Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chapter 8

Desi’s eyes widened .  Fuck Me ! He is kissing me ! Her mind was spinning a million different directions,as her lips responded to his sweet kisses that were quickly becoming more passionate by the second. She should really stop this but for the life of her she couldn’t pull away. God I have to be dreaming because no way he would really be kissing me . Would he ? Someone pinch me !

Jon smiled inwardly. Now this is more like it. Not that he had planned on kissing her but she was so infuriatingly stubborn and her lips were so inviting, so what the hell ? Taking the chance , he snaked his arms around her and continued the sweet onslaught of her lips.God she felt good in his arms . Her skin was so soft - soft as baby . It had been awhile since he had felt the urge to kiss a woman like this - sure he had plenty of times on stage but this was different. Not since his divorce , had he really cared enough too. Til now

All her resolve melted the moment he pulled her into his embrace .  He could ask her to go to the moon and she would readily agree. She returned his kisses in desperate need while her arms encircled around his neck. If this was a dream please don’t let me wake up.

He pulled away reluctantly from her lips to gently grasp her face , tilting her head and placed sweet kisses down to her shoulder.. “Desi you taste so good “ He growled his voice vibrating near her ear causing her to shiver.

A slight moan of contentment escaped Desi’s lips and as much as she wanted this to go further, she couldn’t let it.  If he sees . She fought to catch her breath, her heart was racing  “I think - we should stop “

“Why baby ? You seem to be enjoying it as much as I am “ Jon replied huskily while he hooked the neck of her shirt with his finger , widening it so he could nibble on her shoulder blade.

“Because - I -  “ Desi answered breathlessly - In truth she had no good reason why to stop other than her problems - which she couldn’t tell him about .

“Because you what ? “ Jon asked as he stole a peek of her small but perky breasts hidden behind a black lace bra underneath her shirt.

Desi couldn’t think not while he was kissing her like this  “Um- I just I - well shit “  she stumbled her brain all foggy with desire .

Jon continued his onslaught , nibbling on her shoulder then back up to her earlobe “ I know you like this  “ he whispered in ear “ So tell me why you want to stop . You’re not married are you ? “

A deep laugh escaped her lips “No not anymore “

“Well then there is no reason not to continue. Now is there ? “ Jon huskily replied as he tugged gently on her lobe.

God he keeps this up and I won’t be able to say no  but no matter how much she tried she couldn’t come up with a valid reason to stop - at least one he would accept anyway. “No I guess not “ as she succumbed to his advances , her arms slid away from his neck to the front of his button down shirt , her hands shook from a mixture of excitement and nervousness as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt , revealing his soft gray hair that she loved so much.

Jon smiled , gently tugging on her hair to bring her lips to his again “ No more talking “ his hands slid down to the bottom of her shirt , pulling back away from her delectable lips long enough to remove her shirt . His smile grew wider as his eyes gazed over her small breasts that were tucked away in her lacy black bra.   He reached around and with a simple flick the bra joined the shirt in a pile on the floor.

Desi swallowed hard , there was no backing out now . She just prayed he didn’t notice her scars and bruises that covered her elbows.  She reached slowly removed his shirt then tentatively ran her hands over his incredible chest .God he's beautiful and his chest the six pack was even more enticing in person than in pictures.

A deep growl escaped Jon’s lips , when her hands roamed across his chest . Oh hell her hands felt so good -so softHe placed his hands a top of hers , bringing them to his lips then sweetly kissed them. Damn they were so tiny,almost fragile like he was afraid to squeeze them too tightly.

He stood then gently pulled her up to join him then releasing one of her hands to slide his arm around her waist to help her into her bedroom.

Desi was shaking . Part of her wanted this so badly ,her body practically ached for it  but the other part was scared of his reaction and needed to put a stop to this now .

Jon closed the door behind them then noticed she was shaking ,pulling her into a hug he whispered in her ear “ No need to be scared baby “ while softly stroking her hair .

“I’m not scared - well maybe a little but not for any reason you might think “ Desi softly whispered.

“Tell me “ Jon encouraged as he guided her to the bed then sat down beside her. His hand still softly caressing her hair .

