Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chapter 27

They arrived at Riverview Medical Center about an hour or so later,  Paul threw the car into park then quickly stepped out of the car to retrieve a wheelchair .

Moments later he returned with the chair then opened the back door. Desi stepped out then along with Paul’s help, carefully settled Jon into the seat.  She then reached in for the ice pack , placing it back onto his calf.

The glass door opened and the trio stepped inside towards the registration desk. The young woman sitting behind the desk raised her head the moment the door opened. Her eyes widened and she fought to keep her composure when she took notice who was walking towards her.  “May I help you? “ her voice edged with a slight nervous tone,Holy Hell its Jon Bon Jovi !  Keep calm you are a professional. This was just her second week on the job and she hadn’t expected to see him here.

Desi bit back a grin, the woman was a fan it was written all over her face though she tried to hide it . “ Yes he needs to see a doctor. “

The woman nodded, then preceded to type . “ Name ? “ God that sounds so dumb , I know who the hell he is .

Jon smirked as he watched the woman nervously peck away at the keyboard. “John Bongiovi “

The woman rattled off the address that popped up on the screen .

Jon shook his head no and gave her his Soho address .

“Do you have your insurance card ? “ She asked.

Jon leaned forward, winced slightly as he removed his wallet then pulled out his card and handed it to her.

“Okay can you tell me what happened ? “ She asked as while she typed in his information on his Insurance card then quickly scanned it , then handed it back to him.

“I have no fuckin’ clue what I did.“ Jon paused, then apologized. “ Sorry, I’m not sure exactly other than I was dancing - well kinda I can’t dance worth shit anyway I felt a pop in my right calf and it hurts like a bitch. “

The woman smirked then nodded as she typed in his explanation.  A few moments later she printed out a sheet for him to sign. “Sign here “ she pointed “And here. “

Jon reached over and scribbled his name.

“Okay then if you want to wait over there, they will call your name when they are ready. “ The woman instructed.

Desi pushed Jon over to the waiting area  then sat down in a seat beside him. “Now for the fun part. “ she remarked sarcastically.

“How do you do it ? “ Jon asked while he reached out for her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“Do what wait? Or the pain ? “

“Both “

“Well I guess I’m just used to it . “ Desi admitted honestly.

“I can’t see how you could get used to this . “ He reached down, to adjust the ice pack , the pain radiated through him to his very core.  “This fuckin’ hurts like a son of a bitch. “

“Here let me get it . “ Desi squatted down and gingerly placed the ice pack on the back of his leg.

Jon watched her as she nursed him,  if he didn’t think he had feelings for her before this sealed the deal.  No one had bothered to take care of him without wanting something in return, not that he allowed it anyway.

Before he could say anything , a nurse called out for him.  “ John Bongiovi. “

Desi stood up then wheeled him over to the nurse who took over , “I’ll wait out here I’m sure the gang will be arriving soon and they’ll wanna know whats going on. “

“Okay baby , “ he smiled warmly “ See you soon. “

Desi leaned down and kissed him before the nurse wheeled him inside.


Desi had been sitting on the hard bench when Richie , Ana and the rest of the crew arrived.

Ana strolled over to her friend , “ Heya girlfriend  how is he ? “

“Well they just took him inside so I don’t know . “ Desi answered her eyes remained on the door where Jon had been taken into.

“Jon,  he’s a tough son of bitch.“ Richie spoke trying to reassure Desi. “ Don’t you worry. “

“And stubborn too, “ Desi quipped. “All the way here he insisted this wasn’t gonna effect the tour.”

Richie laughed, “ He would have to be in traction in bed before he cancelled anything.  And I doubt that would keep him from hitting the stage. “

Desi snickered, “But what if the  doctor says stay off it , You know that ain’t gonna happen. “

“Jon will negotiate , he does it for a living and he is good at it . He will get his way . Watch. “ Richie answered as he sat down beside her , wrapped his arm around her giving it a gentle squeeze.

Ana walked over to the other side and sat down . “ Yea,  besides it may just be a pulled muscle. “

“I don’t think its just a pulled muscle. “ Desi replied, “ Not from what his doctor said . He thinks it might be a torn. “

Richie winced ,  “Well if it then we’ll do what we have to do, though I know the man and he won’t reschedule or cancel. “

“Guess we just wait and see what the doctor says . “ Desi spoke softly.

A couple hours later, a nurse come out and walked swiftly over to Desi . “ Excuse me miss are you Mr Bongiovi’s girlfriend ?”

“Um n- “ Desi didn’t get a chance to finish before Richie and Ana piped up “Yes she is .”

“Could you come with me please ? Maybe you can get him to understand and be reasonable. “ Her tone was of frustration, apparently Jon wasn’t being the good little patient.

Desi sucked in a deep breath, then stood. “ I can try but he is one stubborn man. “

“Follow me please. “

Desi followed the nurse back to where Jon was , she entered the room and bit back a smirk as she took in the situation. Jon was sitting on the stretcher , his arms crossed his face coated with a mixture of stubborness and determination.  “I hear we have a problem. “

The doctor turned to face her, his face coated with frustration. “Ma’am could you get him to see reason, he can’t put pressure on that leg it needs time to heal. “

“And could you please tell the doctor I can’t cancel , I won’t cancel . “ Jon responded stubbornly.

“Can’t we come up with a compromise here ?  What if he is just on it for a couple hours a night then uses crutches when he isn’t on stage? “ Desi suggested.

“I guess that could work but only just for a couple hours at night and not too much pressure which means no dancing . “ The  doctor ordered. “ I would like to prescribe a pain medication too. “

“Yes to the crutches , Hell no to the meds. “ Jon replied adamantly. “ Advil will do just fine and acupuncture . “

The doctor sighed “ FIne I will finish your paperwork then you can leave. But you need to check in with you regular doctor for a follow up visit. The Nurse will be in with your crutches and please use them. “ then he walked out of the room muttering to himself , Stubborn Rockstars!

Desi shook her head, “ Damn and I thought I was a bad patient . “

“What? I can’t cancel and you know it. “  Jon answered defensively as he swung his legs slowly off the stretcher.

“You could , your fans would understand but you just don’t wanna.  I am not even gonna try and argue with you about it either, but you will use those crutches . “ Desi ordered.  “ Or you won’t get your treat . I promised you if you were a good boy. “

Jon let out a deep sigh, and a pout formed on his lips. “ A’right I will use the crutches . “

“Good boy.“ Desi replied as she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist then placed a sweet kiss on his lips.

A half hour later , paperwork in hand, Jon on crutches and with a quick goodbye to Richie , Ana and the others, who had arrived while they were in the back.  Jon and Desi climbed back into the car and headed back to Soho.