Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chapter 15

The opening band was a blur and a few drops of rain didn’t damper Desi’s spirit. All she cared about was who was about to hit the stage any second. Soon everything went dark and the opening started to flash across the big screens .

Desi wanted so badly to jump up and scream but held steadfast in her seat as she wait anxiously for them to hit the stage. She watched as all the guys hit the stage ready to begin while waiting for Jon to appear.

The lights flashed on and the beginnings of Who Says You Can’t Go Home began, then there he was gorgeous as ever wearing the black leather shirt , partially unbuttoned and tight black jeans. She started to scream sing along and in awe just how close she was .  “Damn Ana wish you were here for this “ Grateful for once she gave in and let him do this for her.

The songs blended in as she fell into a trance , watching Jon work the crowd, every so often making his way near her , flashing that devastating smile at her .  She hadn’t realized just the difference would be from being down on the floor and up on stage , her ears started to ring as she placed her fingers in her ears to make it easier to hear.  But she take deafness anytime with the view she had.   The pounding of the music literally vibrated causing her heart to beat faster.

Jon glanced over at Desi and smiled then he noticed her covering her ears , mentally shaking his head  , he scolded himself  Fuck! I forgot to give her ear plugs. So with a slight nod to Obie then in her direction he sent a message .

A few moments later , Obie approached her and handed her a set of earplugs. Desi mouthed a thank you and gazed over to Jon as she placed them in her ears then smiled to him.

During In These Arms, he sauntered over to her , his eyes locked with hers as he sang and a smile played across his face and before he walked away he winked at her.  God she felt like she was going to come undone.  Her heart felt like it was going to explode out of her chest and she tried to will herself not to fall it was so damned easy too. When he looked at her like that.

This is insane after tonight its over , so just enjoy tonight and afterwards then its back to reality girlfriend! No matter how hard she tried to convince herself not to let herself feel anything he would look at her and smile and she melted .

The faster songs had wanted to her to get up and dance like the crowd and the slower songs were tugging at her heart . She could have sworn he read her mind when he wrote this setlist,  In These Arms , Superman Tonight , Living In Sin/Chapel of Love , Diamond Ring , I’ll Be There for You and I’d Die For you, made for an unforgettable night .

All too soon this memorable night had to come to an end. Right before the encore ended , Obie came to escort her down the steps and to the back.  He guided her to his quick change area.

“Jon asked me to bring you here for a moment , then I’ll come for you in a few “ Obie smiled then took off .

Not even a couple minutes later , Jon popped in bouncing still running high from the show . “Hey baby “ He said with a bit but exhausted smile “How’d you like the show ?” he dropped a sweet but very sweaty kiss on her .

She smiled shyly , as she removed the earplugs  “It was amazing . Best show I’ve seen in years “

“Good “ he glanced down at her leg “How’s the leg holding up ? “

“Not bad “ she replied

“That’s good to hear . Listen I have to head in the back for a bit . See my family and all but shouldn’t be too long . Obie will escort you to the car and Paul is gonna drive you back to the hotel.  I’ll be there as soon as I can “  Jon leaned closer , pulling her into a hug “If you still want me to come by that is ? “

Desi nibbled on her bottom lip nervously, as she tentatively slid her arms around his waist. “ Yea I do “ she swallowed hard and willed her nerves to  calm down. He was with you already its gonna be fine , But he hasn’t seen what you really look like .

“Ok then see you in just a few , Don’t fall asleep on me “ He winked , dropping another slow but longer kiss on her lips then pulled away.

 “Maybe I’ll ask Paul to make a coffee run so I don’t “ she laughed

He ran his knuckle along her cheek “Anything to assure you’ll be wide awake when I arrive “ he waggled his eyebrows , giving her one more peck on the cheek then he took off .

Obie popped back in before Desi had a chance to get all giggly  “Ready to go “

“I am thank you “

Obie held his arm out and led her out to the awaiting car “ I was told to take extra special care of you darlin’ so I am “ he grinned while he opened the door and helped her inside “ Paul take her wherever she wants to go “

“No problem , Hi Miss Desi good to see you again “ Paul said with a smile while he gazed into the review mirror.

“Good to see you again Paul “ Desi smiled back.

“Where do you wanna  go ? “

“Could we go somewhere I can get a coffee to go “ Desi answered “Then back to my hotel “

“Yes ma’am “

After a quick run through McDonald’s Drive thru , Paul had Desi back at the hotel, he slid out of the front and opened the door for her . “ Have a good night Miss Desi “

“Thank you Paul , Thanks for everything “

“You’re welcome anytime “ He smiled and climbed back in the car and drove off.

Desi made her way back into the hotel and up to her  room to wait for the man of her dreams to arrive for the second time of this incredible Jersey trip.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chapter 14

Her clothes were strewn all over the floor,What the fuck am I gonna wear ? Why does it matter? Desi spent all morning trying to find just the right outfit to wear.  Finally deciding on a red tank and a pair of hip hugger jeans that flared at the bottom .  After a quick sponge bath, groaning because she couldn’t take a proper shower thanks to her injury , she dressed , dabbed a bit of White Diamonds behind each ear and her neck lastly at the crevice between her breasts.

After much deliberation of what hairstyle would suit her tonight , she plugged in the straightener.  While waiting for it to heat up, she applied a shell colored foundation to her face , a light concealer to cover her dark circles, then applied a true sand blush to her cheeks. Next came her eyeshadow , she chose a wild sable, Sepia Sand and Tempting mocha . She finished her eyes with black eyeliner and a rich black mascara.  Completing the look was a Copper Glow lipstick.

Once the straightener was heated , she preceded to pull it through her long tresses.

Once finished, she stood back and gazed at herself in the bathroom mirror. Sucking in a deep breath ,  “Here goes everything “ muttering to herself as she walked out ,  grabbed her purse, key and headed out the door.

