Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chapter 11

A couple hours later Desi stirred . She opened her eyes slowly and glanced around . Had it all been a dream?  She slowly scooted back against the headboard, the sheet that draped over her fell revealing her nude body.  “OH hell it did happen ! “ she exclaimed  “ I - Oh fuck me “ .

She clambered out of the bed then winced as a shooting pain quickly reminded her of her injury. Biting her bottom lip, she gazed around the room, two towels lay on the floor beside her jeans and underwear.  “I can’t believe I did - we did this ! “muttering to herself as she followed the clothing trail. . A small smile spread across her face as she recalled every moment of last night . Picking up her shirt , she held it close to her - his scent floated over her like a warm breeze. .He had  made her feel special and for that she would always feel grateful.

After a few moments being lost in her own reverie , she made her way to the bathroom for a sponge bath.  Once finished , she wrapped herself in her robe , her eyes darted to the trash can where the evidence of their night of passion lay.  “God! Wait til Ana hears about this “ she replied almost giddy-like  “Hell I still cant believe it . “ Then realization hit , Jon had told her Ana had  called “Shit I almost forgot . “

She hobbled out to her phone , sat down on the couch  , propped her leg up then flipped open her phone and pressed speed dial.

“Des is this you or is it your new best friend ? “ Ana teased .

“Its me , Why do you have to ask that ? “ Desi asked

“Well apparently some man answered your phone when I called this morning. Care to tell me about what was Jon Bon Jovi was doing in your room ? “

Desi’s eyes widened ,He had said she called he hadn’t said he talked to her . What the hell did he say and what did Ana say to him ? “Well um .. uh “

“Spit it out girl ! “

“Well Ana it’s really a long story and not sure you got time to hear it “ Desi replied a bit hesitate. Not that she didn’t want to tell her friend . Just it really hadn’t all sunk in for herself yet.

“Yes I do and what’s this about you getting hurt ? “ Ana continued with her rant.

Desi sighed “There was a storm and they made us move off the field . Well while we were all crowded up in the stands , there was a slight rush and some person stepped on the back of my calf. And you know it couldn’t just be a bruise it had to tear - fifteen stitches worth.  “

“God Desi why didn’t you call me ? “

“And what would you have been able to do ?  I went to the hospital ,got stitched up and brought back here . “

“You sure you’re okay ? “ Ana asked , her voice filled with concern .

‘Yea I’m great . I mean its sore but that’s normal “ Desi answered while she bent down to touch the bandaged calf.

‘Take it easy will ya . Tell me how did Jon end up in your room ?  “

“I will . As for how Jon ended up in my room. Well they had taken me backstage when I got hurt and I was in this room waiting for them to take me to the hospital when these two gentlemen walked in one was management with the stadium and the other was from Bonjovi Management  Next thing I knew Jon walked in . ‘

“You’re shittin’ me ! And what did you do ? “

“I was in shock . They were asking what hospital to go to and I had no clue and he mentioned  Hackensack Medical Center. That he wanted to take care of everything and he wanted my room number so he could check on me later . “

Ana chuckled “Apparently he did too . Just how well did he check on you or should I say check you out? “

Desi’s cheeks flushed “ Lets just say I don’t have to fantasize anymore. “

“Is that all the Deet’s I’m gonna get ? “ Ana pouted .

“What do you want a play by play? “ Desi bantered as she leaned forward to pour herself a glass of water.

“Yea you know how nosy I am besides after hearing about how you would rock his world for the last 20 yrs I wanna know if he rocked yours “

“Yes he did and then some “ Desi sighed in disbelief “ I am still having a hard time believing it happened but the discarded condom answers that for me “

Ana laughed “ Now who is gonna doubt me again umm.  “

“Okay okay I will never doubt you again - until the next time “ she teased then grew  serious “ but its not like its gonna happen again , He was sweet to me but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna fall madly in love “

Ana shook her head in dismay  “You never know he might wanna see you again and if not hell girl that should bring your self esteem up a few notches . You just spent the night with the most sought after man on the planet. “

“True - I mean hell I didn’t expect him to even show and when he did - we talked and next thing I knew he was kissing me . I got scared though what if he saw then ran “ Desi admitted

Ana bit her lip to keep from telling her what Jon had said to her , He had noticed and it didn’t matter.  “ Look I don’t think he would be the type too. Remember he has said he loves all women.“

“So what did he have to say to you ? “ Desi responded quickly changing the subject. She didn’t want to let herself believe maybe there was a chance he wouldn’t care what she actually looked like.

God she wanted to strangle her sometimes ! “ Oh he is one cocky son of bitch . You know that right “

Desi laughed “ Not with me he wasn’t “

‘Of course not with you . Anyways, he wouldn’t give me a straight answer about who he was but insisted you were okay. How the hell was I to know that . Here is some stranger answering your phone “ Ana huffed. “Until I hit me who it was  then -- “ Ana stopped herself if she told her she had threatened him  Des would fly into a tizzy.

“Then what ? “

“Oh nothin’ just shocked me is all “ Ana lied hoping she would just leave it at that . “So what are you going today ? “

Desi felt there was more to what Ana was saying but let it drop “ I’m probably gonna head out for a bite maybe down to the Park and Orchard.  I heard they were good . “

“How far is that ? You should really take it easy “ Ana warned

“Yes mom . From what the map says about 2 minutes and no I’m not gonna walk before you ask”

“Good, better go for now . I have to leave for work . I promised the boss man I would get shit filed so its a late Friday night at the office - oh joy “

“Kissin’ ass again I see “ Desi teased

“Always . Besides I figured if I do this maybe next time the bitch won’t get the time off that was mine“

“If you don’t . I’m kidnapping your ass . “

“Hell I am so gonna call in sick next time fuck that ! “ Ana laughed “Take care girlfriend see you when you get home . “

“Will do ? Call me later I should still be up “

“Okay unless you’re busy again “ Ana chortled

Desi laughed and with a slight roll of her eyes “ OH yea with the TV maybe . Luv ya “

“Tell me another one, okay really gotta go. Bye Luv ya too  “

Desi flipped her phone shut , walked into her bedroom changed into a pair of jeans and tank top then slipped on her shoes and walked back out to the living area for her purse and key and headed out the door to catch a cab.

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