Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chapter 15

The opening band was a blur and a few drops of rain didn’t damper Desi’s spirit. All she cared about was who was about to hit the stage any second. Soon everything went dark and the opening started to flash across the big screens .

Desi wanted so badly to jump up and scream but held steadfast in her seat as she wait anxiously for them to hit the stage. She watched as all the guys hit the stage ready to begin while waiting for Jon to appear.

The lights flashed on and the beginnings of Who Says You Can’t Go Home began, then there he was gorgeous as ever wearing the black leather shirt , partially unbuttoned and tight black jeans. She started to scream sing along and in awe just how close she was .  “Damn Ana wish you were here for this “ Grateful for once she gave in and let him do this for her.

The songs blended in as she fell into a trance , watching Jon work the crowd, every so often making his way near her , flashing that devastating smile at her .  She hadn’t realized just the difference would be from being down on the floor and up on stage , her ears started to ring as she placed her fingers in her ears to make it easier to hear.  But she take deafness anytime with the view she had.   The pounding of the music literally vibrated causing her heart to beat faster.

Jon glanced over at Desi and smiled then he noticed her covering her ears , mentally shaking his head  , he scolded himself  Fuck! I forgot to give her ear plugs. So with a slight nod to Obie then in her direction he sent a message .

A few moments later , Obie approached her and handed her a set of earplugs. Desi mouthed a thank you and gazed over to Jon as she placed them in her ears then smiled to him.

During In These Arms, he sauntered over to her , his eyes locked with hers as he sang and a smile played across his face and before he walked away he winked at her.  God she felt like she was going to come undone.  Her heart felt like it was going to explode out of her chest and she tried to will herself not to fall it was so damned easy too. When he looked at her like that.

This is insane after tonight its over , so just enjoy tonight and afterwards then its back to reality girlfriend! No matter how hard she tried to convince herself not to let herself feel anything he would look at her and smile and she melted .

The faster songs had wanted to her to get up and dance like the crowd and the slower songs were tugging at her heart . She could have sworn he read her mind when he wrote this setlist,  In These Arms , Superman Tonight , Living In Sin/Chapel of Love , Diamond Ring , I’ll Be There for You and I’d Die For you, made for an unforgettable night .

All too soon this memorable night had to come to an end. Right before the encore ended , Obie came to escort her down the steps and to the back.  He guided her to his quick change area.

“Jon asked me to bring you here for a moment , then I’ll come for you in a few “ Obie smiled then took off .

Not even a couple minutes later , Jon popped in bouncing still running high from the show . “Hey baby “ He said with a bit but exhausted smile “How’d you like the show ?” he dropped a sweet but very sweaty kiss on her .

She smiled shyly , as she removed the earplugs  “It was amazing . Best show I’ve seen in years “

“Good “ he glanced down at her leg “How’s the leg holding up ? “

“Not bad “ she replied

“That’s good to hear . Listen I have to head in the back for a bit . See my family and all but shouldn’t be too long . Obie will escort you to the car and Paul is gonna drive you back to the hotel.  I’ll be there as soon as I can “  Jon leaned closer , pulling her into a hug “If you still want me to come by that is ? “

Desi nibbled on her bottom lip nervously, as she tentatively slid her arms around his waist. “ Yea I do “ she swallowed hard and willed her nerves to  calm down. He was with you already its gonna be fine , But he hasn’t seen what you really look like .

“Ok then see you in just a few , Don’t fall asleep on me “ He winked , dropping another slow but longer kiss on her lips then pulled away.

 “Maybe I’ll ask Paul to make a coffee run so I don’t “ she laughed

He ran his knuckle along her cheek “Anything to assure you’ll be wide awake when I arrive “ he waggled his eyebrows , giving her one more peck on the cheek then he took off .

Obie popped back in before Desi had a chance to get all giggly  “Ready to go “

“I am thank you “

Obie held his arm out and led her out to the awaiting car “ I was told to take extra special care of you darlin’ so I am “ he grinned while he opened the door and helped her inside “ Paul take her wherever she wants to go “

“No problem , Hi Miss Desi good to see you again “ Paul said with a smile while he gazed into the review mirror.

“Good to see you again Paul “ Desi smiled back.

“Where do you wanna  go ? “

“Could we go somewhere I can get a coffee to go “ Desi answered “Then back to my hotel “

“Yes ma’am “

After a quick run through McDonald’s Drive thru , Paul had Desi back at the hotel, he slid out of the front and opened the door for her . “ Have a good night Miss Desi “

“Thank you Paul , Thanks for everything “

“You’re welcome anytime “ He smiled and climbed back in the car and drove off.

Desi made her way back into the hotel and up to her  room to wait for the man of her dreams to arrive for the second time of this incredible Jersey trip.

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  1. oh, I could have seen Jon kiss her after the show, but oh my god... I could die if that happened to me. :)