About a half hour later she exited the shuttle and made her way to Will Call .  While she stood in line , she shot off a quick text to Sarah apologizing that she couldn’t meet up with her and the rest of the gang in the parking lot then went on to  explain her injury though leaving out everything about Jon and being on stage til later.

She quickly closed her phone when she reached the booth  “May I help you ?” The lady asked .

“Yes ma’am  My name is Desiree Jenkins I guess I am on the list or whatever you wanna call it “

“Oh yes I was  told to watch out for you especially . Hold on one second - oh I’m sorry but can I see your identification its procedure . “ The woman behind the glass answered with a friendly smile.

“Sure no problem . “ Desi reached in her purse , pulled out her wallet and flashed her driver’s license.

“Thank you . I’ll be just a moment . Can you wait right beside the gate over there ? “ She pointed to the left of the box office .“Someone will be there to get you in a few minutes “

“Thank you “ Desi smiled then walked over to wait by the large gate .

Moments later , A man appeared who she immediately recognized from the night she had been injured , he opened the gate and held it open for her .  “Good to see you again Miss Jenkins , Michael Rew “ He held out his hand .

“Desi please “ she smiled then shook his hand .

“How’s your leg doin’ ? “ He asked while leading her towards the backstage area.

“A bit sore “ Desi confessed as she followed him in the direction behind the stage.

He helped her up the stairs and off to the side , hidden from the prying eyes of the audience but a perfect view for her of the whole band. though it was of their backsides . Who could argue with the best seat in the house . “Let’s get you comfortable , I’ll be right back with another chair so you can prop your leg up. “

Before Desi could say no , he was off in a flash.  “What a view “ she glanced around in awe of her surroundings.

“Well Hello Darlin’ “ a deep drawl of a voice spoke causing her to jump out of her reverie. She glanced up and smiled , Richie stood in front of her carrying a metal chair . “ I think this is for you”

“Hi Richie . Good to see you again but I thought Mr. Rew was  on the hunt for a chair that I really don’t need “ she replied with a slight roll of her eyes

“Well Jon has him doin’ something and Frank is on a business call so I volunteered . “ He grinned as he opened the chair , bent down and gently placed her leg on it . “There all safe and sound . “

“Really there is no need for all this “ Desi said insistently

“Yes there is darlin’ . You don’t want the boss-man angry do you ? He wants you all comfortable for the show and what the boss man wants the boss man gets “ he winked “You know you have gotten to be very important to him ? “

“He’s just being kind is all ‘ Desi refuted, refusing to believe it was more than that - she had to before her heart got invested then end up broken again.

Richie shook his head in disbelief , Jon had told him she was different than other girls and he  found that hard to believe until now .What made this girl so negative? Refusing to see what was clearly being shown right in front of her . "I know it sounds crazy but you don’t know him like I do. And he will have my ass if I  say anything but I haven’t seen him like this not for a long time not since -- “

Surely he was just being kind or was he speaking the truth?,its just not possible its only been a couple days . There is no way its more than just friendship- well maybe friends with one night of benefits . But before she could question him more , David and Tico sauntered over to her.

“Is this the lil’ lady  that got hurt ? “Tico asked with a sympathic tone.

“And the one that has our bro tied up in knots “ David quipped.

Richie chuckled “Yea it isl This is Desi - Desi well I guess you know these two “

“Hi “ She managed to squeak out , holding out her hand willing it not to shake .

Tico placed a kiss on the back of her hand “ Nice to meet you “

“My turn  “ David grinned leaned down and kissed her cheek “Shh don’t tell Lexi “ he winked.

Desi laughed “ I promise “

“Oh she speaks “ David teased “ I was beginning to think Jon was lying that you could talk “

Desi opened her mouth to speak only to be interrupted again by that sexy voice that now haunted her dreams.

“C’mon give her a break now will ya?  “ Jon chortled as he joined the group that surrounded her .

The guys backed away while Jon stepped closer, leaned down and dropped a kiss partially on her lips and cheek.   “They givin’ you a hard time ? “ His eyes gazed over her,Damn if  she didn’t look good enough to eat.

“No they actually were very sweet “ Desi answered with a smile

“See and you were worried because why ? We just wanted to see what this lil lady did to have you in such a good mood lately " David retorted with a waggle of his eyebrows.

Desi dropped her head down , her face flush . [Shit Desi you never blushed this much in your lifetime . What the  fuck is up with that ?

Jon smirked “Okay guys lets let her relax . Showtime in just a few . Don’t you have some shit to do before then ? “

“Yea yea we get the hint “ Richie piped up “ Take care darlin’ we’ll see you again soon “

They took off down the steps quickly disappearing beneath the stage.

“Knuckleheads don’t know when to keep their traps shut “ Jon winked “ So you comfortable do you need anything ? “

“No I’m good “ She glanced back up to  find Jon kneeling in front of her “Okay maybe an umbrella unless it clears up “

Jon laughed “Well at least you’re safe from harm now “

“Don’t be too sure, Clumsy is my middle name. “Desi joked

"Maybe we should place padding around you " Jon teased.

Desi laughed harder than she had in a long time , The only one that she felt comfortable in teasing her about her  clumsiness was Ana , so Jon just earned another high mark in her book  and even if she shouldn't , she was starting to like him even more ."Na I think I can handle sitting here without incident"

“I sure hope so. Look gotta run see you in a few . Enjoy the show baby “ He glanced around then placed a sweet kiss on her lips then took off for the back. Leaving Desi sitting there with a dumbstruck look on her face and wondering when she was gonna wake up from this dream.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Chapter 13

Desi stepped out of the black Lincoln , thanked the driver and walked back into her hotel.  She couldn’t believe not only had he paid for her meal but left his car for a ride back .  “He’s just being nice “ she muttered to herself after stepping off the elevator and limped down the hall to her room.

Reaching her suite ,she slid her keycard in the slot , with a slight twist of the handle she opened the door . Once in she turned briefly to shut it .

