Friday, September 17, 2010

Chapter 13

Desi stepped out of the black Lincoln , thanked the driver and walked back into her hotel.  She couldn’t believe not only had he paid for her meal but left his car for a ride back .  “He’s just being nice “ she muttered to herself after stepping off the elevator and limped down the hall to her room.

Reaching her suite ,she slid her keycard in the slot , with a slight twist of the handle she opened the door . Once in she turned briefly to shut it .

Slowly limping to the couch , she tossed her purse on the coffee table and flopped down onto the couch.

She squinted her eyes as a slight dull pain radiated from her calf , leaning forward , she grabbed her pill bottle then popped 2 tablets in her mouth while she poured a glass of water. After a big gulp of water to wash down the pills ,she curled onto the couch , flicked on the TV. Moments later she was asleep.

A loud ringing jarred Desi awake , she groggily stood up and padded softly into the bedroom. Picking up the receiver , she sat down on the bed “ Hello “ covering a yawn with the back of her hand.

“Heya Baby . Did I wake you ? “ Jon asked as his eyes darted to the clock , Shit! Smooth move asshole , woke her up. It's not that late though as least I didn't think so.

“Oh hey. Yea but its okay .” She replied then noticed how dark her room had become “Shit I slept that long . Damn pain pills anyway “

Jon’s eyebrow ceased with worry  “ You’re leg bothering you ? “

“It was when I got back to the hotel but I think its okay for now . Thanks for lunch and the ride back by the way “ Desi replied as she scooted up further on to the bed , resting against the headboard.

“No prob , I was happy to do it. After all we did interrupt your lunch ”

“I didn’t mind at all . I enjoyed the company actually “

A  brief awkward silence fell over them when Desi finally spoke  “So how was your day ? “  then she pinched her eyes shut God that sounded lame .

Jon smiled “ Same shit different day  .”

“OH what fun huh ? “ Desi snickered

“ Loads of fun--So Desi never did get to find out much about you ? “ Jon asked as he reached for his glass of wine then took a sip.

“Not much to tell really ? I work in an office , sit in front of a computer all day  .” Desi replied nonchalantly.

“Is that all there is to Desiree Jenkins? “ Jon asked softly

“Depends on what you wanna know ? “

“Anything you care to tell me .  I mean after all you know everything about me so its only fair “

“Why?  Its not like we’re gonna see each other after I go home is it ? “ Desi replied a bit more harshly than she intended.

Jon winced at her tone that radiated through the phone,  it was very possible that they wouldn’t see each other again and why did that thought saddened him ?  “You never know what curve balls life will throw at you . So tell me Desi -- tell me ‘bout yourself “

Desi shook her head in dismay “Why ? After tomorrow night you’ll forget all about me so whats the sense? “

“Cuz I do isn’t that a good enough reason ? “ Jon asked with a slight stubborn tone. “ I care  can’t I care ? “

“You don’t know me ? “

“No that’s why I’m asking you so I can know you “ Jon asked again with persistence.

Desi let out a deep frustrated sigh then answered quietly. “ I’m divorced. Damn this is hard. “

Jon knew all about the pains of divorce and it was hard to move on , Hell he hadn’t even wanted to consider it until this redheaded beauty blew into his life. Maybe it was fate , Maybe he should take a chance . It was just damned ridiculous to think this way so soon but something was telling him not to let her go.  “ I know it sucks don’t it  ‘

Desi chewed on her bottom lip as all the painful memories started to resurface.“ Yea it does . “

“You don’t have to talk about if you don’t want “Jon gently replied “ What’s your favorite color? “

Desi couldn’t help but laugh “ Nice change of subject and its Red “

“Well hell whatta ya know its mine too “ Jon chortled

“I know “

“Ah is that why it’s your favorite? “ He smiled just hearing her laugh made his night.

“No not just cuz of you . “ Desi retorted “Okay maybe partly you “

A deep hearty chuckle escaped his lips “ What’s your favorite food ? “

“Italian , Seafood and Chinese “ she answered while playing with the phone cord.

‘My kinda girl “ Jon grinned cheekily

Desi rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but grin and though she knew he was just being kind , she enjoyed their conversation and she never dreamed he would be so easy to talk too but even so she couldn’t find the courage to tell him about her medical problem.

Their conversation lasted well into the night, pausing long enough for Jon to answer a few phone calls on his cell and both of them to order dinner.  Desi had been tempted to ask him to come over but chickened out . Jon had the same thought but didn’t want to push besides the last time he showed up they ended up in bed together and as much as he would had loved for it to happen again he didn’t want her to think that is all he wanted her for.

Desi snuggled down in her bed  then glanced at the clock hell it was almost midnight and they had been on the phone for hours.  Not that she didn’t mind and if they never saw each other again she would have this special memory to take back with her to Ohio.

Jon finished the bottle of wine , giving it a toss into the trash and settled back on to his bed, Richie had come by and left chuckling at his new found desire to remain on the phone. Hell he was surprised himself he didn’t consider himself a talker on the phone, only if it had to do with business or with his kids but with this girl he found himself not wanting to hang up even though he had switched ears twenty times due to soreness. Hell what am I doin? I probably won’t see her again after tomorrow night . And why not ? If you like her pursue it .It just didn’t make any damned sense he just met her for fuck’s sake .

‘Well baby hate to cut this short “ Jon snorted “ But gotta get up in a few hours “

“Hmph yea if this was your idea of short , hate to see what long is “ Desi teased back

“I could show you tomorrow night“ He devilishly replied

‘Well you know where my room is ? “ she blushed almost immediately when she realized what she had said Fuck why did I say that ?

“So I take that as a yes then ? “ Jon grinned

Desi swallowed hard not sure if he was serious or not . “Um yes “ she quietly answered

“Good I was hoping to see you one last time before you had to head home . “

she chewed on her lip nervously “ Really ? “

“Yes of course silly why wouldn’t I ? “

“You’re just so busy and I’m just a fan who got hurt “ Desi admitted reluctantly

Jon let out a deep frustrated sigh. She was sinking back into her shy backward shell again  “ You ARE more than just  a fan . Do I have to prove that to you ? “

“I dunno maybe “

“Okay then you asked for it . Now I gotta go but remember tomorrow go to Will Call give them your name and someone will come and get you and lead you to where you’re  gonna be sitting . “

“You really don’t have to do this I’ll be fine where I’m at “

“Stop that ! I will not having you get hurt again . No arguments you are goin’ to be sitting on the stage and thats final “ Jon ordered.

“Fine “ She reponded with a defeated tone .

‘Good now sleep well and I’ll see you tomorrow “

“You too Bye “

“Bye Sweet Dreams Baby “

She hung up the phone. What the hell was she doing ? What was he doing ? She could so fall for him and that can’t happen for once he finds out . There is no way he will wanna be with me so give it up girlfriend. But then one more night wouldn’t hurt.  God I am confused !, as she sunk deep into the covers , closed her eyes and drifted off into dreamland.


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    Jon, my man, time to pull out all the stops!

    Love it Donna....

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