Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chapter 20

It had been two weeks since  she last saw Jon , and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t forget him , during the day they were little reminders whether it be a certain song would play at work to her dreams at night..   Meanwhile Desi’s life went back to normal, work , home an occasional girls night with Ana but other than that . Life was back to its boring self.

After fixing her lunch, consisting of a grilled cheese and tomato soup she carried it into the living room then flicked on the tv .

A few moments of channel changing she finally settled on Lord of the Rings , sitting the remote back down on the coffee table , she grabbed her sandwich then dunked it in her soup .she was about to take a bit when her cell phone trilled . Setting her sandwich back down on the plate, she reached for her phone  “Who the hell is this ? “ she muttered , not recognizing the number , though the name flashed Jon ,NO way it could be him! “Hello “

“Why hello baby “ Jon answered , a smile spread across his face . It had been too damned long since he had heard her sweet voice.

Desi’s eyes grew wide, “What ? How did you -- get my number ? “She stammered.

Jon chuckled , leaning against the balcony railing “ I have my ways Baby. You’re gonna find that if I want something I don’t stop til I get it “

She couldn’t help but laugh  “I guess I might have met my match when it comes to being stubborn then huh? “

“Yup, you got it sweetheart . So how you’ve been ? “ Jon asked while he watched the London traffic wizz on by .

“Not bad , Just been working real exciting life huh “ Desi joked , leaning forward to grasp her soda then took a sip.

“That’s all I been doin’ so you see this is why we make a good pair “ Jon bantered.

“Well your job is a bit more interesting than mine , you get to travel and see the world. Like now you’re in London, Am I right ? “

“So you are keeping tabs “ Jon grinned  cheekily, as he walked back inside towards a soft comfy chair in the living area.

Desi rolled her eyes “ And I would stop why? ‘ she retorted

“I dunno .You agreed to see me again but then didn’t give me your number “ Jon snorted “ but then I already had it “

“You’re very sneaky “ Desi laughed

“Yes I am , ain’t ya glad I am or we wouldn’t be talkin’ right now “

“True and I have to say its good to hear your voice again “ Desi admittted .

“It’s really good to hear yours again too “ Jon answered back  “How’s your leg doin? “

‘Good , got the stitches out last week “ Desi replied as she settled back against the chair, Lunch can wait , this phone call can’t she smiled to herself.

“Bet that’s a relief huh?  how’s it feel ? “ Jon asked

“ You have no idea.  I actually can take a regular shower or bath if I want .“ she bit her tongue , wanting to say another lovely scar to add to her many that she had but she was sure he would chide her for that.

Jon shifted in his chair, just the mere thought her naked in the shower caused his jeans to grow tight and he stifled a groan.  “Damn girl just had to mention that didn’t ya ? “

“Mention what ? “ Desi smirked “ You’re the one that asked if it was a relief and I answered “

“You know what I’m talking about you tease “ Jon retorted

“Ohh you mean , me talking a bath and a shower now “

Jon pinched his eyes shut, the visual of her,watering spraying over her made the tightening worse , he reached down and tugged at his jeans to relieve the pain . “Yes that “ he replied gruffly.

“Whats the matter ? “ Desi asked “You’ve gotten quiet “

“Just thinking about what I liked to do to you in the shower “ Jon responded as his hands reached for the button on his jeans, Fuck I hadn't had phone sex in years, as he slid the button thru the slit  “Hold that thought  “ he jumped up , walked briskly to the door , turned the lock on the door and headed into his bedroom . “Okay where were we “

Desi moaned lightly , as her mind ran wild with all sorts of naughty thoughts of what he would or could do to her. She switched over to the couch , laid down but not before pushing the speaker button on her phone then placing it next to her on the couch. “ What you like to do to me in the shower.

Jon quickly removed his shirt and jeans ,climbed in bed as if they were in sync with each other , pushed the speaker button on his phone then laid it next to him as well. “Ah thats right,  I would love to kiss those  gorgeous lips of yours then work my way to your neck “ He growled softly , grabbing himself then slowly ran his hands up and down his hardness .

Desi closed her eyes , as she removed her sweats and panties then touched herself , rubbing slowly over her nub.  “Oh yes I can picture you doing that. I would kiss you back while I run my hands over your soft hair on your chest .