Slowly limping to the couch , she tossed her purse on the coffee table and flopped down onto the couch.

She squinted her eyes as a slight dull pain radiated from her calf , leaning forward , she grabbed her pill bottle then popped 2 tablets in her mouth while she poured a glass of water. After a big gulp of water to wash down the pills ,she curled onto the couch , flicked on the TV. Moments later she was asleep.

A loud ringing jarred Desi awake , she groggily stood up and padded softly into the bedroom. Picking up the receiver , she sat down on the bed “ Hello “ covering a yawn with the back of her hand.

“Heya Baby . Did I wake you ? “ Jon asked as his eyes darted to the clock , Shit! Smooth move asshole , woke her up. It's not that late though as least I didn't think so.

“Oh hey. Yea but its okay .” She replied then noticed how dark her room had become “Shit I slept that long . Damn pain pills anyway “

Jon’s eyebrow ceased with worry  “ You’re leg bothering you ? “

“It was when I got back to the hotel but I think its okay for now . Thanks for lunch and the ride back by the way “ Desi replied as she scooted up further on to the bed , resting against the headboard.

“No prob , I was happy to do it. After all we did interrupt your lunch ”

“I didn’t mind at all . I enjoyed the company actually “

A  brief awkward silence fell over them when Desi finally spoke  “So how was your day ? “  then she pinched her eyes shut God that sounded lame .

Jon smiled “ Same shit different day  .”

“OH what fun huh ? “ Desi snickered

“ Loads of fun--So Desi never did get to find out much about you ? “ Jon asked as he reached for his glass of wine then took a sip.

“Not much to tell really ? I work in an office , sit in front of a computer all day  .” Desi replied nonchalantly.

“Is that all there is to Desiree Jenkins? “ Jon asked softly

“Depends on what you wanna know ? “

“Anything you care to tell me .  I mean after all you know everything about me so its only fair “

“Why?  Its not like we’re gonna see each other after I go home is it ? “ Desi replied a bit more harshly than she intended.

Jon winced at her tone that radiated through the phone,  it was very possible that they wouldn’t see each other again and why did that thought saddened him ?  “You never know what curve balls life will throw at you . So tell me Desi -- tell me ‘bout yourself “

Desi shook her head in dismay “Why ? After tomorrow night you’ll forget all about me so whats the sense? “

“Cuz I do isn’t that a good enough reason ? “ Jon asked with a slight stubborn tone. “ I care  can’t I care ? “

“You don’t know me ? “

“No that’s why I’m asking you so I can know you “ Jon asked again with persistence.

Desi let out a deep frustrated sigh then answered quietly. “ I’m divorced. Damn this is hard. “

Jon knew all about the pains of divorce and it was hard to move on , Hell he hadn’t even wanted to consider it until this redheaded beauty blew into his life. Maybe it was fate , Maybe he should take a chance . It was just damned ridiculous to think this way so soon but something was telling him not to let her go.  “ I know it sucks don’t it  ‘

Desi chewed on her bottom lip as all the painful memories started to resurface.“ Yea it does . “

“You don’t have to talk about if you don’t want “Jon gently replied “ What’s your favorite color? “

Desi couldn’t help but laugh “ Nice change of subject and its Red “

“Well hell whatta ya know its mine too “ Jon chortled

“I know “

“Ah is that why it’s your favorite? “ He smiled just hearing her laugh made his night.

“No not just cuz of you . “ Desi retorted “Okay maybe partly you “

A deep hearty chuckle escaped his lips “ What’s your favorite food ? “

“Italian , Seafood and Chinese “ she answered while playing with the phone cord.

‘My kinda girl “ Jon grinned cheekily

Desi rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but grin and though she knew he was just being kind , she enjoyed their conversation and she never dreamed he would be so easy to talk too but even so she couldn’t find the courage to tell him about her medical problem.

Their conversation lasted well into the night, pausing long enough for Jon to answer a few phone calls on his cell and both of them to order dinner.  Desi had been tempted to ask him to come over but chickened out . Jon had the same thought but didn’t want to push besides the last time he showed up they ended up in bed together and as much as he would had loved for it to happen again he didn’t want her to think that is all he wanted her for.

Desi snuggled down in her bed  then glanced at the clock hell it was almost midnight and they had been on the phone for hours.  Not that she didn’t mind and if they never saw each other again she would have this special memory to take back with her to Ohio.

Jon finished the bottle of wine , giving it a toss into the trash and settled back on to his bed, Richie had come by and left chuckling at his new found desire to remain on the phone. Hell he was surprised himself he didn’t consider himself a talker on the phone, only if it had to do with business or with his kids but with this girl he found himself not wanting to hang up even though he had switched ears twenty times due to soreness. Hell what am I doin? I probably won’t see her again after tomorrow night . And why not ? If you like her pursue it .It just didn’t make any damned sense he just met her for fuck’s sake .

‘Well baby hate to cut this short “ Jon snorted “ But gotta get up in a few hours “

“Hmph yea if this was your idea of short , hate to see what long is “ Desi teased back

“I could show you tomorrow night“ He devilishly replied

‘Well you know where my room is ? “ she blushed almost immediately when she realized what she had said Fuck why did I say that ?

“So I take that as a yes then ? “ Jon grinned

Desi swallowed hard not sure if he was serious or not . “Um yes “ she quietly answered

“Good I was hoping to see you one last time before you had to head home . “

she chewed on her lip nervously “ Really ? “

“Yes of course silly why wouldn’t I ? “

“You’re just so busy and I’m just a fan who got hurt “ Desi admitted reluctantly

Jon let out a deep frustrated sigh. She was sinking back into her shy backward shell again  “ You ARE more than just  a fan . Do I have to prove that to you ? “

“I dunno maybe “

“Okay then you asked for it . Now I gotta go but remember tomorrow go to Will Call give them your name and someone will come and get you and lead you to where you’re  gonna be sitting . “

“You really don’t have to do this I’ll be fine where I’m at “

“Stop that ! I will not having you get hurt again . No arguments you are goin’ to be sitting on the stage and thats final “ Jon ordered.

