Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chapter 21

Once Desi arrived at work, she put in her request for the days off. With that checked off on her to do list , All she had to do was contact Ana so she could put in for time off as well.

At lunch she dialed her friend, “ Hey girl could you come by tonight after work . I gotta something to ask you ? Talk to you later “ then flipped it closed. Desi was about to stick her phone back in her purse when she decided to scroll through her address book , landing on Jon’s number .” Should I ? I better not bother him too much ? But damn if its not tempting especially after last night’s heated conversation. “ she muttered to herself.

Toying with the button , she sucked in a deep breath ,closed her eyes then pressed send, What the fuck am I doing ? He’s probably busy and he doesn’t need - a, her thoughts were interupted by the all too familiar voice “Well hello didn’t expect to hear from you ? “ Jon grinned.

Desi fidgeted on the bench, outside of her office  “Um , well I - I didn’t catch ya at a bad time did I ? “ she stammered nervously.

“No not really , getting ready for sound check but I got a few minutes to talk “ Jon replied softly as he turned away from the others and ducked into his dressing room , shutting the door.

“Oh um ok, I just well hell I don’t know why I called . “ Desi confessed “ I’m at lunch and just called Ana and she didn’t answer so “

“So I was your second choice , I see where I rate now “ Jon teased .

“Its not like that , I called her to ask her to come over and tell her about the 9th “ Desi said with a chuckle.

“I know just teasing ya babe , So you get much sleep ? “ Jon asked , leaning back in his chair .

“A bit . You? “

“Same here , living off caffeine right now “ Jon chortled “But it was worth it . The late night talk that is “

“Or you mean the -” she paused , glanced around to make sure no one could hear her whisper “ phone sex “ A blush crept across her face the moment the words left her mouth.

Jon chuckled “Hell yea baby , I would love to have phone sex with you again but I meant its been a long time since I stayed up all night talking on the phone . “

‘It was nice all of it “ Desi smiled

“Yea it was. Did you ask for the time off ? “ Jon asked then glanced towards the door , Richie peered in pointing to his watch then grinned and walked away.

“Yea I did , I think I’ll get it . The boss loves me “ Desi laughed

“Whats not to love about you Desi “ Jon spoke honestly

Once again Desi blushed “Stop that ! “

“Stop what ? It’s true “ Jon reiterated

With a roll of her eye , she spoke “OK whatever , I better let you go . My lunch break is about over anyway “

Jon sighed, Damn why does she have to do that “ Okay baby talk to you later ?”

“Okay , hope you have a good show tonight “

“The crowds have been fantastic, should be a good one again“

“Yea from what I saw , pulling out some rarities I see “ Desi teased

“Have to if I don’t , they’d  have my head “ Jon snorted.

Richie peeked his head in again “ Hey bro , we gonna do sound check sometime this century? “

“Yea, Yea , I’m coming “ Jon answered “Hey baby gotta run but talk to you soon “

“Okay , take care “ Desi replied “Bye “ then flipped her phone closed stuffed it back in her purse and headed back in to her office building to finish out her day.


A few hours and a quick run to the grocery store Desi arrived home. After unloading and putting them away . She began preparations for dinner- spaghetti with a tossed salad and garlic bread. Once the hamburger was browned, she added the sauce , turned down the stove to let it simmer then set a pot of water on the back burner , ready for boiling once the sauce was nearly done.

Once she had dinner cooking , she wearily walked back into the living room , kicked off her shoes and plopped down in her recliner.

Ana burst through the door a few seconds later, “Heya girlfriend . What’s up ? Got your message? “ she asked while passing through the living room and into the kitchen then reached in the fridge for the wine and pour herself a glass .

Desi chuckled “Make yourself at home “

“Don’t mind if I do “ Ana grinned as she lifted the lid of the spaghetti sauce “ Yum , how did you know I was hungry for spaghetti ? “

“Great Minds think a like . As for your question well-- You think you can get July 9th- 12th off ? “

“Um why? “ Ana asked as she traipsed back into the living room , settling in on the couch.

“Well what if I said we were invited to Jersey for the 4th show at the Meadowlands then on to Saratoga Springs then finishing up in Ohio? “  Desi replied matter of factly.

Ana’s eyes grew wide “Shit  Girl you made a hell of impression with Mr Bongiovi there “

Desi smirked “ I guess so , He called me last night ? ‘

“How the fuck he get your number ? You said forgot to give it too him “ Ana asked incredulously.

“I dunno , he wouldn’t say but had to have gotten it from my phone “

“See miss full-of-doubt , are you gonna believe he wants to see you again ?”

“Okay okay when you’re right you’re right though doesnt mean we are gonna get married , have kids and live happily ever after “ Desi pointed out.

“So, live for the here and now , if that happens it happens and if it don’t . Just enjoy the ride while you can “

“I suppose you’re right “ Desi agreed with a bit of reluctance .

“I know I am.  So does that mean maybe a hook up with the big man “ Ana asked devilishly.

Desi shook her head , then threw her head back and laughed “I dunno but maybe that could be arranged. “

“Then yes , I can get the time off “ Ana grinned “Plus I wanna see just how Mr Rockstar treats my best girl “

“Always the ever protective bull dog ain’t ya ? “ Desi laughed as she stood , walked into the kitchen to finish their dinner.

“But of course “ Ana walked in the kitchen ,grabbed two plates then set the table “ I don’t think I’m gonna have to worry too much though “

Moment’s later the girls were sitting down at Desi’s kitchen table , enjoying a nice quiet dinner while they discussed their plans for their upcoming trip.

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  1. I hope Ana can get the time off. Jon's sure in for it when she meets him!

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