the slit  “Hold that thought  “ he jumped up , walked briskly to the door , turned the lock on the door and headed into his bedroom . “Okay where were we “

Desi moaned lightly , as her mind ran wild with all sorts of naughty thoughts of what he would or could do to her. She switched over to the couch , laid down but not before pushing the speaker button on her phone then placing it next to her on the couch. “ What you like to do to me in the shower.

Jon quickly removed his shirt and jeans ,climbed in bed as if they were in sync with each other , pushed the speaker button on his phone then laid it next to him as well. “Ah thats right,  I would love to kiss those  gorgeous lips of yours then work my way to your neck “ He growled softly , grabbing himself then slowly ran his hands up and down his hardness .

Desi closed her eyes , as she removed her sweats and panties then touched herself , rubbing slowly over her nub.  “Oh yes I can picture you doing that. I would kiss you back while I run my hands over your soft hair on your chest .

Jon groaned “OH fuck baby I can feel your hands on me “ as his hands picked up the pace. “I would then kiss down to your breasts , taking one of your nipples in my mouth and tugging at it while I play with the other one. “

“OH shit “ Desi panted while her one hand slid under her shirt , to squeeze at her nipples “ yes I love when you do that baby . While you do that my hands will go further down and take your cock in my hands and slowly stroke you, Shit did I just say cock to him , I am having phone sex with him holy shit !

His breathing became heavier , the closer he came to orgasm but he held off he wanted to come with her even if was far away , he knew she was touching herself by the panting and soft moans he heard over the line . “ Then I would turn you to face the shower wall , spread your legs and sink myself into you . “ he growled louder as his hands moved faster over his member .

‘Fuck Jon I orgasm the moment you enter me- Fuck I’m comin’ now baby “ She cried out when she hit her peak  “ God I can picture you , thrusting deeper into me , your mouth near my ear as I brace myself. “  Her legs shook from the intensity of the orgasm.

Jon’s body started to shake as he neared his peak, NO fuckin holding back now . “ I would thrust hard and faster as I am getting ready to join you - ready baby cum with me “ He growled deeply , his heart racing as the salty liquid shot out , spilling onto his stomach . “FUCK! “

“Yes here- I - Oh shit “ She panted out while riding out another long intense orgasm .

Jon threw his head back, his heart pounding hard in his chest then he  chuckled “Damn Des , You know the last time I had phone sex ? “

“Probably about as long as its been for me “ Desi joined in his laughter.

“Hang on a second baby “ Jon replied as he climbed out of bed and dashed off quickly to the bathroom for a towel, after a quick wipe down he  returned to the phone . He picked it up , pressing off on speaker “ Sorry had to clean up a bit "

Desi reached up for her phone and turned off the speaker then laughed “ I should too but I’m too comfortable right now , I could use a cigarette now though “

He laughed “ You know I quit but after that I think I could too “

“I just have to say thank god I don’t live in an apartment “ Desi snickered while she sat up then reached for her soda, taking a huge gulp to cool her thirst down.

“I can’t say the same . I just hope Richie don’t  come a knockin anytime soon wondering what the fuck I was doin in here “ Jon snorted.

“Just say you were watchin’ a porn “ Desi teased , Damn did it feel good to laugh again.

“Hmmph yeah, like he believe that .” Jon retorted “ Oh yes now I remember I was gonna ask if it was possible if you could make it for the 4th Jersey Show ? “

“Um I dunno when is it again ? “ Desi asked as she stood up and walked over to the calendar.

“July 9th and oh the date for  the Ohio show is July 12th at Blossom “ Jon added . “You won’t have to worry about tickets or anything like that just pack and be ready to go . Oh and you can bring Ana if you want “

“Well that’s almost 4 weeks thats plenty of time I think to put in for Thursday and Friday off . I have the weekends off already. I gotta check with Ana though see if she can get time off “ Desi answered.

“Let me know when you wanna fly in , I’ll send my plane for you and if it all works out maybe you can stay for the Saratoga show ? “ Jon added hopefully.

“I guess then I should ask for Monday off too then huh ? “ Desi laughed.

“Maybe you should “ Jon chuckled

They continued to talk way late into the middle of the night , til both were so weary but neither wanting to hang up .

“Guess I better let you get some sleep “ Jon finally said

“Yea I better , I have to be at work at 9am “ Desi answered then groaned inwardly it was already 3am . ‘And you have a show tonight , you better get a couple hours though its what 8am  there now “

“Na its cool., I’ll Sleep when I’m dead ‘member “ Jon joked

Desi rolled her eyes then laughed “Ha Ha very funny . Okay talk to you soon “

“If not tonight , definitely on Tuesday . Its an off day “ Jon replied

“I get off work around 5pm , takes me about 20 minutes to get home “

“Okay so 5:30pm your time 11:30 pm my time “ Jon noted “Sweet dreams baby “

“You too bye “ Desi replied as she hung up and giddly made her way to bed , crawled in and turned off the light, and fell into dreamland , refusing to let negative thoughts touch her mind .

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chapter 19

A/N the link I posted just a bit of a visual of what this disorder is and also I took a bit of artistic license with  What Do You Got- I have no idea when or where they wrote this song

Several days later, Jon sat exhausted in front of his laptop. While waiting for it to boot up , his thoughts drifted to Desi, wondering what she was up too and surprised as too how much he was missing her.

He had meant to call her but with spending time with his kids then back to back shows in Madrid and Holland, he just didn’t have the time .

A few moments later, he began typing in Ehler’s Danlo’s syndrome in google search.  Clicking on a few links , Jon started to read in more detail of Desi’s disorder.  He found out there were several types and wondered which one she had.