“Fine “ She reponded with a defeated tone .

‘Good now sleep well and I’ll see you tomorrow “

“You too Bye “

“Bye Sweet Dreams Baby “

She hung up the phone. What the hell was she doing ? What was he doing ? She could so fall for him and that can’t happen for once he finds out . There is no way he will wanna be with me so give it up girlfriend. But then one more night wouldn’t hurt.  God I am confused !, as she sunk deep into the covers , closed her eyes and drifted off into dreamland.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chapter 12

Desi’s cab pulled up in front of the Park and Orchard, she paid the cab driver and walked in . Her eyes widened it was a bit more high class than she expected. Why the hell not ? I deserve a treat once an awhile .The hostess escorted her to a  table covered in a white linen which was located near the window. Once she was seated in a black high back chair, she was handed a menu.

The waitress approached her a few moments later to take her order, Desi had thought briefly of ordering wine but decided against it with the medications she had been taking, so she settled for an iced tea..  Her stomach growled in protest while she placed her order, a large salad piled with shrimp , then Jasper’s Crabmeat Pasta and finally for dessert a nice slice of cheesecake.

Once the waitress had left , Desi turned to gaze out the window as her mind drifted back to last night.  She didn’t really know what to think . He brought out a passion in her she had thought had been long lost .Passion she was sure she would never experience again especially in the last couple years of her marriage. Jack had seemed to lose total interest in her and when they did have sex , it was all about his pleasure not hers. Jon, on the other hand surprised her , with the sweetness and attentiveness he had shown her. Not that she didn’t think he was capable of it just didn’t think he would show it so openly and to a stranger no less.

Her deep thoughts were interrupted when the waitress returned with her salad and a refill on her iced tea.Desi smiled “Thank you “ then picked up her fork and began to eat .Completely unaware that just a few tables behind her sat the person that plagued her thoughts since she woke up this morning.

Jon and Richie had just finished their lunch and was making their way through the crowded restaurant when Jon spotted a familiar face sitting near the window.  “Well I’ll be damned . I didn’t expect to see her here”

Richie arched an eyebrow “Who? “ as he gazed around the restaurant.

Jon pointed in the direction where Desi was seated  “Desi , The girl I told you about . The one that was injured at the show other night “

Richie cast a look where Jon was pointing .“ Ah, so that's the girl that has you all twisted in knots huh. Quite a beauty you got there . “ he said appreciatively.

“Don’t know what the fuck you’re goin’ on about. She is a sweet person and yes she is beautiful but I just hate to see anyone hurt especially at our shows..“ Jon answered adamantly

“UH huh do you always sleep with ones you’re concerned about “ Richie snorted .

Jon rolled his eyes “ No - just happened is all “

“Not with you . Lets go say hi  “ Richie said matter of factly  and before Jon could reply Richie sauntered towards Desi’s table .

Desi was just finishing up on her salad when she heard a deep drawling voice speak to her “ Hello Darlin’ “

She gradually looked up at the person speaking , her eyes widened and she felt a lump settle in her throat “Hello “ she squeaked out .

Richie smirked at her reaction “ Mind if we join you for a bit ? “ as he pulled up a seat across from her “Good didn’t think you’d mind “

OH fuck! Now I could really use that wine !  “No of course not “ she answered a slight blush crept up on her face once her eyes landed on Jon, who chose the seat next to her.

Jon smiled “Hey there baby. Didn’t expect to see you out and about ? “

Richie watched the both of them with keen interest.  He could definitely see why Jon was ‘smitten’ even if he didn’t want to admit it . She was definitely beautiful but seemed shy and introverted a far cry from what Jon was normally attracted to. Maybe that’s exactly what he needs-someone that needs him .

She smiled shyly “ Well I got hungry and didn’t want to stay cooped up in the hotel today “ as she took a sip of her tea.

Jon nodded understandingly “How’s the leg doing?”

“It’s still there “ Desi joked “ A bit sore but nothing I can’t deal with “

“Shouldn’t you be taking it easy ? “ Jon chided gently, his eyes twinkling.

“I am . I’m sitting “ Desi winked  “Even took a cab here instead of walking “

Richie chuckled “I like this girl and you are ? Since Frank here won’t introduce us “ he held out his hand .

“Desiree but you can call me Desi or Des or hey you ? “ she smiled holding her hand out to shake his .

Jon rolled his eyes “ I was about too . Impatient asshole “

Desi grinned at the banter, it reminded her of herself and Ana .  “Nice to meet you Richie “

“The pleasure is all mine darlin’  “ He replied tipping her hand to his lips and kissed it.

Wait til I tell Ana or maybe I shouldn’t ? Before she could think of anything remotely intelligent to say after that sweet gesture ,lunch was brought to her.  “Care for anything I really hate to eat in front of you “

“Na its good  baby. Go ahead though Dean might steal a bite if you don’t watch out “ Jon retorted

“I will not besides I stole enough from you today , I’m full . But I could use a drink “ Richie caught the waitress before she left and ordered a soda while Jon ordered a coffee.

“So Desi where are you from ? “ Richie asked then politely thanked the waitress who had returned with their drinks.

“ Ohio “ She answered then took a bite of her linguine  “About an hour or so from Cleveland “

“So what brought you to Jersey besides the wonderful scenery“ He teased a ornery twinkle shown brightly in his eyes.

“Well since you guys seemed to have missed Ohio last tour , I figured better catch you while I can besides I always wanted to see Jersey “

Jon grinned sheepishly “ We had planned on making Ohio last tour just scheduling conflicts caused us to miss . But I can let you in on a secret - looks like Ohio might be comin up soon”

Desi’s eyes widened , a big smile spread across her face and she replied “ Really that would be cool though I think I blew all my money for this trip “.

