Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chapter 3

Desi sat stunned as she watched the two men step into a black Lincoln , OH hell it was them , God she had to look like the epitome a fool ,her mouth gaping open as if she was trying to catch flies .She vaguely noticed the shuttle pulling up , her eyes still focused on the black Lincoln still parked waiting for the shuttle to by pass them before pulling out to leave.

She stood, opened the door and a blast of hot air wrapped around her causing to gasp, “Damn its hotter than hell today “she grumbled as the doors of the shuttle opened offering a welcome relief to the heat and humidity. Grateful to be out of the blazing inferno outside , she slid into a window seat , her eyes darted out her gaze following the black car that was slowly passing them by. Jon was in that car, He smiled at me and said hello!! Ok Desiree get a grip you’re not a teenager anymore she chided herself .

What normally would have taken, according to the driver 15 minutes took over a half hour when she finally arrived at the New Meadowlands Stadium. Once the shuttle pulled to a stop and opened the doors , she dreaded the hot hazy humid weather that was waiting for her when she stepped out . She stood up and walked off the shuttle , the glare of the sun beating down as she took a look around trying to find the entrance .

Spotting the long line that was beginning to snake around the huge stadium, she meandered over to take her place in line. Glancing at her watch , Should be anytime they let us in the gates. she thought to herself . her ears perked up when she heard a few riffs of some song , couldn’t quite make it out from the noise of the crowd but definitely knew it was sound-check. Her excitement kicking into full gear,she couldn’t wait for the gates open and to see just exactly how close her seats were.

After what it seemed like several hours of waiting in line in the suffocating heat, They finally opened the gates , like a bunch a cattle being herded into the corral , the crowd slowly made its way through. Desi followed and with a sigh of relief made to the security guards, one checked the contents of her purse, while the other guard slightly frisked her . Once she was cleared , she asked which direction she needed to go to get on the field . The woman quickly and abruptly told her , the field entrance was clear on the other side of the arena. Mentally thanking herself for wearing tennis shoes instead of the ankle boots ,.As she began her long trek to the field entrance.

Once at the entrance , she decided on buying a bottle of water otherwise she wasn’t going make it through this scorching heat. She walked over to the booth , ordered a water then reached in her purse for her wallet to pay . When the attendant said 6 dollars she nearly passed out from shock , Sure she knew it would be expensive, but 6 bucks was outrageous , . Reluctantly paying it , she then walked back to the entrance and made her way out onto the field in search of her seat.

Finally seated , her mouth agape Desi couldn’t believe exactly how close her seats were, she was on Bobby’s side last seat in 3rd row from the stage and right near where Jon would come out to walk out to the circle. Which meant he would pass right by her ? She almost giggled aloud at the very thought.

After nearly broiling through the opening band, Train , the moment had finally arrived. Desi stood as the first bars of the intro of This Is Our House started playing. Her voice blending in with the other screams that were shouting for the band to appear , as well as stopping of their feet.

Forgetting about the heat, Desi was all about the show now , she screamed loudly when she saw Bobby, David , Tico strolled out followed by Richie then Jon , soon after the beginning’s of Blood on Blood kicked in.

Her eyes never left the stage, as the sweat poured down her face , she would casually wipe it away and sing along with each song that passed , her voice blending with the rest of thousands that were rockin’ with Jon’s rock workout. A few song’s in she swore she got a few smiles , and winks her way -- it was hard to tell really with so many people around her .

They were on fire tonight ! Her voice nearly shot by Runaway then she noticed no sound , all she heard was the crowd, with a puzzled look she watched Jon who kept singing as if nothing had happened, while the crowd continued the song for them til it came back on.

For the rest of the show nothing but perfection , the setlist was smokin’ in her opinion, her faves definitely were Superman Tonight -deep inside she wished for her own Superman-maybe someday. She sighed to herself. But it was Love’s The Only Rule where she was fairly certain he sang to her and pointed briefly as he walked on by .After that moment it was a blur, those sparkly blue eyes gazing into hers had her reminiscing of the brief encounter earlier that day.

Far too soon the show ended, leaving Desi is a state of euphoria , she slowly followed the crowd out , her tank clinking to her like a dryer sheet to socks. from the perspiration , she was eager to get out, hoping for a slight wind , something to cool her off.

The long dreaded walk around the arena, caused her knee to throb , pushing herself further to make it to the shuttle stop . She frowned when she arrived where she was supposed to wait, ‘Damn its not here yet “ She cursed softly . Glancing around to her dismay no where to sit either to take the pressure of her sore knee either. “ Great “ , bending down , she rubbed her knee , not even noticing the black van slowly passing by .

Jon sat peering out the window , it had been a long hot night but a good one despite a minor technicality during Runaway , His eyes gazed out over the packed parking lot, it was going to awhile, Then something caught his eye , or someone that is -- It was pitch black forsaken the lamp poles shining , one of which was shining on a woman bending over checkin on -- could she be injured? He leaned in closer to get a better view, as they slowly made their way by the young woman. Wait have I seen her before? She looks vaguely familiar but where ? .

He debated having Tom pull over to make sure she was okay , but she straightened up so it seemed like she was fine. , though he did notice the knee brace on her right leg. His eyes scanned up to her face, That’s it , at the hotel today , and in the crowd tonight -- of course dumb-fuck in the crowd she’s out here waiting to leave. But he spotted her a few times while he scanned the crowd. A smile spread across his face , she really was a beautiful woman , her long auburn hair partly secured in a braid ,several strands had fallen apparently from the heat and persperation, but to him it made her even more beautiful. What the fuck ? Don’t even think it asshole He chided himself true he had been divorced secretly for awhile now, but once the Circle Tour began , it became public knowledge. and as crazy has his life had become again he wasn’t ready to take on a new anything right now . Though for some reason this girl captured his attention .

He watched as she soon disappeared onto the shuttle for the Hilton where he had seen her previously today, Wondering to himself if she would be at the other two shows or not. And secretly hoping she was. And for the life of him couldn’t figure out why?

Desi breathed a sigh of relief once the shuttle pulled up and opened the doors., finding a seat and exhaustively tumbled into it. As much as she had fun tonight , she couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and soak her knee. Round 1 now behind her 2 more Rounds to go , Question is could her knee handle it ? “ It would have too “ she muttered softly to herself as the shuttle slowly inched its way out of the parking lot and back to the hotel.

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