Desi nervously chewed on her bottom lip, Oh hell what do I do now ? Sitting here bare breasted beside the man of my dreams and I’m being a chicken shit . What the fuck ?  If you want him go for it . Worry about the rest later . When is this opportunity gonna happen again ? “Nothin’ just a bit nervous is all but can we turn the light out . Please ? “

Jon arched an eyebrow  knowing there was more to it just nerves . He hadn’t been around the block with women to know she was hiding something but for now he would let it drop.  Why did it matter ? What is it about this girl that’s got him doing and saying things he hadn’t in years. After his divorce , he threw himself into his work , sex wasn’t even a part of the equation anymore ok that’s a lie . He had his ‘friends’ when he needed a quick relief but those sad brown eyes and her sweet nature had him rethinking his plans. Damn the boys would think he was insane , He just fucking met her for fuck’s sake ! And she was a fan . Jesus !  Maybe he was going insane or was it the wine - maybe he is becoming that wino after all. He just came to see if she was okay , now he was in her bedroom . He should just get up and leave but those damned eyes - what is it about her ?  “Sure baby “ was all he could say as he helped her into bed once she was in bed he made his way to the other side of the bed and flicked the light off.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chapter 7

Jon sauntered down the long hallway , silently reading off the numbers of the rooms as he passed each by til he reached 211.  He didn’t know what compelled him at this late hour to check on her but it was so damned important.  All evening he had been haunted by those sad brown eyes , and bright auburn hair. So much so it shocked him . Sure  gorgeous women  would catch his  eye  every night on stage but there was something about this girl -well woman that he just couldn’t shake.Was he attracted to her ? Or was it because it was the good Samaritan in him that couldn’t let it go til he saw she was okay.

In his mind he tried to rattle off excuses why that may have been , one being she was injured and he would have to be a cold hearted son of a bitch if he wouldn’t at least show some compassion.  He chuckled to himself. Who am I fooling? I am a cold hearted son of a bitch at times!

Standing outside her door , he raked his hand through his hair before giving a light tap . He heard some rustling then a small voice called out “ Who is it ? “

“It’s Jon “ Jon answered back

She slowly opened the door , her heart pounding so hard she thought it was going to explode out of her chest .  “Hi “  was all she could muster while her eyes took in the sight before her . He looked incredible in his infamous black jeans to his dark blue shirt, which was half unbuttoned giving her a nice glimpse of silver hair that covered his chest, then there was his hair. God! What she wouldn’t give to be able to run her fingers through his blond tresses.

After a few moments of silence , Jon spoke amusement coating his voice  “May I come in or you want to stand here and talk? “ His gaze floated over her appearance , she was still wearing the black baby tee and hip hugger jeans, which fit her like a glove.  He shifted a bit , his own jeans growing tighter each passing moment his eyes remained fixated on her .Stop it! Dumbass  you didn’t come to get laid . You came to see how she was doing. He scolded himself.

His lighthearted teasing broke her trance  “Oh yes please come in “ she stepped away , opening the door wider so he could walk in. Oh for Fuck’s sake , Desi get a grip!

Jon stepped inside ,  glanced around the suite. “Nice room you have here “

Desi couldn’t help but chuckle “ I’m sure compared to where you stay in its a dump “

 “Well it is quite nice but mines still better “ His eyes twinkled with orneriness and a cheesy grin spread across his mouth.

“Care for a drink ? “ Desi asked while she lead him into the living area.

“Let me get it for you. Shouldn't you be resting that leg? “ His eyes darted down to her injured calf.

Desi nodded “Probably , But you’re my guest “

“No no you sit . Just point me in the right direction “ Jon insisted

“In the kitchen, I believe there is a bottle of wine there. Probably not what you’re used to . Actually not sure what kind it is . It was comped with the suite.“ she winked “I’ll take a Pepsi though “ picking up her packet of medication and shook it “ pain pills and alcohol don’t mix well  “

“No I guess it doesn’t “ He laughed then headed into the kitchen pulling out two glasses then reached in the fridge for the wine then glanced at the label. “This is a pretty good vintage actually“ he said with a twinkle in his eye.  He poured himself a glass of wine and opened a can of Pepsi and poured into her glass.

He carried the glasses back into living room , handing her a glass. Desi scooted over to make room. Jon then sat down , carefully moving her injured leg to rest on his thigh.

After accepting her glass, she took a sip then spoke. “ Thank you “
“Anytime “ He smiled “ So how’s the leg doin’? “

“Oh its still there “ she grinned ‘ Really its fine thanks to the pills , does hurt a bit without, but nothin’ I haven’t been through before. Unfortunately I’m gonna have a nice scar . It took 15 stitches to close it.”

“Fifteen you gotta be fuckin’ kidding me ?! “Jon exclaimed.  He had heard it was bad but not that bad.

She shook her head “Nope, no big deal really. “ Desi couldn’t believe just how relaxed she was with him, she had expected to be all giddily stupid around him.  Ana would be shocked to see me like this , Hell I’m shocked . Maybe its the pain pills .