“Well I think I can talk to someone about that after all I have a few connections “ Jon winked

“Really? Could these connections get my friend and I good seats?“ Desi bantered .

“I think that could be arranged “ he said with a devilish twinkle in his eye. "But it might come with a price ? "

“Oh really , I already said I was broke. “ Desi answered, a smile radiating from her lips

“I"m sure we could work something out  “ Jon winked then reached for her hand giving it a light squeeze. "Oh Did you get a hold of Ana ? "

“Yes I did  “ Desi replied while her gaze fell on his hand holding hers,  "You didn't tell me you two talked"

“Well  baby for one you were still half asleep and two I was in a hurry .“

Richie smiled inwardly while watching these two interact with each other , if they weren't smitten with  each other then he would sell all his guitars and become a monk. " So who is this Ana? " his curiosity peaked at the mention of another woman

“I think you would like her “ Desi smiled at Richie  “She’s been my friend for about 20 plus years now "

“So why isn’t she here now “ Richie asked as he sipped on his soda.

“Work she couldn’t get out if it . So I had to solo it  “ Desi sighed

“Well that just sucks "

“Yea it does  but its been a cool trip other than this  “ and with a roll of her eyes , she lifted her injured leg

“Try to think of it this way something good came out of it . You met us “ RIchie winked and waggled his eyebrows " Besides you really got to know my friend here "

Oh God ! He knows, Of course he knows he's his best friend you idiot Desi felt her face get warm and she wanted to hide underneath the table instead she stuffed her mouth with food. and glanced down.

Jon bit back a smile watching Desi's face turn a bright red " Don't pay attention to asshole here, he has foot and mouth disease."

Before Richie could fire back a response,  his phone vibrated in his pocket. Reaching in for it he pressed the on button.  “Yea , oh shit ok we’ll be on our way . I dunno his phone must have died . Yea give us a few minutes “ he shut his phone  “Frank we gotta head out . “

"Fuck " he muttered with frustration. Of course just had to get interrupted when he was actually enjoying himself , A first in an awful long time. “Guess we gotta run but you gonna be at your room later. ? ‘

“Yea don’t think I’m gonna do any sight seeing  “ Desi answered her voice coated with disappointment .

“Okay mind if I give you a call later ? “

“I think I would like that . “

“Good “ He stood up , leaned in giving her a sweet kiss on her lips  “Can’t say what time but I’ll give you a call. “

“Okay have fun and take  care “ she smiled

“I'll try  “ He grinned sheepishly. then headed out , stopping briefly at the register and paying for her lunch.

Richie's grin widened and he couldn't resist but to tease " Damn if I didn't know better but I think this girl has gotten under your skin "

“Na just - well hell I dunno just feel like I wanna take care of her “ Jon answered quietly as he climbed into the backseat , then he leaned forward to speak to his driver " Hey Paul can you do me a favor? "

“Of course  “ Paul replied glancing back in the review mirror.

"You see that girl with auburn hair sitting at the window there? " Jon pointed in Desi's direction.

Paul eye's darted towards where his boss was pointing " Yes sir . "

"When she is finished , could you give her a ride back to her hotel ? "

"Sure boss . No problem "

“Thanks “ Jon replied as he leaned his head against the headrest, closing his eyes .

“No doubt about it you been bit by the bug  “ Richie chortled , giving him a pat on his  shoulder.

“Ah shaddaup Dean “  he retorted  then turned his gaze toward the window and watched the scenery pass on  by.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chapter 11

A couple hours later Desi stirred . She opened her eyes slowly and glanced around . Had it all been a dream?  She slowly scooted back against the headboard, the sheet that draped over her fell revealing her nude body.  “OH hell it did happen ! “ she exclaimed  “ I - Oh fuck me “ .

She clambered out of the bed then winced as a shooting pain quickly reminded her of her injury. Biting her bottom lip, she gazed around the room, two towels lay on the floor beside her jeans and underwear.  “I can’t believe I did - we did this ! “muttering to herself as she followed the clothing trail. . A small smile spread across her face as she recalled every moment of last night . Picking up her shirt , she held it close to her - his scent floated over her like a warm breeze. .He had  made her feel special and for that she would always feel grateful.

After a few moments being lost in her own reverie , she made her way to the bathroom for a sponge bath.  Once finished , she wrapped herself in her robe , her eyes darted to the trash can where the evidence of their night of passion lay.  “God! Wait til Ana hears about this “ she replied almost giddy-like  “Hell I still cant believe it . “ Then realization hit , Jon had told her Ana had  called “Shit I almost forgot . “

She hobbled out to her phone , sat down on the couch  , propped her leg up then flipped open her phone and pressed speed dial.

“Des is this you or is it your new best friend ? “ Ana teased .

“Its me , Why do you have to ask that ? “ Desi asked

“Well apparently some man answered your phone when I called this morning. Care to tell me about what was Jon Bon Jovi was doing in your room ? “

Desi’s eyes widened ,He had said she called he hadn’t said he talked to her . What the hell did he say and what did Ana say to him ? “Well um .. uh “

“Spit it out girl ! “

“Well Ana it’s really a long story and not sure you got time to hear it “ Desi replied a bit hesitate. Not that she didn’t want to tell her friend . Just it really hadn’t all sunk in for herself yet.

“Yes I do and what’s this about you getting hurt ? “ Ana continued with her rant.

Desi sighed “There was a storm and they made us move off the field . Well while we were all crowded up in the stands , there was a slight rush and some person stepped on the back of my calf. And you know it couldn’t just be a bruise it had to tear - fifteen stitches worth.  “

“God Desi why didn’t you call me ? “

“And what would you have been able to do ?  I went to the hospital ,got stitched up and brought back here . “

“You sure you’re okay ? “ Ana asked , her voice filled with concern .

