Friday, September 10, 2010

Chapter 10

"Hey this is Richie Sambora. Get me out of here! Hello?? Get me out of here!!"  infiltrated Jon’s sleep. Why would Richie be here ? What the fuck is going on ?  Get him out of where?  . Once again ‘Richie’s voice spoke’ “ Hey this is Richie Sambora. Get me out of here! . Hello?? Get me out of here!! “.

Jon slowly opened his eyes and after carefully prying Desi’s arms away, wiping the sleep from his eyes, he slowly opened them, letting them adjust to the early morning light before swinging his legs off the bed. Tugging on his jeans, he pulled them up then stood.

Desi’s phone trilled again with Richie’s voice filtering faintly through the bedroom door, Jon walked towards where the voice was coming from.  He opened the door , glanced around his eyes spotting her phone on the coffee table and snorted “Fuck it was just her damn phone “ . He sauntered over to the phone , picked it up, glanced at the name Ana that flashed across the small screen.

He had  debated on answering it when it had stopped ringing, but just as he was about to set the phone back down it rang again “ Damn Richie “ he laughed then flipped it open  “Hello “

“About damn time you answered girl . Been trying to get a hold of you since last night. Where the fuck you been ? Did you get kidnapped or some-- “ Ana paused as the realization of a male voice filtered through her rant. “Wait a minute. Who are you and where’s Des?“ She asked cautiously.

“Whoa motor mouth,slow down,” the voice laughed.” I haven’t had my morning coffee yet . I’m a friend of Desi’s “ he paused debating on just how much to reveal to this girl . “ She’s asleep right now . “

Ana arched an eyebrow “ Motor mouth? A  good friend huh ? She doesn’t know anyone in Jersey. Well, other than Emily and you’re not her . So where’d she pick you up at?“

Damn this Ana was persistant “Well Ana is it ? Desi and I met last night when she was injured and I came by to see if she was okay and well-- “ Jon smirked as he recalled their hot passionate night . He wasn’t lying to her when he had told it been a while for him too. Even with his ‘friends’ he had lost interest in any kind of relationship. His divorce had soured him on any future prospect. Though Dot and him were still friends , he didn’t want to invest his heart again. So what was it about this beautiful woman that lay sleeping in the other room that had him possibly wanting to change his mind.

Ana tapped her foot impatiently God this man was infuriating! , Who was this man ? A good friend ? Why does his voice sound familiar ? Wait did he say she was injured ?  “ Desi is hurt ! What the fuck happened? Damnt! I knew I should have said fuck work and went with her ! “ she rattled on, her voice coated with a mixture of panic and guilt.

“Hey Hey its okay. She’s fine. Well as fine as to be expected with fifteen stitches.  “ Jon winced that didn’t not come as reassuring as he had wanted it too.

“Fifteen stitches ! What the fuck happened ? “ Ana bellowed into the phone.

“Calm down a moment and I’ll explain  There was a storm yesterday and our- I mean the fans were moved off the field until it was safe for them to be there. Apparently while waiting with the crowd there was a bit of shoving and someone stepped on her calf . “ Jon explained.

Ana was pacing back and forth in her living room while she listened to this man’s explanation and Desi’s injury .  “So how did you come by being in her room again ? “ she suspiciously asked.

“I came by to check on her . I was worried . I wanted to make sure she was okay and if there was anything else I could do to help her. “

“And you are ? Where did she meet you ? “ Ana asked  Where the hell have I heard his voice before?

“A friend and at the concert “ Jon replied. He was surprised she hadn’t figured it out by now .Maybe she wasn’t a fan ?

Ana growled in frustration getting information from this man was like pulling teeth “ Look I don’t know who you are ? But I do know you are in my best friend’s room at -- “ she glanced at her watch “9am.  Which by my standards is an early time to be paying a friend a visit . So care to enlighten me to what are you doing in my friends room at this hour other than checking in on her ? “

“I didn’t say I was checkin’ in on her this morning . I did however check on her last night “ Jon quipped.

“You what? “ Ana sputtered coffee splattering all over her laptop

“You heard me “ Jon smirked as he glanced back towards the bedroom “Now would you like me to wake her up so you can see I didn’t harm her or would you like for me to take a message and have her call you back ? “

“Don’t get cocky with me who ever you are ! Why won’t you tell me who you are if you say you’re a friend “

“Cuz you haven’t asked nicely “ He chortled “ Listen I gotta run. Gotta a meeting and shit to get too . I’ll tell Desi you called “

“Hmmph, didn’t ask you nicely . “Ana hesitated for a moment when it dawned on her just who’s voice was on the other end and part of her was ecstatic for her friend -if anyone needed some happiness was Desi but same time she was wary. “Just don’t hurt Desi , Mr Bon Jovi or I’ll have to come and kick your ass “

“Finally figured it out huh?. “ Jon chuckled “ As for hurting Desi , Didn’t plan on it . She’s been hurt enough don’t you think ? “

There was a long pause “You know?  She told you ?! “ Ana asked incredulously

“She didn’t tell me anything. I noticed a few scars last night . But I won’t say a word until she’s ready to tell me “ Jon responded quietly “Look would love to talk to you longer but gotta run” he flipped the phone shut and walked over to where his shirt lay,slipped it back on and buttoned it then walked back into the bedroom.

He stopped short to gaze at Desi , a smile spread across his face as he watched her sleep. Then he walked over to her side of the bed , crouched down and reached up to move a strand of hair that had fallen in her face . “Baby ? “ he softly spoke.

Desi’s  eyes flickered open and the first sight she saw was looking into a pair of baby blues staring right back at her “Mmm ‘

“I’m sorry I  gotta run but I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye.“ He leaned down and planted a kiss on her forehead .

“You didn’t have to “ she muttered sleepily .

“Yes I did . Now you sleep and rest that leg . I’ll talk to you later “ Jon replied then before standing up , he gave her hand a squeeze and kissed her.  “Oh one more thing your friend Ana called “

“Okay “ her eyes closing as she drifted back to sleep.

He glanced at her one more time before slipping on his shoes and quietly shutting the bedroom door behind him then headed out the main door of her hotel suite.

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  1. gaaaaahhh fantastic, Donna! LOVED the exchange between Ana & Jon LOL, & the ringtone was perfect ;) what a sweetie he is!! Can't wait for more!! Xoxo