The medical terminology was almost like reading a foreign language. He thought about calling a medical friend of his maybe he could explain this a bit more to where he would understand. Glancing at the time , he couldn’t call yet it was far too early back in the states. So he continued to sift through all this information on his own.

Jon had been so engrossed in his reading that he hadn’t even heard Richie walk in .

“Earth to Jon , Hello “ Richie called out as closed in on him then glanced over his shoulder , He peered at the screen “What the hell you reading ? “

He jumped “Shit man you scared the shit out of me . Don’t you know how to knock ? “

“I did . Several times in fact “ Richie smirked “ So what’s this ‘bout ? “ he pointed to the screen  “ A new charity you thinking about hooking up with ? “

“Maybe “ Jon paused , debating exactly what to reveal to his friend of 20 plus years  “Actually its more than that - Desi has this - Ehler’s Disorder “

“OH wow really ? “ Richie remarked  as he leaned in closer to read more himself.

“Yea , she thinks she’s a freak “ Jon added softly , standing up he walked over to the coffee pot and pour himself a cup .

Richie slid down into Jon’s chair , his eyes gazed intently at the material that was on the screen “That’s just ridiculous “

“I agree and told her as much but she’s a stubborn girl . I tried to tell her it doesn’t matter to me in fact she panicked when I confessed that I have seen her scars “ Jon sighed as he took a sip of coffee “ The day she left I talked til I was blue in the face , trying to convince her that I wanted to see her again . She agreed but I still don’t think she believed me “

“Why the hell not? “Richie asked , shooting a questioning glance towards Jon.

“Its who I am I think has her disbelieving , I think . She doesn’t think someone like me would be interested in a woman like her “

“Are her scars that bad ? “ Richie returned his attention to the pictures that were posted with the article on Wikipedia .

“Well “ Jon paused not sure how to respond  “ Her legs have bruises over her knees along with faded scars , so I guess to her they are bad but to me I honestly don’t think so . “

“You’ll just have to show her , she’s wrong then .  Prove that she’s worth it . Honestly from what I saw she’s a real sweetheart. “ Richie encouraged .

“Oh she isn’t the only one that’s stubborn “ Jon smirked then pulled out his phone , scrolled thru his address book then held it out for Richie to see. “ I got her number and she doesn’t even know it yet “

“You sly dog you “ Richie laughed “Desi is gonna flip when you call “

“Exactly . She’s not getting away that easy.  I was thinking about asking her to come to the 4th Jersey show . I know she’s going or I think she’s going to the Ohio show but I don’t think I can wait that long “

“What’s gotten you so smitten ? “Richie asked as he pulled away from the laptop.

“Tell you the truth man , I haven’t a fuckin’ clue. “Jon admitted as he stared down at the floor.

Richie stood up , walked over to his friend and clasped his shoulder “ Could it be you wanna be her white knight? he asked softly.

Jon shrugged his shoulders “ Hell all I know is that I can’t seem to get her off my mind . And now that I know why she’s the way she is - I am more determined than ever to show her that she is a beautiful independent woman. “

“Maybe you both are what each other needs ? “ Richie suggested

“I dunno maybe “ Jon smiled slightly , casting a glance at his phone . He had debated giving her a call all morning.

Richie noticed Jon's attention had drifted to his phone that lay in front of him “ Why don’t you give her a call ? “

Jon glanced over at the clock, “It’s still too early back home “ then he stood , walked over to his guitar and strummed a few bars Grabbed a pencil and started to scribble a few lines.

Everybody wants something, just a little more
We're makin a living, and what we're livin for
A rich man or a poor man, a pawn or a king
You can live on the street, you can rule the whole world
But you don't mean one damn thing

Richie peered over his shoulder then quietly stepped out of the room for a few moments then returned with his acoustic.

What do you got, if you aint got love
Whatever you got, it just aint enough
Youre walkin the road, but youre goin no where
Youre tryin to find your way home, but there's no one there
Who do you hold, in the dark of night
You wanna give up, but it's worth the fight
You have all the things, that you've been dreamin' of

 Neither one spoke a word as they worked on what would be another hit , but to Jon it was far more personal than that. This song was for Desi.

If you ain't got someone, you're afraid to lose
Everybody needs just one, someone... to tell them the truth
Maybe i'm a dreamer, but I still believe
I believe in hope, I believe the change can get us off our knees

If you ain't got love, its all just keeping score
If you ain't got love, what the hell we doing it for

I don't wanna have to talk about it,
How many songs you gotta sing about it
How long you gonna live without it
Why does some somewhere have to doubt it,
Someday you'll figure it out

If you ain't got love, its all just keeping score
If you ain't got love, what the hell we doin' it for
Woahhh, I ain't got, if you ain't got
What do you got if you ain't got love
What do you got if you ain't got love.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chapter 18

Desi leaned her head back against the headrest of her seat , her eyes closed as she relived the day spent with Jon . He had continued to press her about wanting to see her again and against her better judgement she gave in and said yes. With all her heart she wanted to believe him but he was the most sought after man , who could have any woman out there ,Why her ? 

He didn’t realize there was ton’s of obstacles in their way, one her medical condition, two his family - how would they take to someone like her ? Okay Desi you’re jumping the gun just a bit , He said he wanted to see you again not marry you !she reminded herself.

Her eyes flew open when realization of his parting words set in,“I’m gonna give you a call in a few days baby “ How in the hell is he gonna call when I didn’t give him my number. Just my damned luck .  I give in only to fuck it up already. She shook her head in disbelief and gazed out into the evening sky.  “Just my luck“


A couple hours later her plane landed , and she made her way through the airport to baggage claims then out the front to look for Ana .