Jon flicked up an eyebrow “ No big deal ! How can you say that ? “

She shrugged  ‘It’s just isn’t. That’s all “ taking another sip of her soda.  “I’m the Queen of Clumsy actually.. Accidents seem to find me “ she tried to joke not sure if it was more for herself as for him.  “So how was the show ? “

Jon noticed the quick change of subjects, not wanting to press her but still curious , he made a note to find out more about This Mysterious Desiree “ It was good. Once the rain stopped. Though have to admit a good soaking rain would have felt good by the end “

“That’s good too bad I missed it “ Desi responded, disappointment coating her voice .

“I’m sorry too. “ Jon paused for a moment, taking a drink of his wine “ I was thinking maybe there is a way . I could make it up to you “

Desi nearly spit her soda , her mind immediately headed for Gutterville  Oh I can name more than few things you could do,but she quickly shook away the naughty thoughts .“ No no you don’t have to do that . You have done quite enough really”

Jon scoffed “What ? A ride from the hospital and paying the bill . Shit that ain’t nothin’ “

“And that’s plenty “ Desi insisted , her stubbornness quickly showing.

‘No its not . No use in arguing with me , Miss Desiree. I can be one pigheaded son of bitch “ He smirked “ Where’s your seat for Saturday’s show ? “

With a slight roll of her eyes , she answered “ I think front row on Richie’s side and call me Desi please ? “

“Okay then Desi . You can’t be down front not with your leg like that so we need to figure something out for you . Somewhere safer “

You mean safer like your lap. Shit Desi stop it !  Desi glanced away and frowned. Be serious now !  If you allow this then you’ll be nothing but that  charity case you’ve fought so hard not to be ! “Seriously I’ll be OK where I’m at . I’m used to being careful “

Jon leaned towards her , gently cupped her face turning her to look at him “ Why not ? You know there will be shoving and all its gonna take is just one person to re-injure your leg “

She struggled not to get lost in those baby blues but it was so hard not too  , letting out a deep frustrating sigh , she answered “ Its hard to explain and I’m sure you don’t wanna hear about it “

“I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t “ Jon replied with a sweet smile.  He could tell there was definitely more to this than just a mere cut - wondering if she would trust him enough to tell him . There a sadness that coated her beautiful brown eyes and it tugged at his heart . Fuck! Why did it matter so much!  She said no so that should be it . Shouldn’t it ? 

Desi clinched her eyes shut .Why is he being so insistent about this ? Why can’t he let it drop?  And why for once just accept kindness and see its not pity ? 

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Desi spoke “ Jon , I’m thankful you want to do this for me but I just can’t accept it “

“And why not? “ He asked persistently

“Because I worked hard for this ticket and I can’t just throw it away simply because I got hurt “ Desi adamantly answered. It was a piss poor excuse but it was some what of the truth , she had worked hard to save up for this trip .

Jon let out a frustrated sigh “ Ok instead of tossing away your ticket. How’s about a free upgrade compliments from the boss man himself “ He winked “ C’mon you can’t say you wouldn’t want to sit on the stage “

Desi thought over his offer . On stage when would she get this opportunity again ? He wasn’t going to give up til she did . So just this once wouldn’t hurt ? Would it ?  “A’right but just this once” she said with resignation.

“I thought for a moment I would have to resort to desperate measures to get you to agree “ Jon chorted

“Like what ? “ Desi asked curiously

“Like this “ Jon leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chapter 6

Jon had been pacing the long corridor , worried about how the weather was going to effect the show. Would they have to cancel? He prayed not .That would have been a first in their long history of shows but the safety of his fans came first.  Then it got back to him that there had been an injured fan , so he had to go find out how bad and what exactly happened.  He reached the door and listened as the girl told her story. He heard her refuse the help they were offering , insisting she was fine. Well if she got hurt at one of his shows , they were gonna see to it she was taken care off.

Desi glanced up and gazed nervously into those blue eyes , OH God its him !  No !  Please don’t see my legs! she hurriedly tugged at  the blanket , making sure her knees were covered.

Jon noticed with each step he took the more nervous she became.  At first he thought it was because of who he was but no this was different, she kept tugging on the blanket as if she didn’t want him to see her injury. It couldn’t be that bad ? Could it ?  he wondered  “I won’t bite . Honest” he smiled trying to ease her fears.

“It’s not that “ Desi answered quietly.  scooting further back on the cot.

“Then tell me ? “ Jon found a stool and scooted it near her .

“It’s just that you don’t need to go to all this trouble . I’m clumsy!  it happens all the time “ She admitted.

