Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chapter 14

Her clothes were strewn all over the floor,What the fuck am I gonna wear ? Why does it matter? Desi spent all morning trying to find just the right outfit to wear.  Finally deciding on a red tank and a pair of hip hugger jeans that flared at the bottom .  After a quick sponge bath, groaning because she couldn’t take a proper shower thanks to her injury , she dressed , dabbed a bit of White Diamonds behind each ear and her neck lastly at the crevice between her breasts.

After much deliberation of what hairstyle would suit her tonight , she plugged in the straightener.  While waiting for it to heat up, she applied a shell colored foundation to her face , a light concealer to cover her dark circles, then applied a true sand blush to her cheeks. Next came her eyeshadow , she chose a wild sable, Sepia Sand and Tempting mocha . She finished her eyes with black eyeliner and a rich black mascara.  Completing the look was a Copper Glow lipstick.

Once the straightener was heated , she preceded to pull it through her long tresses.

Once finished, she stood back and gazed at herself in the bathroom mirror. Sucking in a deep breath ,  “Here goes everything “ muttering to herself as she walked out ,  grabbed her purse, key and headed out the door.

About a half hour later she exited the shuttle and made her way to Will Call .  While she stood in line , she shot off a quick text to Sarah apologizing that she couldn’t meet up with her and the rest of the gang in the parking lot then went on to  explain her injury though leaving out everything about Jon and being on stage til later.

She quickly closed her phone when she reached the booth  “May I help you ?” The lady asked .

“Yes ma’am  My name is Desiree Jenkins I guess I am on the list or whatever you wanna call it “

“Oh yes I was  told to watch out for you especially . Hold on one second - oh I’m sorry but can I see your identification its procedure . “ The woman behind the glass answered with a friendly smile.

“Sure no problem . “ Desi reached in her purse , pulled out her wallet and flashed her driver’s license.

“Thank you . I’ll be just a moment . Can you wait right beside the gate over there ? “ She pointed to the left of the box office .“Someone will be there to get you in a few minutes “

“Thank you “ Desi smiled then walked over to wait by the large gate .

Moments later , A man appeared who she immediately recognized from the night she had been injured , he opened the gate and held it open for her .  “Good to see you again Miss Jenkins , Michael Rew “ He held out his hand .

“Desi please “ she smiled then shook his hand .

“How’s your leg doin’ ? “ He asked while leading her towards the backstage area.

“A bit sore “ Desi confessed as she followed him in the direction behind the stage.

He helped her up the stairs and off to the side , hidden from the prying eyes of the audience but a perfect view for her of the whole band. though it was of their backsides . Who could argue with the best seat in the house . “Let’s get you comfortable , I’ll be right back with another chair so you can prop your leg up. “

Before Desi could say no , he was off in a flash.  “What a view “ she glanced around in awe of her surroundings.

“Well Hello Darlin’ “ a deep drawl of a voice spoke causing her to jump out of her reverie. She glanced up and smiled , Richie stood in front of her carrying a metal chair . “ I think this is for you”

“Hi Richie . Good to see you again but I thought Mr. Rew was  on the hunt for a chair that I really don’t need “ she replied with a slight roll of her eyes

“Well Jon has him doin’ something and Frank is on a business call so I volunteered . “ He grinned as he opened the chair , bent down and gently placed her leg on it . “There all safe and sound . “

“Really there is no need for all this “ Desi said insistently

“Yes there is darlin’ . You don’t want the boss-man angry do you ? He wants you all comfortable for the show and what the boss man wants the boss man gets “ he winked “You know you have gotten to be very important to him ? “

“He’s just being kind is all ‘ Desi refuted, refusing to believe it was more than that - she had to before her heart got invested then end up broken again.

Richie shook his head in disbelief , Jon had told him she was different than other girls and he  found that hard to believe until now .What made this girl so negative? Refusing to see what was clearly being shown right in front of her . "I know it sounds crazy but you don’t know him like I do. And he will have my ass if I  say anything but I haven’t seen him like this not for a long time not since -- “

Surely he was just being kind or was he speaking the truth?,its just not possible its only been a couple days . There is no way its more than just friendship- well maybe friends with one night of benefits . But before she could question him more , David and Tico sauntered over to her.

“Is this the lil’ lady  that got hurt ? “Tico asked with a sympathic tone.

“And the one that has our bro tied up in knots “ David quipped.

Richie chuckled “Yea it isl This is Desi - Desi well I guess you know these two “

“Hi “ She managed to squeak out , holding out her hand willing it not to shake .

Tico placed a kiss on the back of her hand “ Nice to meet you “

“My turn  “ David grinned leaned down and kissed her cheek “Shh don’t tell Lexi “ he winked.

Desi laughed “ I promise “

“Oh she speaks “ David teased “ I was beginning to think Jon was lying that you could talk “

Desi opened her mouth to speak only to be interrupted again by that sexy voice that now haunted her dreams.

“C’mon give her a break now will ya?  “ Jon chortled as he joined the group that surrounded her .

The guys backed away while Jon stepped closer, leaned down and dropped a kiss partially on her lips and cheek.   “They givin’ you a hard time ? “ His eyes gazed over her,Damn if  she didn’t look good enough to eat.

“No they actually were very sweet “ Desi answered with a smile

“See and you were worried because why ? We just wanted to see what this lil lady did to have you in such a good mood lately " David retorted with a waggle of his eyebrows.

Desi dropped her head down , her face flush . [Shit Desi you never blushed this much in your lifetime . What the  fuck is up with that ?

Jon smirked “Okay guys lets let her relax . Showtime in just a few . Don’t you have some shit to do before then ? “

“Yea yea we get the hint “ Richie piped up “ Take care darlin’ we’ll see you again soon “

They took off down the steps quickly disappearing beneath the stage.

“Knuckleheads don’t know when to keep their traps shut “ Jon winked “ So you comfortable do you need anything ? “

“No I’m good “ She glanced back up to  find Jon kneeling in front of her “Okay maybe an umbrella unless it clears up “

Jon laughed “Well at least you’re safe from harm now “

“Don’t be too sure, Clumsy is my middle name. “Desi joked

"Maybe we should place padding around you " Jon teased.

Desi laughed harder than she had in a long time , The only one that she felt comfortable in teasing her about her  clumsiness was Ana , so Jon just earned another high mark in her book  and even if she shouldn't , she was starting to like him even more ."Na I think I can handle sitting here without incident"

“I sure hope so. Look gotta run see you in a few . Enjoy the show baby “ He glanced around then placed a sweet kiss on her lips then took off for the back. Leaving Desi sitting there with a dumbstruck look on her face and wondering when she was gonna wake up from this dream.


  1. Best seat in the house indeed! I love how they all made it a point to come and see her. I'm anxious to see what happens after NMS shows! :)

  2. She's gotta realise that this ain't a dream! Lord,its a god damn fine reality.

    Cheers for the update xx

  3. Geessh is she one lucky girl or what?! Love the story my sista!