‘Yea I’m great . I mean its sore but that’s normal “ Desi answered while she bent down to touch the bandaged calf.

‘Take it easy will ya . Tell me how did Jon end up in your room ?  “

“I will . As for how Jon ended up in my room. Well they had taken me backstage when I got hurt and I was in this room waiting for them to take me to the hospital when these two gentlemen walked in one was management with the stadium and the other was from Bonjovi Management  Next thing I knew Jon walked in . ‘

“You’re shittin’ me ! And what did you do ? “

“I was in shock . They were asking what hospital to go to and I had no clue and he mentioned  Hackensack Medical Center. That he wanted to take care of everything and he wanted my room number so he could check on me later . “

Ana chuckled “Apparently he did too . Just how well did he check on you or should I say check you out? “

Desi’s cheeks flushed “ Lets just say I don’t have to fantasize anymore. “

“Is that all the Deet’s I’m gonna get ? “ Ana pouted .

“What do you want a play by play? “ Desi bantered as she leaned forward to pour herself a glass of water.

“Yea you know how nosy I am besides after hearing about how you would rock his world for the last 20 yrs I wanna know if he rocked yours “

“Yes he did and then some “ Desi sighed in disbelief “ I am still having a hard time believing it happened but the discarded condom answers that for me “

Ana laughed “ Now who is gonna doubt me again umm.  “

“Okay okay I will never doubt you again - until the next time “ she teased then grew  serious “ but its not like its gonna happen again , He was sweet to me but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna fall madly in love “

Ana shook her head in dismay  “You never know he might wanna see you again and if not hell girl that should bring your self esteem up a few notches . You just spent the night with the most sought after man on the planet. “

“True - I mean hell I didn’t expect him to even show and when he did - we talked and next thing I knew he was kissing me . I got scared though what if he saw then ran “ Desi admitted

Ana bit her lip to keep from telling her what Jon had said to her , He had noticed and it didn’t matter.  “ Look I don’t think he would be the type too. Remember he has said he loves all women.“

“So what did he have to say to you ? “ Desi responded quickly changing the subject. She didn’t want to let herself believe maybe there was a chance he wouldn’t care what she actually looked like.

God she wanted to strangle her sometimes ! “ Oh he is one cocky son of bitch . You know that right “

Desi laughed “ Not with me he wasn’t “

‘Of course not with you . Anyways, he wouldn’t give me a straight answer about who he was but insisted you were okay. How the hell was I to know that . Here is some stranger answering your phone “ Ana huffed. “Until I hit me who it was  then -- “ Ana stopped herself if she told her she had threatened him  Des would fly into a tizzy.

“Then what ? “

“Oh nothin’ just shocked me is all “ Ana lied hoping she would just leave it at that . “So what are you going today ? “

Desi felt there was more to what Ana was saying but let it drop “ I’m probably gonna head out for a bite maybe down to the Park and Orchard.  I heard they were good . “

“How far is that ? You should really take it easy “ Ana warned

“Yes mom . From what the map says about 2 minutes and no I’m not gonna walk before you ask”

“Good, better go for now . I have to leave for work . I promised the boss man I would get shit filed so its a late Friday night at the office - oh joy “

“Kissin’ ass again I see “ Desi teased

“Always . Besides I figured if I do this maybe next time the bitch won’t get the time off that was mine“

“If you don’t . I’m kidnapping your ass . “

“Hell I am so gonna call in sick next time fuck that ! “ Ana laughed “Take care girlfriend see you when you get home . “

“Will do ? Call me later I should still be up “

“Okay unless you’re busy again “ Ana chortled

Desi laughed and with a slight roll of her eyes “ OH yea with the TV maybe . Luv ya “

“Tell me another one, okay really gotta go. Bye Luv ya too  “

Desi flipped her phone shut , walked into her bedroom changed into a pair of jeans and tank top then slipped on her shoes and walked back out to the living area for her purse and key and headed out the door to catch a cab.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Chapter 10

"Hey this is Richie Sambora. Get me out of here! Hello?? Get me out of here!!"  infiltrated Jon’s sleep. Why would Richie be here ? What the fuck is going on ?  Get him out of where?  . Once again ‘Richie’s voice spoke’ “ Hey this is Richie Sambora. Get me out of here! . Hello?? Get me out of here!! “.

Jon slowly opened his eyes and after carefully prying Desi’s arms away, wiping the sleep from his eyes, he slowly opened them, letting them adjust to the early morning light before swinging his legs off the bed. Tugging on his jeans, he pulled them up then stood.

Desi’s phone trilled again with Richie’s voice filtering faintly through the bedroom door, Jon walked towards where the voice was coming from.  He opened the door , glanced around his eyes spotting her phone on the coffee table and snorted “Fuck it was just her damn phone “ . He sauntered over to the phone , picked it up, glanced at the name Ana that flashed across the small screen.

He had  debated on answering it when it had stopped ringing, but just as he was about to set the phone back down it rang again “ Damn Richie “ he laughed then flipped it open  “Hello “

“About damn time you answered girl . Been trying to get a hold of you since last night. Where the fuck you been ? Did you get kidnapped or some-- “ Ana paused as the realization of a male voice filtered through her rant. “Wait a minute. Who are you and where’s Des?“ She asked cautiously.

“Whoa motor mouth,slow down,” the voice laughed.” I haven’t had my morning coffee yet . I’m a friend of Desi’s “ he paused debating on just how much to reveal to this girl . “ She’s asleep right now . “

Ana arched an eyebrow “ Motor mouth? A  good friend huh ? She doesn’t know anyone in Jersey. Well, other than Emily and you’re not her . So where’d she pick you up at?“

Damn this Ana was persistant “Well Ana is it ? Desi and I met last night when she was injured and I came by to see if she was okay and well-- “ Jon smirked as he recalled their hot passionate night . He wasn’t lying to her when he had told it been a while for him too. Even with his ‘friends’ he had lost interest in any kind of relationship. His divorce had soured him on any future prospect. Though Dot and him were still friends , he didn’t want to invest his heart again. So what was it about this beautiful woman that lay sleeping in the other room that had him possibly wanting to change his mind.

