Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chapter 12

Desi’s cab pulled up in front of the Park and Orchard, she paid the cab driver and walked in . Her eyes widened it was a bit more high class than she expected. Why the hell not ? I deserve a treat once an awhile .The hostess escorted her to a  table covered in a white linen which was located near the window. Once she was seated in a black high back chair, she was handed a menu.

The waitress approached her a few moments later to take her order, Desi had thought briefly of ordering wine but decided against it with the medications she had been taking, so she settled for an iced tea..  Her stomach growled in protest while she placed her order, a large salad piled with shrimp , then Jasper’s Crabmeat Pasta and finally for dessert a nice slice of cheesecake.

Once the waitress had left , Desi turned to gaze out the window as her mind drifted back to last night.  She didn’t really know what to think . He brought out a passion in her she had thought had been long lost .Passion she was sure she would never experience again especially in the last couple years of her marriage. Jack had seemed to lose total interest in her and when they did have sex , it was all about his pleasure not hers. Jon, on the other hand surprised her , with the sweetness and attentiveness he had shown her. Not that she didn’t think he was capable of it just didn’t think he would show it so openly and to a stranger no less.

Her deep thoughts were interrupted when the waitress returned with her salad and a refill on her iced tea.Desi smiled “Thank you “ then picked up her fork and began to eat .Completely unaware that just a few tables behind her sat the person that plagued her thoughts since she woke up this morning.

Jon and Richie had just finished their lunch and was making their way through the crowded restaurant when Jon spotted a familiar face sitting near the window.  “Well I’ll be damned . I didn’t expect to see her here”

Richie arched an eyebrow “Who? “ as he gazed around the restaurant.

Jon pointed in the direction where Desi was seated  “Desi , The girl I told you about . The one that was injured at the show other night “

Richie cast a look where Jon was pointing .“ Ah, so that's the girl that has you all twisted in knots huh. Quite a beauty you got there . “ he said appreciatively.

“Don’t know what the fuck you’re goin’ on about. She is a sweet person and yes she is beautiful but I just hate to see anyone hurt especially at our shows..“ Jon answered adamantly

“UH huh do you always sleep with ones you’re concerned about “ Richie snorted .

Jon rolled his eyes “ No - just happened is all “

“Not with you . Lets go say hi  “ Richie said matter of factly  and before Jon could reply Richie sauntered towards Desi’s table .

Desi was just finishing up on her salad when she heard a deep drawling voice speak to her “ Hello Darlin’ “

She gradually looked up at the person speaking , her eyes widened and she felt a lump settle in her throat “Hello “ she squeaked out .

Richie smirked at her reaction “ Mind if we join you for a bit ? “ as he pulled up a seat across from her “Good didn’t think you’d mind “

OH fuck! Now I could really use that wine !  “No of course not “ she answered a slight blush crept up on her face once her eyes landed on Jon, who chose the seat next to her.

Jon smiled “Hey there baby. Didn’t expect to see you out and about ? “

Richie watched the both of them with keen interest.  He could definitely see why Jon was ‘smitten’ even if he didn’t want to admit it . She was definitely beautiful but seemed shy and introverted a far cry from what Jon was normally attracted to. Maybe that’s exactly what he needs-someone that needs him .

She smiled shyly “ Well I got hungry and didn’t want to stay cooped up in the hotel today “ as she took a sip of her tea.

Jon nodded understandingly “How’s the leg doing?”

“It’s still there “ Desi joked “ A bit sore but nothing I can’t deal with “

“Shouldn’t you be taking it easy ? “ Jon chided gently, his eyes twinkling.

“I am . I’m sitting “ Desi winked  “Even took a cab here instead of walking “

Richie chuckled “I like this girl and you are ? Since Frank here won’t introduce us “ he held out his hand .

“Desiree but you can call me Desi or Des or hey you ? “ she smiled holding her hand out to shake his .

Jon rolled his eyes “ I was about too . Impatient asshole “

Desi grinned at the banter, it reminded her of herself and Ana .  “Nice to meet you Richie “

“The pleasure is all mine darlin’  “ He replied tipping her hand to his lips and kissed it.

Wait til I tell Ana or maybe I shouldn’t ? Before she could think of anything remotely intelligent to say after that sweet gesture ,lunch was brought to her.  “Care for anything I really hate to eat in front of you “

“Na its good  baby. Go ahead though Dean might steal a bite if you don’t watch out “ Jon retorted

“I will not besides I stole enough from you today , I’m full . But I could use a drink “ Richie caught the waitress before she left and ordered a soda while Jon ordered a coffee.

