Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chapter 16

Jon shot a quick look to his watch, as he impatiently waited for the car to pull into the hotel . “Shit, I hope she didn’t think I stood her up “ .The moment the car pulled up to the curb, Jon hopped out

“Catcha later Paul”

“What time you want me to pick you up tomorrow , Boss ? “ Paul asked while glancing out the passenger window at Jon.

Jon thought for moment “I’m not sure yet . Give you a call when I’m ready to go . Hell just might have you drive my Hybrid up and park it . “

‘You rather have me do that then? “

“Yea, could you ? Then I could drive and spend the few days off with the kids “ Jon answered.

“Will do Boss . Say Hi to Miss Desi for me “ Paul winked and then drove off.

Jon shook his head and chuckled as he made his way through the hotel and on the elevator to Desi’s floor.

Resigned to the fact he wasn’t coming , Desi  changed into sweats and tank then settled in for the night in front of the TV.  Just as she curled up on the couch , remote in hand there was a knock on her door.

Desi climbed off the couch and padded through the living area to the door “Just a moment “ she peeked through the peephole , grinning she opened the door “You made it “

Jon stepped inside, pulling her into a hug “ Didn’t I say I would ? “ then kissed the top of her head.

“Yea, just its late and I know you wanted to spend time with your family “ Desi replied while walking back with him to the couch.

“I did. Now its my time with you “ Jon winked as he plopped down on the couch, pulling her gently onto his lap then slid his arms around her.

Desi turned around to face him , her eyes locked with his as she nibbled on her bottom lip nervously, GO for it Desi show him that that is more to you than this shy demure woman. This is your last night ! Make it an unforgettable one !and leaned in pressing her lips against his.

Jon growled lightly into her mouth, when her tongue slid into his . He removed his arms around her waist , bringing them to cup her face . “Been waiting to do that all day Baby”

“Me too “ Desi admitted dropping her hands to the bottom of his black tee shirt , giving it a tug over his head then tossing it onto the floor. She left a trail of kisses along the nape of his neck , going further down to his chest.  Glancing up, she flashed him a devilish smile, then licked his nipple .

Jon groaned while her mouth attacked his nipple was almost more than he could stand,  Damn if she was a bit more brazen than their first time together, Finally maybe she is loosening up around me, His fingers intertwined in her long auburn tresses , caressing her head while she continued her onslaught of kisses downward towards his bellybutton . “Damn baby “

She paused briefly , paying extra attention to his belly button while her hands traveled to the button on his jeans . Once she had it unbuttoned , her fingers reached for the metal tab of his zipper then slid it down.

He jerked the moment her hands grasped him, “Fuck ! “ then raised his hips so she could tug down his jeans.

Desi surprised herself in how much she was letting her inhibitions go, she removed his jeans then slowly lowered her mouth on his hardness. She gazed up locking eyes with Jon while taking him all the way in her mouth then back out again.

“Jesus Desi “ Jon said through gritted teeth , his grip on her hair tightened as she continued her sweet torture.

She paused, and smiled “You want me to stop? “

“I want you now “ He growled as he gently pushed her back , stood and kicked off his jeans , then picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.  He laid her down on the bed “ Stay put I’ll be right back “ and he dashed off to the bathroom .  Finding the box of condoms , he reached in for a packet then made his way back to Desi.

A flash of doubt crossed her mind, What if he sees? I can’t handle his reaction , maybe I should just stop it before he does, Desi was about to speak up and say something, when he reached for the light and turned it off then climbed in beside her.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Desi sat up and removed her tank then raised her hips to allow him to gently slid down her sweat pants and underwear in all on fell swoop.

Jon tore open the foil packet , slid on the latex over his member then crawled over her . He flashed her a sweet smile before entering her . “You are so god damned gorgeous , you know that right ? “ He asked taking her hands in his then leaned down to kiss her then started to slowly thrust deep inside her.

God did he expect an answer right now ! “Um , oh hell “ Desi panted as she squeezed his hands tightly , while she rode the first of many waves crashing down on her .

Jon reached down and gently placed her uninjured leg over his shoulder then plunged inside .Her walls clenching him tightly threatening to send him over the edge.  He paused for a moment to gain control again then continued grind deeper , rotating his hips .

She raised her hips to meet his thrusts, a mixture of grunts and moans filled the room as they both reached  their peak together .

He slowed then collapsed gently on top of her , breathing heavily on her neck “Shit Desi You are fuckin’ amazin’ “ he gasped into her ear.

Desi softly laughed as she fought to catch her own breath “ You may not be able to dance but you sure how to put those moves to good use in the bedroom “

Jon grinned as he raised his head and pouted “You saying I can’t dance ? “

Desi gently smiled , stroking the side of his face with her finger “No I’m sorry you can’t “

“I know I can’t “ Jon laughed then rolled over , quickly disposed the used condom then pulled her close to him.

“That’s okay neither can I “ Desi admitted as she leaned in and kissed his chest .

Jon chuckled “ What a pair we make huh? “ he tipped her face up then sweetly kissed her swollen lips.

“Yea “ Desi answered quietly. She knew they would never be a pair,After tonight is over . Face reality Desiree!

Jon noticed how quiet she had gotten  “ Hey what’s the matter ? ‘

“Nothin’ just tired “ she lied and faked a yawn.

Jon shook his head , he knew she was lying but wasn’t going to press her to be more open. They would have more time in the morning, Would they ? How am I going to get her number I want to see her again.  “Ok baby you get some sleep “

Desi closed her eyes pretending to fall asleep but she didn’t for a long time after he did.  She wanted to spend as much time as she could awake in his arms because in the morning she was heading home and for once in her life she dreaded it.

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  1. Ask for her number you ass, lol!! It's obvious they are crazy about each other. Go for it you two!!

    Thanks for the update. Trying patiently to wait for more.