After standing there for a few moments , she heard a familiar voice call out to her “ There you are “ Desi turned around to find Ana barrelling down on her , wrapping her into a big hug. “God girl I have missed you “

Desi smiled “Missed you too “ returning the hug.

Ana reached for her bag and they walked to her car “ So when are you gonna give me all the deets to this grand adventure of yours . Haven’t heard much from you since you’re little fling with Mr Rockstar “ Ana teased as she tossed Desi’s bag into the trunk , shutting it the walked around to the driver’s side and climbed in.

“Well I have no idea  where to begin “ Desi answered after she climbed into the passenger side, shut the door then fastened her seat belt.

“We got a long drive so speak “ Ana winked as she pulled out into the airport traffic.

After Desi finished her whole detailed account of the last few days , she turned her gaze to the outside , the full moon illuminating the night time sky. “See it wasn’t meant to be , I forgot to give him my number so I’ll never hear from him again. “

Ana furrowed her eyebrow ,shooting her a quick glance  “Are you sure you didn’t forget on purpose ? “

Desi turned to look at her friend “No - well maybe subconsciously I did “

“Desiree Jenkins you had a man ,  a man who is wanted by a million women and he wants to see YOU again and you brushed him off  “ Ana chided “ I can’t believe you would do this . He said he didn’t care , why didn’t you give him the benefit of the doubt?? “

She let out a deep sigh “ I dunno I guess I just can’t think a man like him would want someone like me”

Ana pulled into Desi’s driveway , slamming on her brakes and through it into park “GOD! Desi I just wanna shake you sometimes- When are you gonna fucking believe you’re a beautiful , sweet woman and tons of men would give anything to find a woman like you and this man does and you let him go!! “ Ana practically screamed at her , her hands on her shoulders giving her a gentle shake.

Desi pulled away from Ana, and stepped out of the car then headed to her house.  “Doesn’t matter now does it “ She called back to her friend .

After grabbing her bags out of the trunk , Ana quickly followed her “ Yes it does Des, and you know it . “

Unlocking the door, Desi flipped on her light as she stepped inside “ Maybe but there’s nothing I can do about it now , Is there ? “

Ana dropped her bags just inside the foray and followed her inside.  “ Isn’t there a way to contact him? Didn’t you exchange emails or something ? ‘

“No “ Desi replied sadly as she walked into her kitchen, opened  the fridge and grabbed a bottle of soda. “Care for one , hell I might just say screw it and have a glass of wine “ she placed the soda back into the fridge and reached for the bottle of wine then poured some into two glasses.

Ana took the glass of wine her friend handed her , after taking a sip she replied, “Hey just think of it this way if its meant to be it will be , I heard he is quite the stubborn man so if he truly wants to see you again he will “ she gave her friend a warm comforting smile then wrapped her arms around her .

“Yea at least I have some hot memories to carry me through “ Desi added with a forced smile “ I should be happy with that huh? “

“Yes you should . How many girls can say they spent one much less two nights with Jon Bon Jovi “ Ana mused , guiding her friend back into the living room.

Desi smiled as she sat down on her couch. “True but this is just between us okay, I don’t want the world wide web to know “

“You’re not gonna tell anyone ? “ Ana asked “Not even Stacy or Em ? “

She thought about it for a moment “ I’m not so sure.  Besides who would believe me if I did . I mean really ? “

“That’s true “ Ana agreed .

A comfortable silence fell over them , when Desi remembered Jon speaking about a possible date in Ohio “ Oh there is one thing I forgot , Jon mentioned about maybe coming to Ohio soon from the way he sounded “

Ana flicked an eyebrow “ Really , now there ya go . You’re second chance but I have this feeling you will hear from him sooner. “

Letting out a deep breath  “ I hope you’re right “ Desi replied dreamily.

After finishing their glasses of wine, Desi offered her spare bedroom for Ana to crash since it was so late and with that both girls said their good nights and headed off to bed.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chapter 17

Jon awoke early the next morning,  he stretched then slowly pried Desi’s arms away then crawled out of bed.  He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he padded quietly from the room and shut the bedroom door.

He grabbed his jeans , slid them on and ordered some coffee . While waiting for room service , his gaze fell on Desi’s cell phone .  “That’s it “ Jon smiled to himself as he picked it up and quickly added his to hers then rang his phone.  A moment later his phone vibrated and he flipped it open then saved her number  to his phone. Then placed her phone back down on the table. “You’re not getting away so easily my sweet Desiree “

A few moments later , there was a knock at the door . Jon walked to the door and opened it .

“Here you go sir “ the man replied

“Thank you “ Jon signed the paper “Make sure that goes on my bill , not Miss Jenkins “

“Yes sir “ he answered while he pushed the cart into the room “Would there be anything else ? “

“Probably later once the lady wakes up “ Jon smirked then handed the man a tip

The man nodded , took the tip and left.

Desi rolled over , her hand reaching out for Jon only to find an empty space , Her heart sunk as her eyes opened as realization hit , “He left and without a goodbye .” she sighed “Oh  well maybe it was for the best “ she sat up then swung her legs off the bed and stood up .

She bent down and picked up her sweats then slid them on , then her tank and made her way to the bathroom . After taking care of her needs , Desi walked back through the bedroom and out into the living area when she stopped dead, her heart leapt  “You’re still here “

Jon glanced up from the morning newspaper and smiled “ Of course where did ya think I’d be “

“I dunno , I woke up and you were gone so I thought “ Desi answered softly as she sat down beside him on the couch.

Jon reached for the silver container “Coffee ? “

“Yes please “

Jon poured her a cup and handed it to her “ You think I’m that much of an asshole to fuck and run?“ he asked with a furrowed eyebrow.