“Now I can’t believe that someone stepping on the back of your leg is your fault ? “

“Well no but I just happen to get hurt alot is all .So there is no reason for you all to pay for something I can do myself . “ Desi insisted

“Why don’t you let me worry about what I should and shouldn't pay for hmmm . You go get fixed up and we’ll take care of the rest. No more arguing ‘bout it either “

Desi frowned Great just great ! Now he sees me as a charity case.  Way to go Desiree!  Before she could argue anymore the EMT’’s entered the room with the gurney . “Do I have to get on that?”

“Yes Ma’am I’m sorry its procedure. “ The one man responded .

She groaned then grasped the blanket tightly before she stood . Jon reached for her “Hey take it easy let someone help you.  Stubborn lil thing aren’t you?“ he winked while gently guiding her to the gurney.

Desi, though grateful for his kindness, was still a bit uneasy with his being close to her but reluctantly let him lead her to gurney where she settled in while they fastened the straps securely across her.  “Thank you “ she smiled

Jon returned her smile “ Na, no need for thanks , gladly help out a pretty lady . Now go get fixed up”

Desi smiled again as they started to wheel her out , Jon called out “ Wait , I know you’re staying at the Hilton but what room ? I wanna check on you later -- that is if you’re not still sitting at the hospital “ He bantered

She rolled her eyes. Definitely she was in for a long night . Hospital visits usually were. “You want my room number ? “ she asked incredulously

“Well yea, how else am I gonna see how you’re doing? “ Jon chuckled

Desi debated for a moment , it wasn’t like he wanted to have sex with her or anything so what would it hurt besides how could she really say no to JON BON JOVI .  “True “ she laughed “ 211”

‘Ok then Desiree will see you in a few hours “ He winked .

She nodded then turned to face the doorway while the two men pushed her out and into an awaiting ambulance.

Several hours later , Desi wearily unlocked her door , kicking it with her good leg shut then slowly limped over to couch . She tossed her purse on the coffee table and collapsed on the couch, resting her leg on the coffee table. It was a long night to say the least.  Not surprising she missed the show.  Waiting to be seen , waiting for xrays for cautionary reasons , waiting for for the doctor to read the xrays - knowing they would show nothing - waiting for the doctor to come back to suture her leg , waiting for the paperwork and a couple packets of pain pills to last til she could get to a pharmacy and fill a prescription - Where the hell she was going to do that? In a city she had never been to before now was beyond her . Thank god she had the patience of a saint,  though one thing that always pushed the boundaries of her patience was when they- meaning the doctors wanted their residents to come have a ‘peek’ at her , God ! Did she feel like a guinea pig or worse an animal being gawked at in the zoo.

Once they finished with they’re poking and prodding , she was released and much to her surprise there was a black Lincoln waiting to whisk her away back to her hotel .

The only bright spot in this whole mess was she had gotten to meet Jon , for only a few moments but still it cause a smile to spread across her face.  He had mentioned about wanting to stop by to check on her but -- she glanced at her watch and frowned “ It’s too late and besides he was just probably trying to be nice “

She took another quick glance  at her watch.“I should call Ana “ reaching in her purse and pulled out her phone then flipped it open, 5 voice mails were flashing “Shit , she is gonna freak when I tell her “  Just as she was about to hit speed dial , her hotel phone rang .

With a resounding groan, she stood up and walked into the bedroom to answer the phone.

“Hello ? “

“Hi Is this Desiree? “ Jon asked

Desi’s eyes widened , her mouth agape  , she knew that voice anywhere  OH Hell ! He did remember! GOD dumb ass say something “ Uh, yea it is “ she replied praying she didn’t sound as nervous as she felt.

Jon smiled “Good . Was afraid I might have gotten your room number mixed up “

“No its me , home safe and sound “ Desi lightly teased.”Well at least my home for the next couple more days anyway “

Jon chuckled “Yea, I know what you’re saying there . “ he paused “I was wondering if its not too late if you minded if I stopped by . Just to see if you’re okay “

Desi started to say he didn’t have to but stopped herself “ Sure “

“Ok good , see you in a few then “ Jon replied

“Ok  bye “ Desi hung up the phone , “OH fuck! He’s coming to my room ! “ she did a quick glance around to make sure she didn’t have a disaster of a room  “What the fuck you worried about , Desi ? He’s not coming into your bedroom . “

She hobbled back over to the mirror , running her fingers thru her hair  “You’ve looked worse Des . Besides he just being friendly is all . “

After one last look in the mirror , she limped back into the living room to await for the man who had crept into her dreams for the past twenty plus years.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chapter 5

The rain played havoc with the crowd settling down in their seats , for a few moments they were able to relax , glancing up at the sky waiting for another downpour to drench them.  That wouldn’t have been too bad , considering how hot it had been the previous night but then lightening started to streak across the dark sky and soon the security started to usher the crowd off the field and into safety.

