Friday, October 8, 2010

Chapter 18

Desi leaned her head back against the headrest of her seat , her eyes closed as she relived the day spent with Jon . He had continued to press her about wanting to see her again and against her better judgement she gave in and said yes. With all her heart she wanted to believe him but he was the most sought after man , who could have any woman out there ,Why her ? 

He didn’t realize there was ton’s of obstacles in their way, one her medical condition, two his family - how would they take to someone like her ? Okay Desi you’re jumping the gun just a bit , He said he wanted to see you again not marry you !she reminded herself.

Her eyes flew open when realization of his parting words set in,“I’m gonna give you a call in a few days baby “ How in the hell is he gonna call when I didn’t give him my number. Just my damned luck .  I give in only to fuck it up already. She shook her head in disbelief and gazed out into the evening sky.  “Just my luck“


A couple hours later her plane landed , and she made her way through the airport to baggage claims then out the front to look for Ana .

After standing there for a few moments , she heard a familiar voice call out to her “ There you are “ Desi turned around to find Ana barrelling down on her , wrapping her into a big hug. “God girl I have missed you “

Desi smiled “Missed you too “ returning the hug.

Ana reached for her bag and they walked to her car “ So when are you gonna give me all the deets to this grand adventure of yours . Haven’t heard much from you since you’re little fling with Mr Rockstar “ Ana teased as she tossed Desi’s bag into the trunk , shutting it the walked around to the driver’s side and climbed in.

“Well I have no idea  where to begin “ Desi answered after she climbed into the passenger side, shut the door then fastened her seat belt.

“We got a long drive so speak “ Ana winked as she pulled out into the airport traffic.

After Desi finished her whole detailed account of the last few days , she turned her gaze to the outside , the full moon illuminating the night time sky. “See it wasn’t meant to be , I forgot to give him my number so I’ll never hear from him again. “

Ana furrowed her eyebrow ,shooting her a quick glance  “Are you sure you didn’t forget on purpose ? “

Desi turned to look at her friend “No - well maybe subconsciously I did “

“Desiree Jenkins you had a man ,  a man who is wanted by a million women and he wants to see YOU again and you brushed him off  “ Ana chided “ I can’t believe you would do this . He said he didn’t care , why didn’t you give him the benefit of the doubt?? “

She let out a deep sigh “ I dunno I guess I just can’t think a man like him would want someone like me”

Ana pulled into Desi’s driveway , slamming on her brakes and through it into park “GOD! Desi I just wanna shake you sometimes- When are you gonna fucking believe you’re a beautiful , sweet woman and tons of men would give anything to find a woman like you and this man does and you let him go!! “ Ana practically screamed at her , her hands on her shoulders giving her a gentle shake.

Desi pulled away from Ana, and stepped out of the car then headed to her house.  “Doesn’t matter now does it “ She called back to her friend .

After grabbing her bags out of the trunk , Ana quickly followed her “ Yes it does Des, and you know it . “

Unlocking the door, Desi flipped on her light as she stepped inside “ Maybe but there’s nothing I can do about it now , Is there ? “

Ana dropped her bags just inside the foray and followed her inside.  “ Isn’t there a way to contact him? Didn’t you exchange emails or something ? ‘

“No “ Desi replied sadly as she walked into her kitchen, opened  the fridge and grabbed a bottle of soda. “Care for one , hell I might just say screw it and have a glass of wine “ she placed the soda back into the fridge and reached for the bottle of wine then poured some into two glasses.

Ana took the glass of wine her friend handed her , after taking a sip she replied, “Hey just think of it this way if its meant to be it will be , I heard he is quite the stubborn man so if he truly wants to see you again he will “ she gave her friend a warm comforting smile then wrapped her arms around her .

“Yea at least I have some hot memories to carry me through “ Desi added with a forced smile “ I should be happy with that huh? “

“Yes you should . How many girls can say they spent one much less two nights with Jon Bon Jovi “ Ana mused , guiding her friend back into the living room.

Desi smiled as she sat down on her couch. “True but this is just between us okay, I don’t want the world wide web to know “

“You’re not gonna tell anyone ? “ Ana asked “Not even Stacy or Em ? “

She thought about it for a moment “ I’m not so sure.  Besides who would believe me if I did . I mean really ? “

“That’s true “ Ana agreed .

A comfortable silence fell over them , when Desi remembered Jon speaking about a possible date in Ohio “ Oh there is one thing I forgot , Jon mentioned about maybe coming to Ohio soon from the way he sounded “

Ana flicked an eyebrow “ Really , now there ya go . You’re second chance but I have this feeling you will hear from him sooner. “

Letting out a deep breath  “ I hope you’re right “ Desi replied dreamily.

After finishing their glasses of wine, Desi offered her spare bedroom for Ana to crash since it was so late and with that both girls said their good nights and headed off to bed.

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  1. News for ya girl! He's sure as hell got your number, expect a call soon =)