Desi took a sip of her coffee “Well no , just - Hell I don’t know “

“Baby at one time in my life maybe but not now . Especially not with someone I like “ Jon answered adamantly then reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“You don’t have to continue to be nice Jon “ Desi replied “ We both know once I leave its over. You go back to your life and I’ll go back to mine “

“How do you that? Maybe I want to see you again “ Jon refuted

“Why ? “ Desi asked more curious than anything

“Why? Well let me tell you for one , In such a short time I haven’t been this happy in a long time and I thank you for that . Two you are gorgeous “

“But you really don’t know me other than we had sex “

“I liked to believe there was more connection to it than just sex “ Jon argued back “Tell me why are you being so stubborn about this ? “

“There is several reasons “Desi replied quietly then stood and walked over to the window and gazed out.

“What are they ? “ Jon asked following her then placed his hands on her shoulders

“I can’t don’t you understand I can’t tell you “

“Why not ? “ Jon paused for a moment to collect his  thoughts “ Is it because of the scars you have ? ‘

Desi whipped around , her jaw dropped “How did you? OH God no! “ she cried breaking away from him , dashing as quickly as her injury would allow her,  into the bedroom.

Jon pinched his eyes , “Fuck ! “ he rushed in after her, finding her on the bed, her face buried into the pillow . He slowly walked over and sat on the bed  “Desi, please speak to me “

She shook her head adamantly.

Jon reached down and gently turned her over to face him.  Her face tear stained  “Baby talk to me “

“You wouldn’t understand , No one does “ Desi sobbed

“I would if you give me a chance “ Jon pleaded

‘I’m a freak “ Desi answered softly , her eyes refusing to meet his.

“You are not a freak Desi why in the hell would you say that ? “ Jon asked incredulously

“You saw all my scars, I’m a freak. I have this disorder called Ehler’s Danlos syndrome and it makes me like this “ Desi rambled on explaining all her problems and though it felt good to get it out, she was sure he would smile courteously and then run for the nearest exit.

Jon listened intently, So that’s why she is so hard on herself, once she was finished , he pulled her closely then spoke soothingly into her ear. “No baby you’re not a freak . You are a beautiful vivacious woman “

“That’s what my ex said and look where he is with another woman who is normal “ Desi protested.

“Then he is a dumb ass then not to see what he had in front of him “ Jon added anger building at the thought some jerk mistreated her in anyway .

“But how could you want to be with a woman like me ? “ Desi pulled away , her tear stained face gazing into his baby blue eyes.

“You mean a beautiful woman , whom is very sweet and kind and all the other guys gave you a thumbs up . Let me tell you that’s not an easy thing either to win over my friends“ Jon answered trying to reassure her.

“But- “

“Now Desiree Jenkins I thought you were a fan ! What does the last line of Welcome to Wherever you are say ? “ Jon asked , he knew if he couldn’t convince her one way he would touch at the fan in her.

“Remember that you’re perfect ,God makes no mistakes “ Desi  responded softly her gaze resting on the ruffled sheets of the bed.

“Exactly “ Jon smiled , tipped her chin with his finger to force her to look at him “Now what other argument you have ? “

“It’s not easy being with me though , I spend more time at the hospital than I do at work “ Desi answered dejectedly.

“So and that’s an issue why ? “

“You always said you like independent woman , I am far from it  “

“I think you are , you travelled all the way from Ohio by yourself , handled getting hurt by yourself and giving me a running argument by yourself - So that to me points to a very independent woman ‘

“But- “

Jon placed his finger over her lips “ Enough for now , I don’t know about you but I’m starved “. She’s a stubborn lil thing , But she hasn’t dealt with me yet .. 

He stood up, then held out his hand “Lets eat and then we can talk some more “

“Okay “ Desi sighed reluctantly giving in

“Good what time do you have to leave for the airport ? “ Jon asked as he lead her back into the living area.

“My plane is scheduled to take off at 9pm “

“Gotta plenty of time to spend together then “ he winked then picked up the hotel phone and ordered breakfast,  Plenty of time to convince her to  give him a chance .

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chapter 16

Jon shot a quick look to his watch, as he impatiently waited for the car to pull into the hotel . “Shit, I hope she didn’t think I stood her up “ .The moment the car pulled up to the curb, Jon hopped out

“Catcha later Paul”

“What time you want me to pick you up tomorrow , Boss ? “ Paul asked while glancing out the passenger window at Jon.

Jon thought for moment “I’m not sure yet . Give you a call when I’m ready to go . Hell just might have you drive my Hybrid up and park it . “

‘You rather have me do that then? “

“Yea, could you ? Then I could drive and spend the few days off with the kids “ Jon answered.

“Will do Boss . Say Hi to Miss Desi for me “ Paul winked and then drove off.

Jon shook his head and chuckled as he made his way through the hotel and on the elevator to Desi’s floor.

Resigned to the fact he wasn’t coming , Desi  changed into sweats and tank then settled in for the night in front of the TV.  Just as she curled up on the couch , remote in hand there was a knock on her door.

Desi climbed off the couch and padded through the living area to the door “Just a moment “ she peeked through the peephole , grinning she opened the door “You made it “

Jon stepped inside, pulling her into a hug “ Didn’t I say I would ? “ then kissed the top of her head.

“Yea, just its late and I know you wanted to spend time with your family “ Desi replied while walking back with him to the couch.

“I did. Now its my time with you “ Jon winked as he plopped down on the couch, pulling her gently onto his lap then slid his arms around her.