Desi was one of many that was hunkered down near the stadium seats ,crowded in like a can of sardines. Every time she dared to move even just a mere inch, she was shoved in tighter. Worry sketched across her face, her knee, Damn’t if she hadn’t forgotten her brace. Great ! That’s just what I need for my knee to give way.

That’s when it happened. The crowd rushed forward, and someone behind her stepped on the back of her leg, she felt a sharp pain and winced. A deep dreaded feeling settled in the pit of her stomach , that this was going to be more than just a bruise and silently praying for once, Please let it be just a nasty colored bruise. She needed to get out of the crowd as soon as possible so she could check the damage .

Once out of the suffocating crowd, Desi crouched down to examine her leg, she tugged gently on the denim fabric but it clung to the injury , she knew for certain then it was tore but whether she needed stitches or not she couldn’t tell. Tears of frustration threatened to fall when she stood up to see if she could find help.

Desi spotted a guard standing near the railing , she hobbled over to her  “Excuse me “

The guard looked over at Desi, who was limping her way over slowly “ Yes Ma’am ? “

Desi chewed on her bottom lip , Why of all times did this have to happen ? Now I may miss the show  “I think I need some medical help. Someone stepped on the back of my leg and I am pretty sure its cut“ she turned around , crouched down briefly to show the guard where exactly she was injured.

The guard glanced down where Desi indicated , she couldn't see for sure how bad her injury was with the thick denim   covering her leg. “Ok Ma’am I’ll take you in the back where the emergency triage is located. Can you walk ok ? “

Desi nodded and slowly followed the guard down the ramp and to the back. . They started down a long corridor and into a room on the left . A  crack of thunder echoed in the distance , while Desi took a look around the room . It had a couple cots ,A  medicine cabinet,  IV poles and various other medical equipment.

The guard walked over to the Medical technician explained the situation then turned to Desi and smiled “Take care  “ then left.

The woman walked over to her and with a gentle comforting smile replied “ Ok hun what happened? “

Desi preceded to give a detailed account of how her injury happen then ended with “Oh I have Ehler’s Danlo’s Syndrome too , that's why I think I may need stitches “ By the puzzled look on the tech’s face, A frown settled across her face as she continued “ Its a connective tissue disorder - I am lacking collagen , so my skin tears at the slightest incident and my joints dislocate easily “ God how many times do I have to repeat myself , when will someone know about this besides me  she thought with frustration.

“Ah ok , well lets have a look “ The tech replied as she bent down then tried to raise the pant leg but finding it to tight to look that way . “ We are gonna have to remove your jeans “ She stood back up, reached for a gown then handed it to her . “You need help ? “

Desi groaned “No I think I got it  “ she quickly slid out of her ankle boots then unbuttoned her jeans, slid them gently down , stepping out with her good leg then , braced herself against the wall to gingerly remove the pant leg of her injured leg. Then she slipped the gown on, tying it in a knot in back .

The tech bit back a gasp , she had expected a little cut , nothing a band-aid would take care of the but jagged wound staring back at her was more than a simple cut.

Desi knew by the look of the tech , it was bad, she twisted around to look at the damage , shaking her head , she pinched her eyes , red hot tears building threatening to fall “Not again” she muttered slightly

The tech helped her to the cot once seated comfortably she turned for the peroxide and some gauze “ You are going to have to go to the hospital but I can at least get it all cleaned up for you. to prevent any infection “  She lifted Desi’s leg gently , taking the peroxide and dabbing with gauze over the wound. Once certain it was clean , or as best she could in these circumstances , she placed a temporary bandage on it.

Desi shook her head adamantly and said  “ No! Can’t I wait til after the show ? Can’t you just bandage it then afterwards I’ll go ?”  Fuck why can’t I just be normal 

It was the tech’s turn to say no “ No hun, I wouldn’t advise it . This really needs looked at . If you were to go back into that crowd, someone could very easily brush up against your leg. Making it worse than it already is. "

“I know , a’right . Hundreds of dollars down the drain. No big deal “ Desi sighed dejectedly

The woman did sympathize but this really wasn’t nothing to mess around with  “You wait right here while I go get some help “ she smiled warmly and walked out the door.

Desi nodded then reached for the blanket it to cover her knees , another abhorrent part of this -disorder or at least in her mind, was the purplish- greenish bruises that covered her knees and elbows. She gazed at herself in the mirror that hung on the wall across from her,the sight of her face staring back at her caused tears to well up once again.. I told Ana this would happen , I shouldn’t have came .