Ana tapped her foot impatiently God this man was infuriating! , Who was this man ? A good friend ? Why does his voice sound familiar ? Wait did he say she was injured ?  “ Desi is hurt ! What the fuck happened? Damnt! I knew I should have said fuck work and went with her ! “ she rattled on, her voice coated with a mixture of panic and guilt.

“Hey Hey its okay. She’s fine. Well as fine as to be expected with fifteen stitches.  “ Jon winced that didn’t not come as reassuring as he had wanted it too.

“Fifteen stitches ! What the fuck happened ? “ Ana bellowed into the phone.

“Calm down a moment and I’ll explain  There was a storm yesterday and our- I mean the fans were moved off the field until it was safe for them to be there. Apparently while waiting with the crowd there was a bit of shoving and someone stepped on her calf . “ Jon explained.

Ana was pacing back and forth in her living room while she listened to this man’s explanation and Desi’s injury .  “So how did you come by being in her room again ? “ she suspiciously asked.

“I came by to check on her . I was worried . I wanted to make sure she was okay and if there was anything else I could do to help her. “

“And you are ? Where did she meet you ? “ Ana asked  Where the hell have I heard his voice before?

“A friend and at the concert “ Jon replied. He was surprised she hadn’t figured it out by now .Maybe she wasn’t a fan ?

Ana growled in frustration getting information from this man was like pulling teeth “ Look I don’t know who you are ? But I do know you are in my best friend’s room at -- “ she glanced at her watch “9am.  Which by my standards is an early time to be paying a friend a visit . So care to enlighten me to what are you doing in my friends room at this hour other than checking in on her ? “

“I didn’t say I was checkin’ in on her this morning . I did however check on her last night “ Jon quipped.

“You what? “ Ana sputtered coffee splattering all over her laptop

“You heard me “ Jon smirked as he glanced back towards the bedroom “Now would you like me to wake her up so you can see I didn’t harm her or would you like for me to take a message and have her call you back ? “

“Don’t get cocky with me who ever you are ! Why won’t you tell me who you are if you say you’re a friend “

“Cuz you haven’t asked nicely “ He chortled “ Listen I gotta run. Gotta a meeting and shit to get too . I’ll tell Desi you called “

“Hmmph, didn’t ask you nicely . “Ana hesitated for a moment when it dawned on her just who’s voice was on the other end and part of her was ecstatic for her friend -if anyone needed some happiness was Desi but same time she was wary. “Just don’t hurt Desi , Mr Bon Jovi or I’ll have to come and kick your ass “

“Finally figured it out huh?. “ Jon chuckled “ As for hurting Desi , Didn’t plan on it . She’s been hurt enough don’t you think ? “

There was a long pause “You know?  She told you ?! “ Ana asked incredulously

“She didn’t tell me anything. I noticed a few scars last night . But I won’t say a word until she’s ready to tell me “ Jon responded quietly “Look would love to talk to you longer but gotta run” he flipped the phone shut and walked over to where his shirt lay,slipped it back on and buttoned it then walked back into the bedroom.

He stopped short to gaze at Desi , a smile spread across his face as he watched her sleep. Then he walked over to her side of the bed , crouched down and reached up to move a strand of hair that had fallen in her face . “Baby ? “ he softly spoke.

Desi’s  eyes flickered open and the first sight she saw was looking into a pair of baby blues staring right back at her “Mmm ‘

“I’m sorry I  gotta run but I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye.“ He leaned down and planted a kiss on her forehead .

“You didn’t have to “ she muttered sleepily .

“Yes I did . Now you sleep and rest that leg . I’ll talk to you later “ Jon replied then before standing up , he gave her hand a squeeze and kissed her.  “Oh one more thing your friend Ana called “

“Okay “ her eyes closing as she drifted back to sleep.

He glanced at her one more time before slipping on his shoes and quietly shutting the bedroom door behind him then headed out the main door of her hotel suite.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chapter 9

The moon glistened in through her bedroom window and her nervousness kicked up a couple notches.Desi swallowed hard, her eyes remained fixated on Jon, who had sat briefly on the bed to kick of his shoes followed by his jeans landing in a pile . Her hands slid down to her jeans, but her fingers shook so badly , she couldn’t unfasten the button.  Silently she cursed herself for being such a nervous Nelly.

Jon slid up beside her on the bed , he reached down to help her . Placing his hands over hers, he quickly slid the button through the slit then slid the metal zipper down . He gently urged her to lift her hips up so he could slid the jeans down and tossed them on the floor.

Desi fought the urge to cover herself, Its dark he can’t see she reminded herself . She shyly glanced up , her eyes darting from his eyes to that breath taking smile of his .God! She’d never been this nervous in her life not even when she first had sex, what the fuck was wrong with her ? She laid frozen in place like a sheep being lead to a slaughter. Damnit  Desiree do or say something ?

Jon rocked back on his heels to gaze over this shy beautiful woman and chuckled to himself. Damn if she didn’t seem almost skittish. Why? She seemed to talk to me just fine so it couldn’t be a fan thing could it ?  Maybe he should end it now ? Maybe she is having second thoughts ?

He crawled up beside her, pulling her into an embrace then tilted her head to look at him  “If you’ve changed your mind. I’ll understand “

Desi couldn’t think straight not with him this close. His warm body pressed against hers, his scent floating over her like a drug and those eyes - damn those eyes will be the death of me.  “No just its been awhile “ She answered with a half truth .

“Would you believe it’s been awhile for me too ? “ Jon replied with all sincerity .

Desi raised up on her elbows , arched an eyebrow “You’re teasing me right? “ a small smile spread across her face.

