Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chapter 23

Early the next morning , both girls awoke , quickly showered then ordered breakfast before beginning their preparations for the show that evening.

Once breakfast arrived, the girls sat down at the table in the corner of the room for a few relaxing moments to eat. “So have you decided on what you’re wearing ? “ Ana asked while stuffing a fork full of scrambled eggs in her mouth.

Desi finished chewing her bite of toast “ I think so . It’s supposed to be a scorcher today so maybe Capri's are in order for today and tank top. “

“Yea for once I agree, less clothing the better “ Ana agreed “ I wonder where our seats are since he is being Mr protective of you ? “

Desi shook her head “ I haven’t a clue other than we have laminates “

“So that means we can go anywhere we want “ Ana smirked, a twinkle of naughtiness flashed in her eyes.

Desi snickered then pushed herself away from the table “If we don’t get started now we won’t be going nowhere. “ She stood then walked over to her suitcase , pulling out a pair of blue jean Capri’s , a light blue tank top then padded off to the bathroom to change.

“Don’t take forever I need to get ready too “ Ana hollered good naturedly.

“There’s a mirror and plug in out there , you know . “ Desi teased while she dressed then applied her makeup.

“I know . Just felt like giving you a rough time “ Ana chuckled as she combed her long raven hair “So you sure Richie is interested in meeting me ?  I am not exactly his type you know ? “

Desi nodded as she walked out of the bathroom “ That’s what Jon said . Who knows maybe he’s tired of blonde's “ she replied with a big smile and a wink.

Ana turned around to face her friend , her gaze fell over her then she let out a whistle “ Damn girl you going for the jugular tonight ? “

“What ? “Desi asked as she glanced down at her outfit “It’s just a tank and Capri's ? “

Ana shook her head “Never mind “  she replied while she pulled her hair into french twist.

“You know I just thought of something . What if their families are there ? “ Desi asked her voice coated with slight worry and concern.

Ana paused a moment , turned away from the mirror and glanced at her friend “Well we have three options , one - go back to the hotel and wait , two- stand off to the side till they’re ready to go or three let them decide whether they want to introduce us or not ? “

Desi chewed nervously on her bottom lip as she listened to Ana list their options “Ana I think its much too soon to meet his family. Hell I dunno what we are yet ? If we are anything yet “

“I think maybe that is one thing you both need to discuss. But if you want my opinion if what you two have was just a fling then he wouldn’t have invited you to these next three shows”

Des gave a slight nod in agreement.“ Guess you’re right “

“I’m always right “ Ana answered with a slight teasing tone.

She laughed then hugged her best friend  “What would I do without you ? “

Ana returned her friends hug, “ I dunno living life as a hermit I suspect “

“I’m not that bad am I ? “ Desi inquired as she pulled back to look at her friend.

Ana quirked an eyebrow “Hate to say it but yes - you are “

Desi , though she wanted to disagree with Ana , she couldn't . Ana was brutally honest and as much as Desi hated to admit it  , she needed a good swift kick in the behind.once in awhile.  “Well we better head on down “ Desi said while casting a quick glance at her watch. “ Paul will be arriving soon to pick us up . “

Both girls took one last look in the mirror before walking out the door and down the long hallway towards the elevator.

A few moments later , the girls stepped out of the elevator, walked through the lobby towards the glass front doors to wait for Paul to arrive. Just as the girls settled down on the plush copper bench , a big black SUV pulled up in front of the hotel.

“Looks like our ride is here “ Desi replied as she stood, gathered her purse and walked out the door.

Ana quickly followed with amusement watching her friend take off out the door not even bothering to wait for her. “In a bit of a hurry are we ? “

Desi stopped and turned “No just don’t want to keep Paul waiting is all “

“Sure tell me another one “ Ana mused.

Paul stepped out of the car , package in hand and opened the back door for the girls. “Good to see you again Miss Desi and Miss Ana “his eyes twinkling with amusement.  “Here’s the package the boss told me to give you. “ handing it over to Desi.

“Thank you Paul.  You’re gonna get tired of seeing me. “ Desi joked as she slid into the backseat .

“Never Miss Desi “ Paul replied with a huge smile while he waited for Ana to join Desi then shut the door behind her.

Desi opened the Manila envelope , which contained two laminates and a note .She reached in pulled the two laminates out , handing one to Ana while sliding hers over her head then pulled out the note and started to read it.

Dear Beautiful, 

If you’re reading this then you’re on your way to the Stadium , I expect.  I just wanted to say just how much I missed you and can’t wait to see that beautiful smile of yours again. Crazy I know , hell Richie thinks I dipped into the bottle one too many times.  Maybe I have who the hell knows I sure can’t explain it.  I just hope you feel the same way. 

Gotta run business calls, see you soon


Ana watched her friend’s changing expressions play across her face and wondered what Mr Rockstar had to say to make her friend react like that.  Tempted to ask her if he had asked her to marry him by her dreamy expression but thought better of it and turned her attention to the passing scenery , Finally maybe she can be happy again. He better not be playing with her emotions or I’m gonna have to kick some rockstar’s ass.

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  1. Aww, such a sweet note! I wonder what's gonna happen if Jon's family is there... My bet is he'll try to introduce them. Here's hoping anyway!