Over the years she did really well at disguising her countless injuries with Ana’s help of course. Ana's sense of style and knack for camouflaging imperfections made it so that no one save those very close or the few she'd been intimate with knew about the physical scars of her disorder.

“Guess the rain had stopped “ Desi whispered quietly , she gazed at her watch -Gavin DeGraw  was now hitting the stage , about an hour after he was supposed start .  “Damn I wanted to see him too “

A few moments later the emergency tech returned with two gentleman , neither of whom she recognized - well one looked some what familiar But where had she seen him at ? 

The older gentleman walked over to her , glanced down at her bandaged leg and frowned “I’m so sorry this happened to you Miss ? “

“Desiree Jenkins “ Desi answered

He held out his hand “I’m Mr Tom Martin , I’m with Venue management . Security reported your injury to us and I wanted to make sure you were okay. “

“Oh no need but thank you for your concern really . I’m gonna be just fine . Nothing but a few stitches can’t cure “ Desi replied half jokingly.

“Well , Myself and Michael Rew here , he is with band management  would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind ? “

Her eyes widened , That’s where I know him from  “I don’t mind but its not necessary , really I’m fine “  she knew where they were headed with this. They were afraid of a lawsuit , but to be frankly honest it was the last thing on her mind.

“ We just don’t like seeing our fans hurt and if there is anything we can do ?  Could you tell us what happened ? “ Rew kindly asked.

Desi exhaled an exasperated breath, glanced at both men then told them her story. She had been so engrossed in her ramblings that she hadn’t even noticed a blonde-haired gentlemen peeking his head in the door, eavesdropping on her detailed account of her accident.

She watched Mr Martin write down her account,pausing briefly to glance up “What hospital would you prefer ? “

“I-- don’t know I’m not from here . I’m from Ohio  I just flew in for the shows . "

“How’s ‘bout Hackensack Medical Center  “ The voice suggested

Desi glanced around , Where did that other voice come from?It sounds like-- No it Can't be?!

Mr Martin nodded “Okay I’ll relay that on to the EMT’s and again Miss Jenkins I am so sorry. We'll take care of all this don't you worry"

“That’s too kind of you but really its not necess-- “ Desi was cut off by that voice again, an all to familiar voice .

“Yes it is “ The Voice interjected   “ Like Rew said we can’t have our fans injured “  Jon then walked in , stepped between the two gentleman and smiled.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chapter 4

Desi awaited inside for her cab to show up dressed in a pair of Mudd Basic Skinny Jeans, a black baby tee , and finishing the look with her black pair of Steve Madden Betsey Ankle boots.  She grumbled as the rain poured down in buckets,  “Just great! The day I decide to wear my ankle boots it decides to rain.“

Today was round two of her grand Jersey adventure, but before she headed to the show, she was meeting up with a few friends. She met them all online through their mutual love for Bon Jovi.  The meet-up was going to be at Cheeseburger’s in Paradise, hence the reason for the cab instead of the shuttle. A few minutes later her cab arrived and she headed on her way.

The cab pulled up to the front doors, Desi paid the driver then made a mad dash to get inside out of the downpour. Shaking her head she watched the water-drops fell to the floor. She glanced around curiously. She really didn’t know who she was looking for, but not seeing any Jovi shirts she assumed she was early.

She walked over to the bench to wait  then reached in her purse for her phone and pressed speed dial. Perfect time to try and reach Ana again.  They had been playing phone tag since late last night.

Ana answered the phone her voice slightly breathless. “Heya girl , ‘bout time beginning to think you got kidnapped or something?”

Desi laughed. “ Had to rush for the phone again?  And no to answer your question, I was beat  by the time I got back to the hotel so I took a long bath then hit the sack.“

“ Ain't I always rushing for the phone, Cell is dead as usual . So Jon too much for you, his workout do you in?,“ Ana teased mercifully.

“No the damned heat, shit girl it was hotter than hell there yesterday and today its pouring down . Lovely weather they have here in Jersey,“ Desi snorted.

“So give me the deets, how sexy did Richie look ? “

Desi preceded to give all the details from last show, right down to the sweat that dripped off each and every member and Ana listening with amusement. It was so damned good to hear her friend happy again.  She was beginning to think nothing was ever gonna make that girl smile again.

Desi paused for a moment.  “Oh and Ana you ain’t gonna believe this. Jon and Matt were in my hotel!“

Ana sat straight up in her chair. “No fuckin’ way! Are they staying there? Did you talk to him? “

She laughed. “Why would they stay in a hotel when they live not too far from here? No, but he did smile at me and say Hello. “

“Did he check you out? “ Ana asked.