“So Desi where are you from ? “ Richie asked then politely thanked the waitress who had returned with their drinks.

“ Ohio “ She answered then took a bite of her linguine  “About an hour or so from Cleveland “

“So what brought you to Jersey besides the wonderful scenery“ He teased a ornery twinkle shown brightly in his eyes.

“Well since you guys seemed to have missed Ohio last tour , I figured better catch you while I can besides I always wanted to see Jersey “

Jon grinned sheepishly “ We had planned on making Ohio last tour just scheduling conflicts caused us to miss . But I can let you in on a secret - looks like Ohio might be comin up soon”

Desi’s eyes widened , a big smile spread across her face and she replied “ Really that would be cool though I think I blew all my money for this trip “.

“Well I think I can talk to someone about that after all I have a few connections “ Jon winked

“Really? Could these connections get my friend and I good seats?“ Desi bantered .

“I think that could be arranged “ he said with a devilish twinkle in his eye. "But it might come with a price ? "

“Oh really , I already said I was broke. “ Desi answered, a smile radiating from her lips

“I"m sure we could work something out  “ Jon winked then reached for her hand giving it a light squeeze. "Oh Did you get a hold of Ana ? "

“Yes I did  “ Desi replied while her gaze fell on his hand holding hers,  "You didn't tell me you two talked"

“Well  baby for one you were still half asleep and two I was in a hurry .“

Richie smiled inwardly while watching these two interact with each other , if they weren't smitten with  each other then he would sell all his guitars and become a monk. " So who is this Ana? " his curiosity peaked at the mention of another woman

“I think you would like her “ Desi smiled at Richie  “She’s been my friend for about 20 plus years now "

“So why isn’t she here now “ Richie asked as he sipped on his soda.

“Work she couldn’t get out if it . So I had to solo it  “ Desi sighed

“Well that just sucks "

“Yea it does  but its been a cool trip other than this  “ and with a roll of her eyes , she lifted her injured leg

“Try to think of it this way something good came out of it . You met us “ RIchie winked and waggled his eyebrows " Besides you really got to know my friend here "

Oh God ! He knows, Of course he knows he's his best friend you idiot Desi felt her face get warm and she wanted to hide underneath the table instead she stuffed her mouth with food. and glanced down.

Jon bit back a smile watching Desi's face turn a bright red " Don't pay attention to asshole here, he has foot and mouth disease."

Before Richie could fire back a response,  his phone vibrated in his pocket. Reaching in for it he pressed the on button.  “Yea , oh shit ok we’ll be on our way . I dunno his phone must have died . Yea give us a few minutes “ he shut his phone  “Frank we gotta head out . “

"Fuck " he muttered with frustration. Of course just had to get interrupted when he was actually enjoying himself , A first in an awful long time. “Guess we gotta run but you gonna be at your room later. ? ‘

“Yea don’t think I’m gonna do any sight seeing  “ Desi answered her voice coated with disappointment .

“Okay mind if I give you a call later ? “

“I think I would like that . “

“Good “ He stood up , leaned in giving her a sweet kiss on her lips  “Can’t say what time but I’ll give you a call. “

“Okay have fun and take  care “ she smiled

“I'll try  “ He grinned sheepishly. then headed out , stopping briefly at the register and paying for her lunch.

Richie's grin widened and he couldn't resist but to tease " Damn if I didn't know better but I think this girl has gotten under your skin "

“Na just - well hell I dunno just feel like I wanna take care of her “ Jon answered quietly as he climbed into the backseat , then he leaned forward to speak to his driver " Hey Paul can you do me a favor? "

“Of course  “ Paul replied glancing back in the review mirror.

"You see that girl with auburn hair sitting at the window there? " Jon pointed in Desi's direction.

Paul eye's darted towards where his boss was pointing " Yes sir . "

"When she is finished , could you give her a ride back to her hotel ? "

"Sure boss . No problem "

“Thanks “ Jon replied as he leaned his head against the headrest, closing his eyes .

“No doubt about it you been bit by the bug  “ Richie chortled , giving him a pat on his  shoulder.

“Ah shaddaup Dean “  he retorted  then turned his gaze toward the window and watched the scenery pass on  by.


  1. aww Jonny's falling fast!! Love it! :)

  2. Love the way Richie just takes over. I like the idea that Jon may want somebody that needs him to take care of them. Nice :)