Desi turned around to face him , her eyes locked with his as she nibbled on her bottom lip nervously, GO for it Desi show him that that is more to you than this shy demure woman. This is your last night ! Make it an unforgettable one !and leaned in pressing her lips against his.

Jon growled lightly into her mouth, when her tongue slid into his . He removed his arms around her waist , bringing them to cup her face . “Been waiting to do that all day Baby”

“Me too “ Desi admitted dropping her hands to the bottom of his black tee shirt , giving it a tug over his head then tossing it onto the floor. She left a trail of kisses along the nape of his neck , going further down to his chest.  Glancing up, she flashed him a devilish smile, then licked his nipple .

Jon groaned while her mouth attacked his nipple was almost more than he could stand,  Damn if she was a bit more brazen than their first time together, Finally maybe she is loosening up around me, His fingers intertwined in her long auburn tresses , caressing her head while she continued her onslaught of kisses downward towards his bellybutton . “Damn baby “

She paused briefly , paying extra attention to his belly button while her hands traveled to the button on his jeans . Once she had it unbuttoned , her fingers reached for the metal tab of his zipper then slid it down.

He jerked the moment her hands grasped him, “Fuck ! “ then raised his hips so she could tug down his jeans.

Desi surprised herself in how much she was letting her inhibitions go, she removed his jeans then slowly lowered her mouth on his hardness. She gazed up locking eyes with Jon while taking him all the way in her mouth then back out again.

“Jesus Desi “ Jon said through gritted teeth , his grip on her hair tightened as she continued her sweet torture.

She paused, and smiled “You want me to stop? “

“I want you now “ He growled as he gently pushed her back , stood and kicked off his jeans , then picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.  He laid her down on the bed “ Stay put I’ll be right back “ and he dashed off to the bathroom .  Finding the box of condoms , he reached in for a packet then made his way back to Desi.

A flash of doubt crossed her mind, What if he sees? I can’t handle his reaction , maybe I should just stop it before he does, Desi was about to speak up and say something, when he reached for the light and turned it off then climbed in beside her.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Desi sat up and removed her tank then raised her hips to allow him to gently slid down her sweat pants and underwear in all on fell swoop.

Jon tore open the foil packet , slid on the latex over his member then crawled over her . He flashed her a sweet smile before entering her . “You are so god damned gorgeous , you know that right ? “ He asked taking her hands in his then leaned down to kiss her then started to slowly thrust deep inside her.

God did he expect an answer right now ! “Um , oh hell “ Desi panted as she squeezed his hands tightly , while she rode the first of many waves crashing down on her .

Jon reached down and gently placed her uninjured leg over his shoulder then plunged inside .Her walls clenching him tightly threatening to send him over the edge.  He paused for a moment to gain control again then continued grind deeper , rotating his hips .

She raised her hips to meet his thrusts, a mixture of grunts and moans filled the room as they both reached  their peak together .

He slowed then collapsed gently on top of her , breathing heavily on her neck “Shit Desi You are fuckin’ amazin’ “ he gasped into her ear.

Desi softly laughed as she fought to catch her own breath “ You may not be able to dance but you sure how to put those moves to good use in the bedroom “

Jon grinned as he raised his head and pouted “You saying I can’t dance ? “

Desi gently smiled , stroking the side of his face with her finger “No I’m sorry you can’t “

“I know I can’t “ Jon laughed then rolled over , quickly disposed the used condom then pulled her close to him.

“That’s okay neither can I “ Desi admitted as she leaned in and kissed his chest .

Jon chuckled “ What a pair we make huh? “ he tipped her face up then sweetly kissed her swollen lips.

“Yea “ Desi answered quietly. She knew they would never be a pair,After tonight is over . Face reality Desiree!

Jon noticed how quiet she had gotten  “ Hey what’s the matter ? ‘

“Nothin’ just tired “ she lied and faked a yawn.

Jon shook his head , he knew she was lying but wasn’t going to press her to be more open. They would have more time in the morning, Would they ? How am I going to get her number I want to see her again.  “Ok baby you get some sleep “

Desi closed her eyes pretending to fall asleep but she didn’t for a long time after he did.  She wanted to spend as much time as she could awake in his arms because in the morning she was heading home and for once in her life she dreaded it.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chapter 15

The opening band was a blur and a few drops of rain didn’t damper Desi’s spirit. All she cared about was who was about to hit the stage any second. Soon everything went dark and the opening started to flash across the big screens .

Desi wanted so badly to jump up and scream but held steadfast in her seat as she wait anxiously for them to hit the stage. She watched as all the guys hit the stage ready to begin while waiting for Jon to appear.

The lights flashed on and the beginnings of Who Says You Can’t Go Home began, then there he was gorgeous as ever wearing the black leather shirt , partially unbuttoned and tight black jeans. She started to scream sing along and in awe just how close she was .  “Damn Ana wish you were here for this “ Grateful for once she gave in and let him do this for her.

The songs blended in as she fell into a trance , watching Jon work the crowd, every so often making his way near her , flashing that devastating smile at her .  She hadn’t realized just the difference would be from being down on the floor and up on stage , her ears started to ring as she placed her fingers in her ears to make it easier to hear.  But she take deafness anytime with the view she had.   The pounding of the music literally vibrated causing her heart to beat faster.

Jon glanced over at Desi and smiled then he noticed her covering her ears , mentally shaking his head  , he scolded himself  Fuck! I forgot to give her ear plugs. So with a slight nod to Obie then in her direction he sent a message .

A few moments later , Obie approached her and handed her a set of earplugs. Desi mouthed a thank you and gazed over to Jon as she placed them in her ears then smiled to him.