“I have no fuckin’ clue, I was too busy being in shock. “ Desi laughed. “Bet he laughed all the way to the car, the way my mouth hung wide open.“

Ana snorted then shook her head. “ Only you Des , only you. “

“What if it had been Richie? You would have been the same way and you know it ,“ Desi bantered.

“Na, I’d be asking where his room was and when we could meet up,“ Ana teased.

“Sure you would, “ Desi snickered. “Tell me another one. “

“Course I would in my dreams , reality I would ramble like a dumb-ass, “ Ana chortled.

Desi talked with her friend for a few moments longer when she noticed a group of girls with Bon Jovi shirts walk in.  “Hey girl gotta run,  I think Sarah just arrived. Give you a call probably tomorrow since its a day off before the last show.“

“Ok have fun, kiss Richie -- wait don’t kiss him for me -- he’s mine, “ Ana joked.

“Will do luv ya girl. “  Desi chuckled then flipped her phone closed and stood up then slowly walked over to the girls .

Desi hesitated a moment then spoke. “Sarah?,“ casting her an unsure look.

Sarah pivoted around , furrowed an eyebrow. “ Yes? “ She paused for a moment. “ Desi? “

Desi nodded then smiled .

Sarah reached out and pulled Desi into a warm embrace “It’s so good to finally meet you girl. “

Desi returned the hug. “Same here. I’m glad we got a chance to meet up. I was afraid we wouldn’t before the shows ended. “

Sarah pulled back then introduced her to the other girls , one of which Desi had spoken with online a few times, Emily.  “Nice to meet you , glad to finally put a face to a name, “ embracing her and the other girls as well.

Desi hadn't laughed so much in ages. Her time with these girls flew by quickly and reluctantly they had to part ways at the restaurant.  Desi laughed out loud recalling the fun they had just had together.  Once they had been seated and placed their drink orders which Emily suggested they had to try Sky Juice - Blue Curacao, Sprite and whatever your choice of spirit. Desi had chosen Vodka.  She knew probably it wasn’t wise to drink before the show , but it wasn’t like she was going to  have more than one.  Maybe later after the show she would indulge herself in some wine.

The drinks were served and quickly consumed , as the alcohol seeped into their minds, they giggled their way through their meal . The conversation became devilish when the topic of Bon Jovi arose . But all too soon it was time for them to leave and they said their goodbyes , promising to meet up one last time before they all had to head for home.

Desi waved as the last of her friends pulled out of the parking lot, she glanced up at the darkening sky while waiting for her Cab to come and pick her up , The rain had ceased for the time being but it looked like the sky was going to open up any second . Desi prayed a silent prayer that it would hold off until after the show.

The cab finally arrived pulling up near the  curb, just as Desi stepped inside, there was  a flash of lightening that radiated the sky followed by a loud crashing boom that shook the car.  “Damn , can’t you just hold off for a few hours “ She grumbled , her gaze turned towards the scenery as the car pulled out and down the road to the Stadium.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chapter 3

Desi sat stunned as she watched the two men step into a black Lincoln , OH hell it was them , God she had to look like the epitome a fool ,her mouth gaping open as if she was trying to catch flies .She vaguely noticed the shuttle pulling up , her eyes still focused on the black Lincoln still parked waiting for the shuttle to by pass them before pulling out to leave.

She stood, opened the door and a blast of hot air wrapped around her causing to gasp, “Damn its hotter than hell today “she grumbled as the doors of the shuttle opened offering a welcome relief to the heat and humidity. Grateful to be out of the blazing inferno outside , she slid into a window seat , her eyes darted out her gaze following the black car that was slowly passing them by. Jon was in that car, He smiled at me and said hello!! Ok Desiree get a grip you’re not a teenager anymore she chided herself .

What normally would have taken, according to the driver 15 minutes took over a half hour when she finally arrived at the New Meadowlands Stadium. Once the shuttle pulled to a stop and opened the doors , she dreaded the hot hazy humid weather that was waiting for her when she stepped out . She stood up and walked off the shuttle , the glare of the sun beating down as she took a look around trying to find the entrance .

Spotting the long line that was beginning to snake around the huge stadium, she meandered over to take her place in line. Glancing at her watch , Should be anytime they let us in the gates. she thought to herself . her ears perked up when she heard a few riffs of some song , couldn’t quite make it out from the noise of the crowd but definitely knew it was sound-check. Her excitement kicking into full gear,she couldn’t wait for the gates open and to see just exactly how close her seats were.

