Monday, November 29, 2010

Chapter 25

After soundcheck was finished, the girls looked around not sure what to do next. Obie saw them and motioned them in the direction the guys had disappeared. Backstage a member of the crew looked at their laminates and pointed them towards an open door. Peeking in, Desi saw Jon and hesitated, unsure, until Ana pushed her into the room.


“Hey Beautiful.” Jon greeted Desi  with a bit uncertainty. “What did you girls think of soundcheck?”

“It was interesting.” Desi was still a little annoyed.

Ana poked her. “Ignore the ungrateful bitch Jon, it was great!”

“Thanks. You must be Ana.” Jon held out his hand. Ana shook it.

“I’m sorry.” Desi gave herself a mental shake and performed the introductions. “Where’s Richie? Ana really wants to meet him.” She smirked at her friend’s murderous look and stepped out of reach. “What? It’s true!”

“Then that makes two of us darlin’.” A deep voice spoke from behind them.

Turning, Desi grinned at Richie and went through the introduction routine again. “Ana’s a fan.” She leaned over to murmur to her temporarily speechless friend. “I warned you...payback’s a bitch!”

“I’d be disappointed if she wasn’t.” Richie assured an obviously flustered Ana. “Why don’t we sit down over there and get to know each other a little better?”

When they’d moved away, Jon turned his attention back to Desi. “Please don’t be mad at me. I just want to make sure that you don’t get hurt again.”

Desi sighed. “I know. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me....really.”

He slid his arms around her waist, linking his fingers and resting them in the small of her back.  He leaned in closely to her ear and whispered. “Am I forgiven? “

The soft tone vibrated through her ear , sending a chill down her spine and after taking a moment to recover, she spoke softly. “Yes. “

“Good, “ He replied as he placed a sweet kiss along the nape of her neck. “Now can I say just how much I missed you? “

Desi couldn’t help but smile. “ Yes over and over if you like. “

Jon released her waist , turned her to face him then placed several sweet kisses on her lips. “I missed you , I missed you  I missed you. “

Wrapping her arms around his waist, she eagerly returned his kisses . “I missed you too, though I just don’t see how this could be happening so fast. “

Jon pulled back for a moment, gazed down into her beautiful eyes . “I know , I never thought “ he paused, a warm smile spread across his lips. “I never thought I could feel this way again. I never wanted to -- til now. “

Before Desi could respond, Obie stepped into the room . “ I hate to interrupt this party but you have an interview scheduled in about 5 minutes and Rich your mom just arrived. “

Jon reluctantly pulled away from Desi , “ Okay will be there in a few “ he replied though his gaze remained fixated on Desi.

Obie started back out the door when Jon called out. “ Could you escort the girls back to their seats ? “

“Sure “ Obie answered then turned his attention away so they could say their goodbyes.

“I guess I gotta go , “ Jon whispered a hairs breath away from her lips. “See you after the show” he leaned in and kissed her passionately.  Then he pulled away and with a wink he turned towards the door and walked out leaving Desi to catch her breath .

Richie had departed but not before giving Ana a kiss and promises of getting together after the show for a later dinner.

Both girls headed back to their seats and settled in for the show.


The show was incredible , Jon definitely was in a good mood and the guys were on fire.  Playing rarites such as Raise Your Hands and Open All Night.  Both Jon and Richie smiled at the girls as they made their way to the circle for a couple songs . Things were going nearly perfect, as perfect as they could get when it happened.  They had just finished the first song into the encore and began Glad All Over , Jon just pivoted on his heel and almost immediately Desi knew something was terribly wrong .

Pain etched cross Jon’s face as he clutched tightly to the mic stand while bending down to massage the calf . All the while without missing a note , He then tried to walk it off but a pronounced limp became evident . After finishing the song , he spoke “I think I just wrecked my leg but its okay I still have another one. “ he forced a smile and started into Prayer.

She stopped dancing , her mouth dropped for a second watching him intently as he grasped his calf , his face coated with pain.  “He’s hurt , I have to go to him “ she said not sure if Ana heard her or not .

Desi made her way through the crowd , with Ana following closely on her heels.  She made it over to wear Obie was standing . “I knew I would see you. “ he responded. “Come with me . “ he lead them beneath the stage to his small, quick change area.

“You know what happened? Is he alright ? “ Desi asked her voice coated with worry.

“Have no idea . But the doctor is on stand by as soon as we can get him off the stage. “ Obie answered as he watched and waited for the last bars of Prayer to be over.

It seemed like any eternity before Jon descended down the steps with David on one side and Richie on the other. His head dipped down as a string of curses flew out of his mouth .

Desi patiently waited for them to slowly approach her before walking up to him . She waved Richie away then placed his arm across her shoulders as she slipped her arm around his waist.. “ Lean on me.“ she quietly ordered , not giving neither David or Jon a chance to argue before she started to walk him to the golf cart that was waiting for him.

Once they had him settled into the golf cart , Desi hopped in the front .  “We’re ready . Lets go.” She quickly glanced over to a Ana, who if it hadn’t been for the concern she had for Jon would have laughed at all the guys reaction to Desi and her ordering everyone about. Sweet, soft spoken Desi turned into a drill Sergeant in a matter of a few moments.  “See you in the back. “ was all she said as the driver quickly took off for the backstage area and to the doctor that was waiting for Jon to arrive.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chapter 24

Forty-five minutes later the girls arrived at the stadium. Desi glanced at the letter one last time before placing it in her purse then retrieved her phone . Flipping it open , she pressed speed dial then waited for Jon to answer.

