Friday, December 3, 2010

Chapter 26

The golf cart pulled up to the dressing room, Desi reached for Jon and helped him scoot out while the driver took the other side . They slowly and gingerly walked him into the room then sat him down on the makeshift table .

Jon laid down on the table, biting his bottom lip then cast a glance over to Desi, who stood next to him holding his hand.  “You could have hurt yourself. “ he bit out through the pain.

“Hush now will you . I’m fine. You on the other hand are not. “ Desi retorted.

Jon cast a look of bewilderment at her. “Damn am I - Fuck ! “ he growled as a sharp pain shot through his calf.

The doctor walked in and quickly assessed the situation.  “These need to come off Jon so I can see what the problem is. “ he ordered as he pointed to his jeans.

Jon’s eyes widened. “Here? Now ? “

“Yes , here and now . “ he answered then turned to face the large crowd that gathered around. “Everyone please leave so he can undress. “ the doctor’s eyes landed on Desi, who made no attempt to leave, though a slight flush crept upon her cheeks thinking about he almost always went commando.  “IF you’re gonna stay , you can help him with his jeans. “

Though in a lot of pain , Jon couldn’t help but smile at Desi’s reaction. That was soon forgotten when she reached for his jeans and started to tug on them . “Mother fuck ! “

The doctor quickly turned around . “ Stop , we are going to have to cut them off. Find a blanket while I get the scissors. “

Desi leaned over Jon , gave him a quick kiss then darted out the door in search of a blanket.

A few moments later , she returned to find him with no jeans on and the doctor leaning over  examining his calf.  Desi quickly covered him then returned to holding his hand while the doctor finished his examination.

“Well Jon , It’s definitely more than a pulled muscle . I’m afraid you are going to have to go to the hospital.  Need to run an MRI to exactly what it is but from the looks of things and the amount of pain you’re in . You have a torn muscle. “

Jon groaned as he tried to sit up . “Fuck! I hate hospitals. “

Desi, who once she heard that he had to go to the hospital searched around in his bag  for a pair of shorts then brought them to him .  “Yea they are just a blast , but he says you gotta go so you’re going. “ she spoke with a firm voice. while helping him on with the shorts.

“Yes ma’am “ Jon replied with a salute . “What happened to my sweet Desi ? “

“Someone needs to take care of you. “ she answered matter of factly.  “ If left up to you , you would shrug it off as nothing. Am I right? “

“Well.. I “ He was cut off mid-sentence by Richie who stepped in the room , clearly enjoying this petite girl giving Jon a run for his money.

“Admit it Kidd, she has you pegged.  “ Richie laughed as he walked over and swung his arm around Desi pulling her into a half hug.

Before Jon shoot off a comeback , Obie and Matt appeared in the room with a wheelchair. “The  car is ready for you . “

Jon looked at the chair and growled. “ I ain’t getting in that damned thing! “

Desi quirked an eyebrow, “Oh really and I suppose you plan on walking on that leg down that long hallway? “

“Yea Its not that far. “ Jon argued.

The doctor returned into the room with an ice pack . “Did I just hear what I thought I heard from you Jon? You are not to put any pressure on the leg. “

Clearly sensing that this was one battle he wasn’t gonna win, He hobbled off the table with the assistance of Desi and Richie and settled into the chair.  He growled inwardly , Damn I’m not an invalid.

The  doctor placed the ice pack on his leg, “ Keep this on . And by all means listen to the doctor.”

Jon rolled his eyes, “ I ain’t cancelling anything , you all hear that ?! “ he shot dark looks to everyone he passed by.

“And if you make it worse and need surgery what you gonna do then? “ Desi asked as they helped Jon into the car then she slide in beside him.

“It’s possible its not that bad ,  I still have one good leg and I’m not cancelling on my fans. “ Jon argued.

“And if it is , you think they would want you to risk it for them , I think not . “ Desi shot back.

Richie peeked his head in , “Frank  we’ll meet ya at the hospital . Be a good boy and listen to Desi. “ then shut the door.

 Desi settled in beside Jon, her hand resting on his leg. “Shit ! “

Jon shot her a puzzled looked “What is it? You didn’t hurt anything did you ? “ he asked a mixture of worry and pain coated his voice as he tried to move to face her.

“Oh no , just that I didn’t even ask if you wanted me to come along I just did. “ Desi said with a light chuckle.

Jon smiled, reached for her hand and squeezed it . “No one I rather have with me if I’m gonna get poked with long ass needles. “

“Are you sure? I kinda took over and I’m sorry just I saw you hurt and - Well I been there myself. ‘ Desi admitted quietly.

“No baby its fine, I want you here with me and I happen to like the bull dog Desi , kinda of sexy . “ He waggled his eyebrows.

Desi snuggled up to him , being all to careful of his leg . “ Sexy huh? If you promise to listen to the doctor maybe I can find a way to make you feel better. “

Jon arched an eyebrow , a smile spread across his face. “ Really and all I have to do is listen to the doctor? “

“Yup that’s all you have to do . “ Desi leaned in and kissed him .

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  1. LOL, I love that last part... It's so perfect... I know what he has in mind. LOL, but he hurts that leg again, and I'm not gonna be so happy... *thinking of Jon in a hotel room, all alone* Oh no....