During In These Arms, he sauntered over to her , his eyes locked with hers as he sang and a smile played across his face and before he walked away he winked at her.  God she felt like she was going to come undone.  Her heart felt like it was going to explode out of her chest and she tried to will herself not to fall it was so damned easy too. When he looked at her like that.

This is insane after tonight its over , so just enjoy tonight and afterwards then its back to reality girlfriend! No matter how hard she tried to convince herself not to let herself feel anything he would look at her and smile and she melted .

The faster songs had wanted to her to get up and dance like the crowd and the slower songs were tugging at her heart . She could have sworn he read her mind when he wrote this setlist,  In These Arms , Superman Tonight , Living In Sin/Chapel of Love , Diamond Ring , I’ll Be There for You and I’d Die For you, made for an unforgettable night .

All too soon this memorable night had to come to an end. Right before the encore ended , Obie came to escort her down the steps and to the back.  He guided her to his quick change area.

“Jon asked me to bring you here for a moment , then I’ll come for you in a few “ Obie smiled then took off .

Not even a couple minutes later , Jon popped in bouncing still running high from the show . “Hey baby “ He said with a bit but exhausted smile “How’d you like the show ?” he dropped a sweet but very sweaty kiss on her .

She smiled shyly , as she removed the earplugs  “It was amazing . Best show I’ve seen in years “

“Good “ he glanced down at her leg “How’s the leg holding up ? “

“Not bad “ she replied

“That’s good to hear . Listen I have to head in the back for a bit . See my family and all but shouldn’t be too long . Obie will escort you to the car and Paul is gonna drive you back to the hotel.  I’ll be there as soon as I can “  Jon leaned closer , pulling her into a hug “If you still want me to come by that is ? “

Desi nibbled on her bottom lip nervously, as she tentatively slid her arms around his waist. “ Yea I do “ she swallowed hard and willed her nerves to  calm down. He was with you already its gonna be fine , But he hasn’t seen what you really look like .

“Ok then see you in just a few , Don’t fall asleep on me “ He winked , dropping another slow but longer kiss on her lips then pulled away.

 “Maybe I’ll ask Paul to make a coffee run so I don’t “ she laughed

He ran his knuckle along her cheek “Anything to assure you’ll be wide awake when I arrive “ he waggled his eyebrows , giving her one more peck on the cheek then he took off .

Obie popped back in before Desi had a chance to get all giggly  “Ready to go “

“I am thank you “

Obie held his arm out and led her out to the awaiting car “ I was told to take extra special care of you darlin’ so I am “ he grinned while he opened the door and helped her inside “ Paul take her wherever she wants to go “

“No problem , Hi Miss Desi good to see you again “ Paul said with a smile while he gazed into the review mirror.

“Good to see you again Paul “ Desi smiled back.

“Where do you wanna  go ? “

“Could we go somewhere I can get a coffee to go “ Desi answered “Then back to my hotel “

“Yes ma’am “

After a quick run through McDonald’s Drive thru , Paul had Desi back at the hotel, he slid out of the front and opened the door for her . “ Have a good night Miss Desi “

“Thank you Paul , Thanks for everything “

“You’re welcome anytime “ He smiled and climbed back in the car and drove off.

Desi made her way back into the hotel and up to her  room to wait for the man of her dreams to arrive for the second time of this incredible Jersey trip.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chapter 14

Her clothes were strewn all over the floor,What the fuck am I gonna wear ? Why does it matter? Desi spent all morning trying to find just the right outfit to wear.  Finally deciding on a red tank and a pair of hip hugger jeans that flared at the bottom .  After a quick sponge bath, groaning because she couldn’t take a proper shower thanks to her injury , she dressed , dabbed a bit of White Diamonds behind each ear and her neck lastly at the crevice between her breasts.

After much deliberation of what hairstyle would suit her tonight , she plugged in the straightener.  While waiting for it to heat up, she applied a shell colored foundation to her face , a light concealer to cover her dark circles, then applied a true sand blush to her cheeks. Next came her eyeshadow , she chose a wild sable, Sepia Sand and Tempting mocha . She finished her eyes with black eyeliner and a rich black mascara.  Completing the look was a Copper Glow lipstick.

Once the straightener was heated , she preceded to pull it through her long tresses.

Once finished, she stood back and gazed at herself in the bathroom mirror. Sucking in a deep breath ,  “Here goes everything “ muttering to herself as she walked out ,  grabbed her purse, key and headed out the door.

About a half hour later she exited the shuttle and made her way to Will Call .  While she stood in line , she shot off a quick text to Sarah apologizing that she couldn’t meet up with her and the rest of the gang in the parking lot then went on to  explain her injury though leaving out everything about Jon and being on stage til later.

She quickly closed her phone when she reached the booth  “May I help you ?” The lady asked .

“Yes ma’am  My name is Desiree Jenkins I guess I am on the list or whatever you wanna call it “

“Oh yes I was  told to watch out for you especially . Hold on one second - oh I’m sorry but can I see your identification its procedure . “ The woman behind the glass answered with a friendly smile.

“Sure no problem . “ Desi reached in her purse , pulled out her wallet and flashed her driver’s license.

“Thank you . I’ll be just a moment . Can you wait right beside the gate over there ? “ She pointed to the left of the box office .“Someone will be there to get you in a few minutes “

“Thank you “ Desi smiled then walked over to wait by the large gate .

Moments later , A man appeared who she immediately recognized from the night she had been injured , he opened the gate and held it open for her .  “Good to see you again Miss Jenkins , Michael Rew “ He held out his hand .

“Desi please “ she smiled then shook his hand .

“How’s your leg doin’ ? “ He asked while leading her towards the backstage area.