After what it seemed like several hours of waiting in line in the suffocating heat, They finally opened the gates , like a bunch a cattle being herded into the corral , the crowd slowly made its way through. Desi followed and with a sigh of relief made to the security guards, one checked the contents of her purse, while the other guard slightly frisked her . Once she was cleared , she asked which direction she needed to go to get on the field . The woman quickly and abruptly told her , the field entrance was clear on the other side of the arena. Mentally thanking herself for wearing tennis shoes instead of the ankle boots ,.As she began her long trek to the field entrance.

Once at the entrance , she decided on buying a bottle of water otherwise she wasn’t going make it through this scorching heat. She walked over to the booth , ordered a water then reached in her purse for her wallet to pay . When the attendant said 6 dollars she nearly passed out from shock , Sure she knew it would be expensive, but 6 bucks was outrageous , . Reluctantly paying it , she then walked back to the entrance and made her way out onto the field in search of her seat.

Finally seated , her mouth agape Desi couldn’t believe exactly how close her seats were, she was on Bobby’s side last seat in 3rd row from the stage and right near where Jon would come out to walk out to the circle. Which meant he would pass right by her ? She almost giggled aloud at the very thought.

After nearly broiling through the opening band, Train , the moment had finally arrived. Desi stood as the first bars of the intro of This Is Our House started playing. Her voice blending in with the other screams that were shouting for the band to appear , as well as stopping of their feet.

Forgetting about the heat, Desi was all about the show now , she screamed loudly when she saw Bobby, David , Tico strolled out followed by Richie then Jon , soon after the beginning’s of Blood on Blood kicked in.

Her eyes never left the stage, as the sweat poured down her face , she would casually wipe it away and sing along with each song that passed , her voice blending with the rest of thousands that were rockin’ with Jon’s rock workout. A few song’s in she swore she got a few smiles , and winks her way -- it was hard to tell really with so many people around her .

They were on fire tonight ! Her voice nearly shot by Runaway then she noticed no sound , all she heard was the crowd, with a puzzled look she watched Jon who kept singing as if nothing had happened, while the crowd continued the song for them til it came back on.

For the rest of the show nothing but perfection , the setlist was smokin’ in her opinion, her faves definitely were Superman Tonight -deep inside she wished for her own Superman-maybe someday. She sighed to herself. But it was Love’s The Only Rule where she was fairly certain he sang to her and pointed briefly as he walked on by .After that moment it was a blur, those sparkly blue eyes gazing into hers had her reminiscing of the brief encounter earlier that day.

Far too soon the show ended, leaving Desi is a state of euphoria , she slowly followed the crowd out , her tank clinking to her like a dryer sheet to socks. from the perspiration , she was eager to get out, hoping for a slight wind , something to cool her off.

The long dreaded walk around the arena, caused her knee to throb , pushing herself further to make it to the shuttle stop . She frowned when she arrived where she was supposed to wait, ‘Damn its not here yet “ She cursed softly . Glancing around to her dismay no where to sit either to take the pressure of her sore knee either. “ Great “ , bending down , she rubbed her knee , not even noticing the black van slowly passing by .

Jon sat peering out the window , it had been a long hot night but a good one despite a minor technicality during Runaway , His eyes gazed out over the packed parking lot, it was going to awhile, Then something caught his eye , or someone that is -- It was pitch black forsaken the lamp poles shining , one of which was shining on a woman bending over checkin on -- could she be injured? He leaned in closer to get a better view, as they slowly made their way by the young woman. Wait have I seen her before? She looks vaguely familiar but where ? .

He debated having Tom pull over to make sure she was okay , but she straightened up so it seemed like she was fine. , though he did notice the knee brace on her right leg. His eyes scanned up to her face, That’s it , at the hotel today , and in the crowd tonight -- of course dumb-fuck in the crowd she’s out here waiting to leave. But he spotted her a few times while he scanned the crowd. A smile spread across his face , she really was a beautiful woman , her long auburn hair partly secured in a braid ,several strands had fallen apparently from the heat and persperation, but to him it made her even more beautiful. What the fuck ? Don’t even think it asshole He chided himself true he had been divorced secretly for awhile now, but once the Circle Tour began , it became public knowledge. and as crazy has his life had become again he wasn’t ready to take on a new anything right now . Though for some reason this girl captured his attention .

He watched as she soon disappeared onto the shuttle for the Hilton where he had seen her previously today, Wondering to himself if she would be at the other two shows or not. And secretly hoping she was. And for the life of him couldn’t figure out why?

Desi breathed a sigh of relief once the shuttle pulled up and opened the doors., finding a seat and exhaustively tumbled into it. As much as she had fun tonight , she couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and soak her knee. Round 1 now behind her 2 more Rounds to go , Question is could her knee handle it ? “ It would have too “ she muttered softly to herself as the shuttle slowly inched its way out of the parking lot and back to the hotel.