Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chapter 8

Desi’s eyes widened .  Fuck Me ! He is kissing me ! Her mind was spinning a million different directions,as her lips responded to his sweet kisses that were quickly becoming more passionate by the second. She should really stop this but for the life of her she couldn’t pull away. God I have to be dreaming because no way he would really be kissing me . Would he ? Someone pinch me !

Jon smiled inwardly. Now this is more like it. Not that he had planned on kissing her but she was so infuriatingly stubborn and her lips were so inviting, so what the hell ? Taking the chance , he snaked his arms around her and continued the sweet onslaught of her lips.God she felt good in his arms . Her skin was so soft - soft as baby . It had been awhile since he had felt the urge to kiss a woman like this - sure he had plenty of times on stage but this was different. Not since his divorce , had he really cared enough too. Til now

All her resolve melted the moment he pulled her into his embrace .  He could ask her to go to the moon and she would readily agree. She returned his kisses in desperate need while her arms encircled around his neck. If this was a dream please don’t let me wake up.

He pulled away reluctantly from her lips to gently grasp her face , tilting her head and placed sweet kisses down to her shoulder.. “Desi you taste so good “ He growled his voice vibrating near her ear causing her to shiver.

A slight moan of contentment escaped Desi’s lips and as much as she wanted this to go further, she couldn’t let it.  If he sees . She fought to catch her breath, her heart was racing  “I think - we should stop “

“Why baby ? You seem to be enjoying it as much as I am “ Jon replied huskily while he hooked the neck of her shirt with his finger , widening it so he could nibble on her shoulder blade.

“Because - I -  “ Desi answered breathlessly - In truth she had no good reason why to stop other than her problems - which she couldn’t tell him about .

“Because you what ? “ Jon asked as he stole a peek of her small but perky breasts hidden behind a black lace bra underneath her shirt.

Desi couldn’t think not while he was kissing her like this  “Um- I just I - well shit “  she stumbled her brain all foggy with desire .

Jon continued his onslaught , nibbling on her shoulder then back up to her earlobe “ I know you like this  “ he whispered in ear “ So tell me why you want to stop . You’re not married are you ? “

A deep laugh escaped her lips “No not anymore “

“Well then there is no reason not to continue. Now is there ? “ Jon huskily replied as he tugged gently on her lobe.

God he keeps this up and I won’t be able to say no  but no matter how much she tried she couldn’t come up with a valid reason to stop - at least one he would accept anyway. “No I guess not “ as she succumbed to his advances , her arms slid away from his neck to the front of his button down shirt , her hands shook from a mixture of excitement and nervousness as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt , revealing his soft gray hair that she loved so much.

Jon smiled , gently tugging on her hair to bring her lips to his again “ No more talking “ his hands slid down to the bottom of her shirt , pulling back away from her delectable lips long enough to remove her shirt . His smile grew wider as his eyes gazed over her small breasts that were tucked away in her lacy black bra.   He reached around and with a simple flick the bra joined the shirt in a pile on the floor.

Desi swallowed hard , there was no backing out now . She just prayed he didn’t notice her scars and bruises that covered her elbows.  She reached slowly removed his shirt then tentatively ran her hands over his incredible chest .God he's beautiful and his chest the six pack was even more enticing in person than in pictures.

A deep growl escaped Jon’s lips , when her hands roamed across his chest . Oh hell her hands felt so good -so softHe placed his hands a top of hers , bringing them to his lips then sweetly kissed them. Damn they were so tiny,almost fragile like he was afraid to squeeze them too tightly.

He stood then gently pulled her up to join him then releasing one of her hands to slide his arm around her waist to help her into her bedroom.

Desi was shaking . Part of her wanted this so badly ,her body practically ached for it  but the other part was scared of his reaction and needed to put a stop to this now .

Jon closed the door behind them then noticed she was shaking ,pulling her into a hug he whispered in her ear “ No need to be scared baby “ while softly stroking her hair .

“I’m not scared - well maybe a little but not for any reason you might think “ Desi softly whispered.

“Tell me “ Jon encouraged as he guided her to the bed then sat down beside her. His hand still softly caressing her hair .

Desi nervously chewed on her bottom lip, Oh hell what do I do now ? Sitting here bare breasted beside the man of my dreams and I’m being a chicken shit . What the fuck ?  If you want him go for it . Worry about the rest later . When is this opportunity gonna happen again ? “Nothin’ just a bit nervous is all but can we turn the light out . Please ? “

Jon arched an eyebrow  knowing there was more to it just nerves . He hadn’t been around the block with women to know she was hiding something but for now he would let it drop.  Why did it matter ? What is it about this girl that’s got him doing and saying things he hadn’t in years. After his divorce , he threw himself into his work , sex wasn’t even a part of the equation anymore ok that’s a lie . He had his ‘friends’ when he needed a quick relief but those sad brown eyes and her sweet nature had him rethinking his plans. Damn the boys would think he was insane , He just fucking met her for fuck’s sake ! And she was a fan . Jesus !  Maybe he was going insane or was it the wine - maybe he is becoming that wino after all. He just came to see if she was okay , now he was in her bedroom . He should just get up and leave but those damned eyes - what is it about her ?  “Sure baby “ was all he could say as he helped her into bed once she was in bed he made his way to the other side of the bed and flicked the light off.


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