“A bit sore “ Desi confessed as she followed him in the direction behind the stage.

He helped her up the stairs and off to the side , hidden from the prying eyes of the audience but a perfect view for her of the whole band. though it was of their backsides . Who could argue with the best seat in the house . “Let’s get you comfortable , I’ll be right back with another chair so you can prop your leg up. “

Before Desi could say no , he was off in a flash.  “What a view “ she glanced around in awe of her surroundings.

“Well Hello Darlin’ “ a deep drawl of a voice spoke causing her to jump out of her reverie. She glanced up and smiled , Richie stood in front of her carrying a metal chair . “ I think this is for you”

“Hi Richie . Good to see you again but I thought Mr. Rew was  on the hunt for a chair that I really don’t need “ she replied with a slight roll of her eyes

“Well Jon has him doin’ something and Frank is on a business call so I volunteered . “ He grinned as he opened the chair , bent down and gently placed her leg on it . “There all safe and sound . “

“Really there is no need for all this “ Desi said insistently

“Yes there is darlin’ . You don’t want the boss-man angry do you ? He wants you all comfortable for the show and what the boss man wants the boss man gets “ he winked “You know you have gotten to be very important to him ? “

“He’s just being kind is all ‘ Desi refuted, refusing to believe it was more than that - she had to before her heart got invested then end up broken again.

Richie shook his head in disbelief , Jon had told him she was different than other girls and he  found that hard to believe until now .What made this girl so negative? Refusing to see what was clearly being shown right in front of her . "I know it sounds crazy but you don’t know him like I do. And he will have my ass if I  say anything but I haven’t seen him like this not for a long time not since -- “

Surely he was just being kind or was he speaking the truth?,its just not possible its only been a couple days . There is no way its more than just friendship- well maybe friends with one night of benefits . But before she could question him more , David and Tico sauntered over to her.

“Is this the lil’ lady  that got hurt ? “Tico asked with a sympathic tone.

“And the one that has our bro tied up in knots “ David quipped.

Richie chuckled “Yea it isl This is Desi - Desi well I guess you know these two “

“Hi “ She managed to squeak out , holding out her hand willing it not to shake .

Tico placed a kiss on the back of her hand “ Nice to meet you “

“My turn  “ David grinned leaned down and kissed her cheek “Shh don’t tell Lexi “ he winked.

Desi laughed “ I promise “

“Oh she speaks “ David teased “ I was beginning to think Jon was lying that you could talk “

Desi opened her mouth to speak only to be interrupted again by that sexy voice that now haunted her dreams.

“C’mon give her a break now will ya?  “ Jon chortled as he joined the group that surrounded her .

The guys backed away while Jon stepped closer, leaned down and dropped a kiss partially on her lips and cheek.   “They givin’ you a hard time ? “ His eyes gazed over her,Damn if  she didn’t look good enough to eat.

“No they actually were very sweet “ Desi answered with a smile

“See and you were worried because why ? We just wanted to see what this lil lady did to have you in such a good mood lately " David retorted with a waggle of his eyebrows.

Desi dropped her head down , her face flush . [Shit Desi you never blushed this much in your lifetime . What the  fuck is up with that ?

Jon smirked “Okay guys lets let her relax . Showtime in just a few . Don’t you have some shit to do before then ? “

“Yea yea we get the hint “ Richie piped up “ Take care darlin’ we’ll see you again soon “

They took off down the steps quickly disappearing beneath the stage.

“Knuckleheads don’t know when to keep their traps shut “ Jon winked “ So you comfortable do you need anything ? “

“No I’m good “ She glanced back up to  find Jon kneeling in front of her “Okay maybe an umbrella unless it clears up “

Jon laughed “Well at least you’re safe from harm now “

“Don’t be too sure, Clumsy is my middle name. “Desi joked

"Maybe we should place padding around you " Jon teased.

Desi laughed harder than she had in a long time , The only one that she felt comfortable in teasing her about her  clumsiness was Ana , so Jon just earned another high mark in her book  and even if she shouldn't , she was starting to like him even more ."Na I think I can handle sitting here without incident"

“I sure hope so. Look gotta run see you in a few . Enjoy the show baby “ He glanced around then placed a sweet kiss on her lips then took off for the back. Leaving Desi sitting there with a dumbstruck look on her face and wondering when she was gonna wake up from this dream.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Chapter 13

Desi stepped out of the black Lincoln , thanked the driver and walked back into her hotel.  She couldn’t believe not only had he paid for her meal but left his car for a ride back .  “He’s just being nice “ she muttered to herself after stepping off the elevator and limped down the hall to her room.

Reaching her suite ,she slid her keycard in the slot , with a slight twist of the handle she opened the door . Once in she turned briefly to shut it .

Slowly limping to the couch , she tossed her purse on the coffee table and flopped down onto the couch.

She squinted her eyes as a slight dull pain radiated from her calf , leaning forward , she grabbed her pill bottle then popped 2 tablets in her mouth while she poured a glass of water. After a big gulp of water to wash down the pills ,she curled onto the couch , flicked on the TV. Moments later she was asleep.

A loud ringing jarred Desi awake , she groggily stood up and padded softly into the bedroom. Picking up the receiver , she sat down on the bed “ Hello “ covering a yawn with the back of her hand.

“Heya Baby . Did I wake you ? “ Jon asked as his eyes darted to the clock , Shit! Smooth move asshole , woke her up. It's not that late though as least I didn't think so.

“Oh hey. Yea but its okay .” She replied then noticed how dark her room had become “Shit I slept that long . Damn pain pills anyway “

Jon’s eyebrow ceased with worry  “ You’re leg bothering you ? “

“It was when I got back to the hotel but I think its okay for now . Thanks for lunch and the ride back by the way “ Desi replied as she scooted up further on to the bed , resting against the headboard.

