Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chapter 9

The moon glistened in through her bedroom window and her nervousness kicked up a couple notches.Desi swallowed hard, her eyes remained fixated on Jon, who had sat briefly on the bed to kick of his shoes followed by his jeans landing in a pile . Her hands slid down to her jeans, but her fingers shook so badly , she couldn’t unfasten the button.  Silently she cursed herself for being such a nervous Nelly.

Jon slid up beside her on the bed , he reached down to help her . Placing his hands over hers, he quickly slid the button through the slit then slid the metal zipper down . He gently urged her to lift her hips up so he could slid the jeans down and tossed them on the floor.

Desi fought the urge to cover herself, Its dark he can’t see she reminded herself . She shyly glanced up , her eyes darting from his eyes to that breath taking smile of his .God! She’d never been this nervous in her life not even when she first had sex, what the fuck was wrong with her ? She laid frozen in place like a sheep being lead to a slaughter. Damnit  Desiree do or say something ?

Jon rocked back on his heels to gaze over this shy beautiful woman and chuckled to himself. Damn if she didn’t seem almost skittish. Why? She seemed to talk to me just fine so it couldn’t be a fan thing could it ?  Maybe he should end it now ? Maybe she is having second thoughts ?

He crawled up beside her, pulling her into an embrace then tilted her head to look at him  “If you’ve changed your mind. I’ll understand “

Desi couldn’t think straight not with him this close. His warm body pressed against hers, his scent floating over her like a drug and those eyes - damn those eyes will be the death of me.  “No just its been awhile “ She answered with a half truth .

“Would you believe it’s been awhile for me too ? “ Jon replied with all sincerity .

Desi raised up on her elbows , arched an eyebrow “You’re teasing me right? “ a small smile spread across her face.

Jon shook his head “Nope I’m not “

Desi simply nodded then leaned in dropping a kiss on to his lips.  His confession tugged at her heart more than it should have, but she could relate . Divorce no matter what the circumstances were painful.  She knew she felt like a failure in more ways than one. Jack had confessed he’d been seeing a girl he met online then before she could recover from that blow he served her with divorce papers. “Yeah, divorce can do that.”

“You too?”

She just nodded, not wanting to discuss it. Jon understood and having no wish to talk about their exes at this particular moment either, slid his arms around her, tugging her almost on top of him as the kiss deepened . His hands slid slowly down her back. Suddenly, his brain kicked in and he stopped and raised his head. “Uh, baby?”


“I didn’t come down here planning to make love with you, so I didn’t bring anything with me. I’m not contagious, but pregnancy is still a possibility. Do you have anything?”

Desi blushed. She had gone off the pill awhile ago, convinced she wasn’t going to need it anytime soon, if ever again, but Ana apparently had high hopes for her this trip and made sure she was prepared. When she unpacked her toiletries, Desi had found the small box stuffed amongst her shampoo and tooth paste. She nodded. “In the bathroom.”

Jon planted a kiss on her forehead then slid from the bed “Be right  back baby “ he tossed her a smile and made a quick trip to the bathroom.

A few moments later he returned with the small box and after removing one foil packet , he tossed the box onto the night stand then rejoined Desi in bed.  “Now where were we ? “ he devilishly asked.

Desi reached out and tugged him closer to her  “I think right about here “ then she kissed him .All her reservations gone at least for the moment . She pushed all her negative thoughts away and let her body do the talking .

As the kiss intensified , his hand travelled down to the thin scrap of lace , giving it a slight tug and tossed it aside.  A smile spread across his face to find her wet and very willing , he slid a finger deep inside while his thumb pressed against her nub.

Desi cried out with pleasure “Oh god ! “ and wiggled against his hand. Her hand instinctively travelled along his chest , inching closer to his manhood eager to return the pleasure he was giving her.

