Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chapter 22

A  few weeks of several long distance conversations , as much as Jon’s schedule would allow , it was time for the girls to leave for Jersey.  Desi pulled her bag to the living room and dropped her carry on beside it .

“Shouldn’t we call a cab? “ Ana asked

“No Jon said -” Desi was interrupted by a shrill honk of a car horn in her driveway.  She peeked out her window “Our ride is here “ while she bent down picked up her carry-on , and pulled the other behind her.

“Damn girl what other surprises does he have in store “ Ana replied with a impressed tone.

“Guess you have to wait and see “ Desi smirked as she headed out her door, then waited for Ana to walk out before locking the door.

Paul stepped out of the car “Miss Desi good to see you again “

“Hiya Paul didn’t expect to see you ? “ Desi answered with a surprised tone.

“Well the boss said he knew  you knew me and might be more comfortable with me so here I am “ He smiled as he grabbed the girls bags and tossed them into the trunk.

“We’re not driving all the way there are we? “ Desi asked as she climbed in the back of the Black SUV.

“No ma’am “ Paul answered while he waited for Ana to climb in then he closed the door.

About 45 minutes later they arrived at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Paul pulled up to the curb, climbed out and grabbed the girls bags.  “Follow me ladies “ He quickly walked to the security check then through to where all the Private planes flew in.

They crossed the tarmac towards Jovi Air , what Desi and her fellow Jovi fans called their private jet.“Oh hell I didn’t know he was doing this “

Paul turned and smiled “Seems to me , you rank very special to the Boss “ he winked then carried their luggage up the steps “Make yourselves comfortable . Its not a real long flight but should be a smooth one all the same. “

Desi and Ana stepped onto the plane , their eyes widened at the plush surroundings “ Shit girl you did good “ Ana exclaimed , clasping her shoulder appreciatively.

“He didn’t have to do this “ Desi responded with a mixture of shock and wander.

“Yea he did , he is trying to woooo you girl friend “ Ana smirked “ And I believe he has succeeded with impressing your friend at least “ she then settled into a comfy chair and buckled up .

Desi sat across from her friend , gazing out the small window “ Unbelievable , How can he like me this much this fast , its impossible “

“Listen to me I am not getting into another argument on how you’re not worthy of him “ Ana chided “So you might as well enjoy yourself and learn to love what is being given to you “

“Yes ma’am “ Desi snickered , leaning her head back against the headrest. Moments later they were taking off and on their way into the unknown.  Having no clue , just exact what Jon had in store when the girls landed .


A couple hours later , the girls arrived at their hotel.  Desi slid her key-card into the slot and opened the door. “Now you get to see where I stayed ,but this is a even nicer room . “ she  commented while dragging her bag behind her and into her room .

“I can’t say it enough , you have one smitten puppy on your hands “ Ana quipped as she carried her bags into her room.”

Desi rolled her eyes “ Okay I get it “ then laughed while she came out of her bedroom. “Wanna order room service ? I’m starved “

“Sure wonder how much we can spend “ Ana snorted

“Well shit don’t order the whole damned menu. “ Desi retorted as she tossed her a menu while she glanced at her own copy.

“Oh why not , not like he couldn’t afford it “ Ana mused. After Desi shot her a distressed look she relented ‘A’right A’right I’ll behave . Um- “ she looked over the menu “ Okay how’s about a chicken sandwich with a side of ranch and fries and a Mt Dew “

“That’s better “ Desi grinned then walked over to the phone , picked up the receiver and dialed for room service.  A few moments later with their order placed , she sauntered over to a chair and settled in.

Once the girls settled down in the living area, flicking through the channels to find a decent movie, Desi’s phone trilled . She reached in her purse , glanced at the name and smiled then flipped it open. “Hi  there “

“Heya baby , did you make in okay ? “ Jon asked as he climbed in the back of a Black SUV. He settled in , gazing out the window.

“Yea we did but seriously you didn’t have to go to all this trouble “

“You didn’t like the flight ? “ Jon asked

“OH no it was great just that - “ Desi was interupted by a soft punch in the arm by Ana “ Ouch “

Jon sat up , worry creased his forehead “What happened you okay? “

Desi chuckled, swatting Ana’s hand away “ Oh yea , I’m fine Ana just punched me in the arm “

“Why she do that ? Don’t she know that will hurt you ? “ Jon asked a tinge of anger coated his voice .She’s supposed to be her friend !

“Yea she does, I’m okay - it was really just a light tap, honest “ Desi replied assuredly .

Ana shot her a amused look, Damn he was concerned about her , this is getting more and more interesting .

“If you’re sure “ Jon added, still not totally convinced.

“Honest I’m fine . “

“Okay but tell her not to hit you anymore “Jon gently ordered.

Desi bit back a grin,Overprotective much, I might be able to get used to this .“I will pass along the message “ while she glanced over at Ana.

“Good girl , Now for the reason that I called .  Tomorrow Paul will pick you ladies up around 4 , he will have a package which has two laminates , slip those on before you reach the stadium . GIve me a call when you reach the stadium and I will send Obie to meet you to at the gate .

Desi curled up in the chair , as Ana went to answer the door  . Once Jon had finished she spoke “Okay will do “

“Can’t wait to see you again “ Jon admitted “Oh and Richie is quite interested in knowing more about your friend here “

“Really? Well then I think they will get along great because she is interested in getting to know him better too “ Desi replied with an amused tone.

“Then I guess we don’t have to worry about those two then huh “ Jon smirked.

“No I guess not. I hate to cut this short but our dinner has arrived and I am starved . “ Desi said with a slight reluctance of wanting to hang up the phone.

“You go eat and I’ll see you tomorrow then baby “ Jon replied

“Thanks again for everything “ Desi said gratefully.

“Not a problem , told you I would do anything to get what I want “ Jon snorted “Eat well and Sweet Dreams “

Desi laughed “ I’m really beginning to believe that , Night Sweet Dreams to you too . “ she flipped her phone shut , and quickly dug into her dinner.

As Ana finished chewing her bite of chicken sandwich. “ So what that was that about ? “ she asked curiously.

“Oh just give us deets for tomorrow and to tell you to quite hitting me “ Desi smirked while she took a sip of her soda.

“He did now huh ? Interesting “ Ana grinned “ Me thinks someone is taking over my spot as your bodyguard “

“Pfft , okay whatever “ Desi replied “ Lets eat before this gets cold , I wanna crash early “

“Uh Huh “ Ana grinned as she returned her attention back to her sandwich and fries


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