“No prob , I was happy to do it. After all we did interrupt your lunch ”

“I didn’t mind at all . I enjoyed the company actually “

A  brief awkward silence fell over them when Desi finally spoke  “So how was your day ? “  then she pinched her eyes shut God that sounded lame .

Jon smiled “ Same shit different day  .”

“OH what fun huh ? “ Desi snickered

“ Loads of fun--So Desi never did get to find out much about you ? “ Jon asked as he reached for his glass of wine then took a sip.

“Not much to tell really ? I work in an office , sit in front of a computer all day  .” Desi replied nonchalantly.

“Is that all there is to Desiree Jenkins? “ Jon asked softly

“Depends on what you wanna know ? “

“Anything you care to tell me .  I mean after all you know everything about me so its only fair “

“Why?  Its not like we’re gonna see each other after I go home is it ? “ Desi replied a bit more harshly than she intended.

Jon winced at her tone that radiated through the phone,  it was very possible that they wouldn’t see each other again and why did that thought saddened him ?  “You never know what curve balls life will throw at you . So tell me Desi -- tell me ‘bout yourself “

Desi shook her head in dismay “Why ? After tomorrow night you’ll forget all about me so whats the sense? “

“Cuz I do isn’t that a good enough reason ? “ Jon asked with a slight stubborn tone. “ I care  can’t I care ? “

“You don’t know me ? “

“No that’s why I’m asking you so I can know you “ Jon asked again with persistence.

Desi let out a deep frustrated sigh then answered quietly. “ I’m divorced. Damn this is hard. “

Jon knew all about the pains of divorce and it was hard to move on , Hell he hadn’t even wanted to consider it until this redheaded beauty blew into his life. Maybe it was fate , Maybe he should take a chance . It was just damned ridiculous to think this way so soon but something was telling him not to let her go.  “ I know it sucks don’t it  ‘

Desi chewed on her bottom lip as all the painful memories started to resurface.“ Yea it does . “

“You don’t have to talk about if you don’t want “Jon gently replied “ What’s your favorite color? “

Desi couldn’t help but laugh “ Nice change of subject and its Red “

“Well hell whatta ya know its mine too “ Jon chortled

“I know “

“Ah is that why it’s your favorite? “ He smiled just hearing her laugh made his night.

“No not just cuz of you . “ Desi retorted “Okay maybe partly you “

A deep hearty chuckle escaped his lips “ What’s your favorite food ? “

“Italian , Seafood and Chinese “ she answered while playing with the phone cord.

‘My kinda girl “ Jon grinned cheekily

Desi rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but grin and though she knew he was just being kind , she enjoyed their conversation and she never dreamed he would be so easy to talk too but even so she couldn’t find the courage to tell him about her medical problem.

Their conversation lasted well into the night, pausing long enough for Jon to answer a few phone calls on his cell and both of them to order dinner.  Desi had been tempted to ask him to come over but chickened out . Jon had the same thought but didn’t want to push besides the last time he showed up they ended up in bed together and as much as he would had loved for it to happen again he didn’t want her to think that is all he wanted her for.

Desi snuggled down in her bed  then glanced at the clock hell it was almost midnight and they had been on the phone for hours.  Not that she didn’t mind and if they never saw each other again she would have this special memory to take back with her to Ohio.

Jon finished the bottle of wine , giving it a toss into the trash and settled back on to his bed, Richie had come by and left chuckling at his new found desire to remain on the phone. Hell he was surprised himself he didn’t consider himself a talker on the phone, only if it had to do with business or with his kids but with this girl he found himself not wanting to hang up even though he had switched ears twenty times due to soreness. Hell what am I doin? I probably won’t see her again after tomorrow night . And why not ? If you like her pursue it .It just didn’t make any damned sense he just met her for fuck’s sake .

‘Well baby hate to cut this short “ Jon snorted “ But gotta get up in a few hours “

“Hmph yea if this was your idea of short , hate to see what long is “ Desi teased back

“I could show you tomorrow night“ He devilishly replied

‘Well you know where my room is ? “ she blushed almost immediately when she realized what she had said Fuck why did I say that ?

“So I take that as a yes then ? “ Jon grinned

Desi swallowed hard not sure if he was serious or not . “Um yes “ she quietly answered

“Good I was hoping to see you one last time before you had to head home . “

she chewed on her lip nervously “ Really ? “

“Yes of course silly why wouldn’t I ? “

“You’re just so busy and I’m just a fan who got hurt “ Desi admitted reluctantly

Jon let out a deep frustrated sigh. She was sinking back into her shy backward shell again  “ You ARE more than just  a fan . Do I have to prove that to you ? “

“I dunno maybe “

“Okay then you asked for it . Now I gotta go but remember tomorrow go to Will Call give them your name and someone will come and get you and lead you to where you’re  gonna be sitting . “

“You really don’t have to do this I’ll be fine where I’m at “

“Stop that ! I will not having you get hurt again . No arguments you are goin’ to be sitting on the stage and thats final “ Jon ordered.

“Fine “ She reponded with a defeated tone .

‘Good now sleep well and I’ll see you tomorrow “

“You too Bye “

“Bye Sweet Dreams Baby “

She hung up the phone. What the hell was she doing ? What was he doing ? She could so fall for him and that can’t happen for once he finds out . There is no way he will wanna be with me so give it up girlfriend. But then one more night wouldn’t hurt.  God I am confused !, as she sunk deep into the covers , closed her eyes and drifted off into dreamland.