Jon groaned “OH fuck baby I can feel your hands on me “ as his hands picked up the pace. “I would then kiss down to your breasts , taking one of your nipples in my mouth and tugging at it while I play with the other one. “

“OH shit “ Desi panted while her one hand slid under her shirt , to squeeze at her nipples “ yes I love when you do that baby . While you do that my hands will go further down and take your cock in my hands and slowly stroke you, Shit did I just say cock to him , I am having phone sex with him holy shit !

His breathing became heavier , the closer he came to orgasm but he held off he wanted to come with her even if was far away , he knew she was touching herself by the panting and soft moans he heard over the line . “ Then I would turn you to face the shower wall , spread your legs and sink myself into you . “ he growled louder as his hands moved faster over his member .

‘Fuck Jon I orgasm the moment you enter me- Fuck I’m comin’ now baby “ She cried out when she hit her peak  “ God I can picture you , thrusting deeper into me , your mouth near my ear as I brace myself. “  Her legs shook from the intensity of the orgasm.

Jon’s body started to shake as he neared his peak, NO fuckin holding back now . “ I would thrust hard and faster as I am getting ready to join you - ready baby cum with me “ He growled deeply , his heart racing as the salty liquid shot out , spilling onto his stomach . “FUCK! “

“Yes here- I - Oh shit “ She panted out while riding out another long intense orgasm .

Jon threw his head back, his heart pounding hard in his chest then he  chuckled “Damn Des , You know the last time I had phone sex ? “

“Probably about as long as its been for me “ Desi joined in his laughter.

“Hang on a second baby “ Jon replied as he climbed out of bed and dashed off quickly to the bathroom for a towel, after a quick wipe down he  returned to the phone . He picked it up , pressing off on speaker “ Sorry had to clean up a bit "

Desi reached up for her phone and turned off the speaker then laughed “ I should too but I’m too comfortable right now , I could use a cigarette now though “

He laughed “ You know I quit but after that I think I could too “

“I just have to say thank god I don’t live in an apartment “ Desi snickered while she sat up then reached for her soda, taking a huge gulp to cool her thirst down.

“I can’t say the same . I just hope Richie don’t  come a knockin anytime soon wondering what the fuck I was doin in here “ Jon snorted.

“Just say you were watchin’ a porn “ Desi teased , Damn did it feel good to laugh again.

“Hmmph yeah, like he believe that .” Jon retorted “ Oh yes now I remember I was gonna ask if it was possible if you could make it for the 4th Jersey Show ? “

“Um I dunno when is it again ? “ Desi asked as she stood up and walked over to the calendar.

“July 9th and oh the date for  the Ohio show is July 12th at Blossom “ Jon added . “You won’t have to worry about tickets or anything like that just pack and be ready to go . Oh and you can bring Ana if you want “

“Well that’s almost 4 weeks thats plenty of time I think to put in for Thursday and Friday off . I have the weekends off already. I gotta check with Ana though see if she can get time off “ Desi answered.

“Let me know when you wanna fly in , I’ll send my plane for you and if it all works out maybe you can stay for the Saratoga show ? “ Jon added hopefully.

“I guess then I should ask for Monday off too then huh ? “ Desi laughed.

“Maybe you should “ Jon chuckled

They continued to talk way late into the middle of the night , til both were so weary but neither wanting to hang up .

“Guess I better let you get some sleep “ Jon finally said

“Yea I better , I have to be at work at 9am “ Desi answered then groaned inwardly it was already 3am . ‘And you have a show tonight , you better get a couple hours though its what 8am  there now “

“Na its cool., I’ll Sleep when I’m dead ‘member “ Jon joked

Desi rolled her eyes then laughed “Ha Ha very funny . Okay talk to you soon “

“If not tonight , definitely on Tuesday . Its an off day “ Jon replied

“I get off work around 5pm , takes me about 20 minutes to get home “

“Okay so 5:30pm your time 11:30 pm my time “ Jon noted “Sweet dreams baby “

“You too bye “ Desi replied as she hung up and giddly made her way to bed , crawled in and turned off the light, and fell into dreamland , refusing to let negative thoughts touch her mind .


  1. Love this story, its getting good. Can't wait to see what happens when they meet up again although we all know that's when Jon tore his calf muscle. I'm sure Desi will try to make him feel better. Keep it coming!

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