A growl escaped his lips the moment her tiny hands touched him . Her hand stroking in time with his . “God Desi that feels so damned good “

Clinching her eyes , she was close- so close  “Yes it- Oh God right there please “ she pleaded while her hand stroked his member faster .

Jon gritted his teeth as he fought the urge to join her prematurely in paradise. “You mean right here “ He plunged two fingers in deeper  “Or here ? “ his thumb pressed harder on her nub .

“Both “ She panted “Or better yet please I need you inside me now ! “ spreading her legs wider , she eagerly awaited him.

Not the type to keep a lady waiting. Jon withdrew his fingers, rocked back on his heels ,tore open the foil packet and slipped on the condom.

Once assured the protection was in place , he moved slowly upwards , his lips sliding over each inch of her leg nibbling along her calf.  His eyes gazed over the scars that lay on her leg and wondered  What could have caused all these ? Was this the reason she was afraid to be alone with me ? Did someone hurt her? So help the person if they had ? A spark of anger hit him at the very thought someone hurting this sweet woman . Shaking away these thoughts he returned his attention to her . “You like that baby ? “

Desi was so lost in the throws of passion , she didn’t even realize that he had noticed her scars . “Yes “ was all she could muster .

Jon eased his way into her entrance and growled as her walls grasped tightly onto him. “ Fuck Desi! “ he growled, pausing to regain control.

“Oh god Jon! You feel so good “ Desi cried out. Her legs snaked around his waist  while she leaned forward to nibble on his chest .God in Heaven he is everything I ever dreamed he would be !

“Easy baby “ Jon replied as he slipped her injured leg carefully back down on the bed

She let out a soft chuckle “ Can you believe I forgot? “

Jon chuckled “ Well I do have you kind of busy. “ he winked then leaned in capturing her lips as he plunged in deep then slowly withdrew.

Desi’s gasps of pleasure mixed in with his grunts while she raised her hips to meet with his thrusts . her hands slid down his back , grasping on tightly as the orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave.  

Once he was certain she was completely sated , his thrusts became more intense as he neared his own peak “ You ready to ride this wave together baby “ He growled deeply in her ear , nibbling down her neck .

“Oh Fuck Yes !“ She cried out in ecstasy. Her whole body shook with anticipation.

He pounded hard and fast soon his own release followed as he spilled himself into her warmth. “Fuck! “ he bit out then collapsed on her soft sweaty body.

Desi fought to catch her breath . She had always fantasized sex with him would be incredible but nothing could compare to reality.

Jon raised up on his  forearms and smiled  “You okay? “

“Yea I am “ she grinned back then yawned .

“Looks like someone is tired “

“I guess I am .Got a workout that I’m not used too “ Desi chortled fighting back another yawn.

Jon grinned “ A good workout though? “  As he gently pulled out , rolled away then sat up to remove the condom.

“Oh definitely best workout I ever had “ she watched him as he sauntered to the  bathroom and return with a couple towels.

“ I aim to please “ he winked while wiping himself off with one of the towels..

“You sure can do that “ she smiled then reached for the other towel but he shook his head.

“Nope I get to do it “ He crawled back in bed and gently wiped her then gave them a toss onto the floor.

Desi yawned again “You don’t have to stay  “

“No I don’t but I want too “ He sweetly smiled then tugged her close , wrapping his arms tightly around her

“Now sleep “

“You always give orders ? “

“Sure do . Don’t you know I’m the boss man “

“Well then I can’t piss off the boss man now can I ? Wouldn’t want the stink eye. “

Jon let out a hearty chuckle “You know ‘bout that huh ? “

“Duh of course I do “ Desi snickered then she grew serious “ Thank you for everything “

“I told you before no need to thank me “ He replied, lifting her chin and placed a light kiss on her lips.
“But “

“No  buts - now sleep “ Jon gently ordered.

Desi nodded as her eyes closed If this was a dream please don’t ever let me  wake up .Was the last thought that entered her mind once sleep claimed her.

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