Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chapter 17

Jon awoke early the next morning,  he stretched then slowly pried Desi’s arms away then crawled out of bed.  He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he padded quietly from the room and shut the bedroom door.

He grabbed his jeans , slid them on and ordered some coffee . While waiting for room service , his gaze fell on Desi’s cell phone .  “That’s it “ Jon smiled to himself as he picked it up and quickly added his to hers then rang his phone.  A moment later his phone vibrated and he flipped it open then saved her number  to his phone. Then placed her phone back down on the table. “You’re not getting away so easily my sweet Desiree “

A few moments later , there was a knock at the door . Jon walked to the door and opened it .

“Here you go sir “ the man replied

“Thank you “ Jon signed the paper “Make sure that goes on my bill , not Miss Jenkins “

“Yes sir “ he answered while he pushed the cart into the room “Would there be anything else ? “

“Probably later once the lady wakes up “ Jon smirked then handed the man a tip

The man nodded , took the tip and left.

Desi rolled over , her hand reaching out for Jon only to find an empty space , Her heart sunk as her eyes opened as realization hit , “He left and without a goodbye .” she sighed “Oh  well maybe it was for the best “ she sat up then swung her legs off the bed and stood up .

She bent down and picked up her sweats then slid them on , then her tank and made her way to the bathroom . After taking care of her needs , Desi walked back through the bedroom and out into the living area when she stopped dead, her heart leapt  “You’re still here “

Jon glanced up from the morning newspaper and smiled “ Of course where did ya think I’d be “

“I dunno , I woke up and you were gone so I thought “ Desi answered softly as she sat down beside him on the couch.

Jon reached for the silver container “Coffee ? “

“Yes please “

Jon poured her a cup and handed it to her “ You think I’m that much of an asshole to fuck and run?“ he asked with a furrowed eyebrow.

Desi took a sip of her coffee “Well no , just - Hell I don’t know “

“Baby at one time in my life maybe but not now . Especially not with someone I like “ Jon answered adamantly then reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“You don’t have to continue to be nice Jon “ Desi replied “ We both know once I leave its over. You go back to your life and I’ll go back to mine “

“How do you that? Maybe I want to see you again “ Jon refuted

“Why ? “ Desi asked more curious than anything

“Why? Well let me tell you for one , In such a short time I haven’t been this happy in a long time and I thank you for that . Two you are gorgeous “

“But you really don’t know me other than we had sex “

“I liked to believe there was more connection to it than just sex “ Jon argued back “Tell me why are you being so stubborn about this ? “

“There is several reasons “Desi replied quietly then stood and walked over to the window and gazed out.

“What are they ? “ Jon asked following her then placed his hands on her shoulders

“I can’t don’t you understand I can’t tell you “

“Why not ? “ Jon paused for a moment to collect his  thoughts “ Is it because of the scars you have ? ‘

Desi whipped around , her jaw dropped “How did you? OH God no! “ she cried breaking away from him , dashing as quickly as her injury would allow her,  into the bedroom.

Jon pinched his eyes , “Fuck ! “ he rushed in after her, finding her on the bed, her face buried into the pillow . He slowly walked over and sat on the bed  “Desi, please speak to me “

She shook her head adamantly.

Jon reached down and gently turned her over to face him.  Her face tear stained  “Baby talk to me “

“You wouldn’t understand , No one does “ Desi sobbed

“I would if you give me a chance “ Jon pleaded

‘I’m a freak “ Desi answered softly , her eyes refusing to meet his.

“You are not a freak Desi why in the hell would you say that ? “ Jon asked incredulously

“You saw all my scars, I’m a freak. I have this disorder called Ehler’s Danlos syndrome and it makes me like this “ Desi rambled on explaining all her problems and though it felt good to get it out, she was sure he would smile courteously and then run for the nearest exit.

Jon listened intently, So that’s why she is so hard on herself, once she was finished , he pulled her closely then spoke soothingly into her ear. “No baby you’re not a freak . You are a beautiful vivacious woman “

“That’s what my ex said and look where he is with another woman who is normal “ Desi protested.

“Then he is a dumb ass then not to see what he had in front of him “ Jon added anger building at the thought some jerk mistreated her in anyway .

“But how could you want to be with a woman like me ? “ Desi pulled away , her tear stained face gazing into his baby blue eyes.

“You mean a beautiful woman , whom is very sweet and kind and all the other guys gave you a thumbs up . Let me tell you that’s not an easy thing either to win over my friends“ Jon answered trying to reassure her.

“But- “

“Now Desiree Jenkins I thought you were a fan ! What does the last line of Welcome to Wherever you are say ? “ Jon asked , he knew if he couldn’t convince her one way he would touch at the fan in her.

“Remember that you’re perfect ,God makes no mistakes “ Desi  responded softly her gaze resting on the ruffled sheets of the bed.

“Exactly “ Jon smiled , tipped her chin with his finger to force her to look at him “Now what other argument you have ? “

“It’s not easy being with me though , I spend more time at the hospital than I do at work “ Desi answered dejectedly.

“So and that’s an issue why ? “

“You always said you like independent woman , I am far from it  “

“I think you are , you travelled all the way from Ohio by yourself , handled getting hurt by yourself and giving me a running argument by yourself - So that to me points to a very independent woman ‘

“But- “

Jon placed his finger over her lips “ Enough for now , I don’t know about you but I’m starved “. She’s a stubborn lil thing , But she hasn’t dealt with me yet .. 

He stood up, then held out his hand “Lets eat and then we can talk some more “

“Okay “ Desi sighed reluctantly giving in

“Good what time do you have to leave for the airport ? “ Jon asked as he lead her back into the living area.

“My plane is scheduled to take off at 9pm “

“Gotta plenty of time to spend together then “ he winked then picked up the hotel phone and ordered breakfast,  Plenty of time to convince her to  give him a chance .

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  1. The road to convincing her starts now! Come on Desi, let the guy in :)