Jon shook his head “Nope I’m not “

Desi simply nodded then leaned in dropping a kiss on to his lips.  His confession tugged at her heart more than it should have, but she could relate . Divorce no matter what the circumstances were painful.  She knew she felt like a failure in more ways than one. Jack had confessed he’d been seeing a girl he met online then before she could recover from that blow he served her with divorce papers. “Yeah, divorce can do that.”

“You too?”

She just nodded, not wanting to discuss it. Jon understood and having no wish to talk about their exes at this particular moment either, slid his arms around her, tugging her almost on top of him as the kiss deepened . His hands slid slowly down her back. Suddenly, his brain kicked in and he stopped and raised his head. “Uh, baby?”


“I didn’t come down here planning to make love with you, so I didn’t bring anything with me. I’m not contagious, but pregnancy is still a possibility. Do you have anything?”

Desi blushed. She had gone off the pill awhile ago, convinced she wasn’t going to need it anytime soon, if ever again, but Ana apparently had high hopes for her this trip and made sure she was prepared. When she unpacked her toiletries, Desi had found the small box stuffed amongst her shampoo and tooth paste. She nodded. “In the bathroom.”

Jon planted a kiss on her forehead then slid from the bed “Be right  back baby “ he tossed her a smile and made a quick trip to the bathroom.

A few moments later he returned with the small box and after removing one foil packet , he tossed the box onto the night stand then rejoined Desi in bed.  “Now where were we ? “ he devilishly asked.

Desi reached out and tugged him closer to her  “I think right about here “ then she kissed him .All her reservations gone at least for the moment . She pushed all her negative thoughts away and let her body do the talking .

As the kiss intensified , his hand travelled down to the thin scrap of lace , giving it a slight tug and tossed it aside.  A smile spread across his face to find her wet and very willing , he slid a finger deep inside while his thumb pressed against her nub.

Desi cried out with pleasure “Oh god ! “ and wiggled against his hand. Her hand instinctively travelled along his chest , inching closer to his manhood eager to return the pleasure he was giving her.

A growl escaped his lips the moment her tiny hands touched him . Her hand stroking in time with his . “God Desi that feels so damned good “

Clinching her eyes , she was close- so close  “Yes it- Oh God right there please “ she pleaded while her hand stroked his member faster .

Jon gritted his teeth as he fought the urge to join her prematurely in paradise. “You mean right here “ He plunged two fingers in deeper  “Or here ? “ his thumb pressed harder on her nub .

“Both “ She panted “Or better yet please I need you inside me now ! “ spreading her legs wider , she eagerly awaited him.

Not the type to keep a lady waiting. Jon withdrew his fingers, rocked back on his heels ,tore open the foil packet and slipped on the condom.

Once assured the protection was in place , he moved slowly upwards , his lips sliding over each inch of her leg nibbling along her calf.  His eyes gazed over the scars that lay on her leg and wondered  What could have caused all these ? Was this the reason she was afraid to be alone with me ? Did someone hurt her? So help the person if they had ? A spark of anger hit him at the very thought someone hurting this sweet woman . Shaking away these thoughts he returned his attention to her . “You like that baby ? “

Desi was so lost in the throws of passion , she didn’t even realize that he had noticed her scars . “Yes “ was all she could muster .

Jon eased his way into her entrance and growled as her walls grasped tightly onto him. “ Fuck Desi! “ he growled, pausing to regain control.

“Oh god Jon! You feel so good “ Desi cried out. Her legs snaked around his waist  while she leaned forward to nibble on his chest .God in Heaven he is everything I ever dreamed he would be !

“Easy baby “ Jon replied as he slipped her injured leg carefully back down on the bed

She let out a soft chuckle “ Can you believe I forgot? “

Jon chuckled “ Well I do have you kind of busy. “ he winked then leaned in capturing her lips as he plunged in deep then slowly withdrew.

Desi’s gasps of pleasure mixed in with his grunts while she raised her hips to meet with his thrusts . her hands slid down his back , grasping on tightly as the orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave.  

Once he was certain she was completely sated , his thrusts became more intense as he neared his own peak “ You ready to ride this wave together baby “ He growled deeply in her ear , nibbling down her neck .

“Oh Fuck Yes !“ She cried out in ecstasy. Her whole body shook with anticipation.

He pounded hard and fast soon his own release followed as he spilled himself into her warmth. “Fuck! “ he bit out then collapsed on her soft sweaty body.

Desi fought to catch her breath . She had always fantasized sex with him would be incredible but nothing could compare to reality.

Jon raised up on his  forearms and smiled  “You okay? “

“Yea I am “ she grinned back then yawned .

“Looks like someone is tired “

“I guess I am .Got a workout that I’m not used too “ Desi chortled fighting back another yawn.

Jon grinned “ A good workout though? “  As he gently pulled out , rolled away then sat up to remove the condom.

“Oh definitely best workout I ever had “ she watched him as he sauntered to the  bathroom and return with a couple towels.

“ I aim to please “ he winked while wiping himself off with one of the towels..

“You sure can do that “ she smiled then reached for the other towel but he shook his head.

“Nope I get to do it “ He crawled back in bed and gently wiped her then gave them a toss onto the floor.

Desi yawned again “You don’t have to stay  “

“No I don’t but I want too “ He sweetly smiled then tugged her close , wrapping his arms tightly around her

“Now sleep “

“You always give orders ? “

“Sure do . Don’t you know I’m the boss man “

“Well then I can’t piss off the boss man now can I ? Wouldn’t want the stink eye. “

Jon let out a hearty chuckle “You know ‘bout that huh ? “

“Duh of course I do “ Desi snickered then she grew serious “ Thank you for everything “

“I told you before no need to thank me “ He replied, lifting her chin and placed a light kiss on her lips.
“But “

“No  buts - now sleep “ Jon gently ordered.

Desi nodded as her eyes closed If this was a dream please don’t ever let me  wake up .Was the last thought that entered her mind once sleep claimed her.