Jon felt the vibration of his phone and reached in his pocket, glanced at the name and with a smile answered.“Damn I knew it took women a long time to get ready. “

“Maybe so but not this time. Damned traffic was backed up for miles.“ Desi retorted as she climbed out of the car then waited for Ana to join her before walking over to the gate. “You’d think the President is visiting or somethin’. “

A burst of laughter escaped Jon’s lips. “ You never know who might show up at our shows.. “He replied while leaning against the door frame of his dressing room.  His eyes darted down the long corridor , spotting Obie walking towards him.

“Hold on a sec babe. “ Jon said then held his hand over the mouthpiece “The girls are here can you go let them in  and escort them to their seats. “

Obie nodded. “Sure thing boss. “ then turned on his heel , heading back down the long corridor. He paused for a moment “ They’re ready for you on stage . “

“Tell them I’ll be there in a couple minutes. “ Jon answered then returned his attention to his phone. “Babe I gotta run , but Obie should be there in a few to let you in.”

“Okay talk to you later. “ Desi replied then flipped her phone closed.

“So what did your boyfriend have to say ? “ Ana teased with a ornery grin.

Desi rolled her eyes,  “He isn’t my boyfriend.  And to answer your question nothing much other than Obie is on his way . “

“Uh huh . I still say he’s your boyfriend .” Ana taunted. “ Desi and Jon sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G , first comes love , second comes marriage third is Jon pushing a baby carriage. “

“God , Ana you’re incorrigible. “ Desi replied then chuckled. “Oh here he comes.“ she pointed towards the man walking towards them.

Obie strolled over to the big metal gate and opened it for the girls. “Hey Desi good to see you again” he said with a big friendly smile.

“Nice to see you again too. “ Desi smiled sweetly, “ Obie this is Ana , my best friend . Ana this is Obie .”

Obie offered his hand while he spoke. “Nice to meet you Ana. “ Then stood back to allow the girls to walk through.

“Nice to meet you too . Are you the one you keeps the boys in line?“ Ana teased her eyes twinkling with a slight ornery tint.

Obie snorted. “I wish . They don’t listen to nothin’ I fuckin’ - “ He paused his eyes widened “Um I’m sorry for my tour mouth.  They don’t listen to nothing I say.“

Desi and Ana laughed as they followed him through the maze of seats on the field. “We ain’t angels . We got as much of a potty mouth as you guys “ Ana answered.

Their seats were located just inside the circle , not far from the stage but not where Desi might get injured again.  They weren’t bad seats and she knew she should be grateful but he really didn’t have to treat her like a china doll. Well okay Des, you are a china doll but still ! She thought with slight frustration.

Desi shot a annoyed glance to Jon who was watching the girls settle into their seats.  “Why must you all treat me like this ? “

Jon winced inwardly as his eyes caught her annoyed look, Don’t she understand I don’t want her hurt again? he turned around and with a sigh , called out the first song and began the first bars of Raise Your Hands.

Ana shook her head with dismay. “Des give the guy a break , I think its sweet he wants to make sure your safe. “

Desi left out out a frustrated sigh. “I know. “ was all she said as her eyes remained glued on him. That really wasn’t the issue not really anyway. She just was so afraid of her feelings that were becoming more present each time they talked or saw one of another.

Ana’s eyes darted away from Richie momentarily. “ Desi its okay to admit you love the attention he is giving you and maybe you might be feeling something for him. “

Desi knew Ana was right but it was so hard to believe and take a  chance after her heart was broken not too long ago.  She glanced briefly at her friend and flashed a force smile . “ Let’s not think about that right now . We are here to have a good time .”

“Just tell yourself that girl . I’m already enjoying myself. “ Ana grinned as her eyes returned to Richie. “ Damn if that man can work those fingers . Wonder what else he could play with like that ? “

Desi snorted, “ Play your cards right and you never know. “

Ana simply nodded as her eyes caught Richie’s . He smiled back  “Damn I so love those dimples .”

“You love every inch of that man.“ Desi retorted as her gazed remained on Jon.

“Yes ma’am I do including what he’s packin’ in those jeans of his. “ Ana replied saucily as she wiggled her eyebrows.

“God , Ana you’re so bad. “ Desi chided as she flashed her a big smile.

“And you’re such an angel? “

“Yes I am . A sweet angel. “

“Yea right in your dreams. Maybe I should ask blondie up there just how much of an angel you are ? “ Ana taunted.

“You wouldn’t ! “Desi gasped , a slight blush crept upon her cheeks.

“I sure would. Wonder what he would tell me. “

“He would tell you its none of your damned business . I think “ Desi answered a bit uncertain.

Ana slung her arm over Desi’s shoulders. “You know I’m just playing . I love to get you riled up . Its cute. “ she planted a friendly kiss on her friends cheek.

“Paybacks are a bitch  you know. “ Desi laughed.

"You keep saying that. " Ana grinned back.

"Just you wait and it'll be when you least expect it . " Desi shot back good naturedly.

The girls grew quiet , well as quiet as too fans could get while the band finished their soundcheck. Neither girl knew just how wild of a ride these few days were going to be.