Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chapter 28

When they arrived at Jon’s Soho Apartment an hour or so later , Paul parked the car and quickly walked around to open the door. Desi stepped out ,reached in as Jon handed her the ice pack and crutches while he slowly but very painfully slid out of the car.

Paul supported him while Desi handed him his crutches and they made their way into the building. “Dammit! “ Jon cussed as the right crutch caught the rug just inside the door and he stumbled almost falling flat on his face if not for Paul catching him.

Desi hurriedly grabbed his other arm. “Be careful you don’t want to break something. “ she responded her voice coated with concern.

“No one said these things were dangerous. “ Jon growled as he hobbled into the elevator then leaned against the wall.

Desi bit back a chuckle because it wasn’t funny, she had experienced the same thing first time she used crutches , they were nothing but a pain in the ass at least in her opinion. “We are almost there and then you can relax. “ she answered while gently giving his arm a loving squeeze.

A few moments later, they arrived at his apartment . Jon hobbled to the door, leaned against the frame and reached in his shorts pocket for his key. Desi grabbed the key from him. “Let me get the door.” she said as she slid the key into the keyhole and gave it a turn then opened the door.

Desi stepped aside, letting him walk inside first , pain radiated from his face and sweat started to pour from his forehead. “Damn you wouldn’t think I exercise “ Jon grumbled as he made his way to the couch and plopped down.

Jon glanced up at Paul. “Thanks man come by and pick us up around 4 for the flight to Saratoga.” he paused, “Yes, the shows are still a go so you can pass it around I will be there tomorrow. “

Paul simply nodded, “Yes Boss. “ he glanced at Desi who was gently lifting his leg and propping it up on a pillow. “You need anything Miss Desi? “

Desi glanced up at Paul , “ No I think we’re good for now . Thank you. “

“See you both tomorrow. “ Paul replied and headed out the door.

Once Paul left, Desi glanced around in awe of the the spacious apartment, this wasn’t the time to be thinking of shit like this she scolded herself and turned to Jon, who was now talking on the phone to who was any one's guess . “Do you need anything ? Glass of wine? “

“Sure babe, thank you. “ Jon replied with a small smile then returned his attention to the phone call.

Desi gazed around then walked in the direction of the kitchen, reached for two wine glasses then opened the door to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of wine. As she poured the two glasses, she couldn’t help but be impressed with the kitchen, it was enormous with cherry wood cabinets and Stainless steel appliances. “What I wouldn’t give for a kitchen like this “ she muttered to herself, taking one last longful glance she headed back into the living room.

Jon reached for the glass and smiled, “Yea Rich I know but I called Dr Chen and he is going to join us so there is no need to miss any shows, He has helped me with my back as well so just a few times with acupuncture and I will be good to go. “

Desi settled in beside Jon , rolled her eyes at his stubbornness, And they call me stubborn she thought to herself. “Oh Hey that's Richie right could you ask him to ask Ana to grab my stuff I completely forget it. “

“Heya man Des wants to know if you can tell Ana to grab her stuff for her? “ Jon asked then laughed, “He said for me to tell you what makes you think Ana is still with me ? “

Desi’s eyes widened, “Where is she then? “

Jon patted her leg, “He’s teasing baby, okay yea hold on “ Jon held the phone out to Desi. “Ana wants to talk to you. “

“Really? “ Desi reached for the phone, “Heya girl. “

“Just checkin’ in with mom , don’t want her to worry. “ Ana teased “ So how’s the patient? “

“Grumpy. “ Desi flashed a teasing smile to Jon, “ So how’s things with you ? “

“Oh not bad considering we spent most of the night at the hospital thanks to your boyfriend. “ Ana snorted.

“Hey no one said you had to come. “ Desi shot back goodnaturedly .

“Pfft! as if anything could keep me away...” she paused then giggled. When she spoke again her voice was filled with noticeable mirth. “ now Des, be sure you your a good nurse to Mr. Bon Jovi. he;s gonna need shot, straight to the heart, of bad medicine baby, so you keep on top of that girl!”

Desi snorted, nearly spewing her wine all over herself and Jon, “ Yea did you ever try and treat a grumpy guss ? “ she glanced flashing a sweet smile to Jon, who frowned at her last comment.
“I’m not grumpy! “ Jon interjected strongly with a pout forming across his lips.

Desi arched an eyebrow, “What do you call that? What did I tell you behave and you’ll get a treat.”

Ana snickered, “ Oh I bet you will -- give him a treat that is. No funny business after all the man is injured. “ she paused “though you could satisfy your oral fixation and I can guarantee he would forget all about his pain.

Desi’s face turned a deep scarlet color, as she quickly turned away from Jon’s amused expression. “ I can’t believe you said that ! “

Jon watched as her face turned a nice shade of red, “What she say? “

“Nothin’ “ Desi answered back

“Oh c’mon I know you have blown him before? “ Ana continued to taunt her friend causing Richie to burst into a fit of laughter.

“Ana, I am not fuckin’ answering that not with him sitting here. “ Desi exclaimed, her face hot with embarrassment. Thank God he can’t hear, I would hide in the nearest closet.

“Answer what? What did she say? “ Jon asked clearly amused by Desi’s frazzled state.

Ana yelled at the top of her voice directly into the phone causing Desi to jerk the phone away from her ear “I ASKED IF SHE EVER GAVE YOU A BLOW JOB!!!” her words carried through the phone as if it were on speaker. Jon heard every word clear as day.

Desi pinched her eyes shut, not daring to look at Jon, who burst into his own fit of laughter. Taking a few deep breaths, Jon reached for Desi’s hand to hold the phone so Ana could hear his response. “ I’m not sure how we got on this subject but to answer your question yes and it was fuckin’ great. “

Desi wanted to die or at the very least crawl under the nearest rock, she had never been so embarrassed in her life.

“I thought so, Don’t know why she is so damned shy about it now . She--- “ Ana was cut off by Desi pulling back the phone to her hear. “Don’t you even ! “

“What? For fuck’s sake Des All I was gonna say was ‘she taught me everything I know’ That’s a compliment girl! When you gonna relax and pull the stick out your ass?“ Ana laughed even though she was a little serious.

Desi rolled her eyes, “ Maybe , maybe not but now is not the time to talk about that. “

Ana shook her head, “ Just because he is who he is doesn’t mean he is gonna think you are anything less than the person you are. You partied and other stuff so the fuck what!! “

Desi knew she wasn’t going to win this fight, “Look I gotta run and find something to eat, we haven’t ate since earlier this evening. See you tomorrow. “ she quickly handed the phone back to Jon then stood up. “What do you want to eat? “

Jon shot her a puzzled look, What in the hell did she say to get that kind of reaction, “Um whatever you can find out there, may not be much though. “

“No problem, You be surprised what I can throw together.. “ Desi smiled and leaned down to give him a quick kiss and darted off to the kitchen.