Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chapter 7

Jon sauntered down the long hallway , silently reading off the numbers of the rooms as he passed each by til he reached 211.  He didn’t know what compelled him at this late hour to check on her but it was so damned important.  All evening he had been haunted by those sad brown eyes , and bright auburn hair. So much so it shocked him . Sure  gorgeous women  would catch his  eye  every night on stage but there was something about this girl -well woman that he just couldn’t shake.Was he attracted to her ? Or was it because it was the good Samaritan in him that couldn’t let it go til he saw she was okay.

In his mind he tried to rattle off excuses why that may have been , one being she was injured and he would have to be a cold hearted son of a bitch if he wouldn’t at least show some compassion.  He chuckled to himself. Who am I fooling? I am a cold hearted son of a bitch at times!

Standing outside her door , he raked his hand through his hair before giving a light tap . He heard some rustling then a small voice called out “ Who is it ? “

“It’s Jon “ Jon answered back

She slowly opened the door , her heart pounding so hard she thought it was going to explode out of her chest .  “Hi “  was all she could muster while her eyes took in the sight before her . He looked incredible in his infamous black jeans to his dark blue shirt, which was half unbuttoned giving her a nice glimpse of silver hair that covered his chest, then there was his hair. God! What she wouldn’t give to be able to run her fingers through his blond tresses.

After a few moments of silence , Jon spoke amusement coating his voice  “May I come in or you want to stand here and talk? “ His gaze floated over her appearance , she was still wearing the black baby tee and hip hugger jeans, which fit her like a glove.  He shifted a bit , his own jeans growing tighter each passing moment his eyes remained fixated on her .Stop it! Dumbass  you didn’t come to get laid . You came to see how she was doing. He scolded himself.

His lighthearted teasing broke her trance  “Oh yes please come in “ she stepped away , opening the door wider so he could walk in. Oh for Fuck’s sake , Desi get a grip!

Jon stepped inside ,  glanced around the suite. “Nice room you have here “

Desi couldn’t help but chuckle “ I’m sure compared to where you stay in its a dump “

 “Well it is quite nice but mines still better “ His eyes twinkled with orneriness and a cheesy grin spread across his mouth.

“Care for a drink ? “ Desi asked while she lead him into the living area.

“Let me get it for you. Shouldn't you be resting that leg? “ His eyes darted down to her injured calf.

Desi nodded “Probably , But you’re my guest “

“No no you sit . Just point me in the right direction “ Jon insisted

“In the kitchen, I believe there is a bottle of wine there. Probably not what you’re used to . Actually not sure what kind it is . It was comped with the suite.“ she winked “I’ll take a Pepsi though “ picking up her packet of medication and shook it “ pain pills and alcohol don’t mix well  “

“No I guess it doesn’t “ He laughed then headed into the kitchen pulling out two glasses then reached in the fridge for the wine then glanced at the label. “This is a pretty good vintage actually“ he said with a twinkle in his eye.  He poured himself a glass of wine and opened a can of Pepsi and poured into her glass.

He carried the glasses back into living room , handing her a glass. Desi scooted over to make room. Jon then sat down , carefully moving her injured leg to rest on his thigh.

After accepting her glass, she took a sip then spoke. “ Thank you “
“Anytime “ He smiled “ So how’s the leg doin’? “

“Oh its still there “ she grinned ‘ Really its fine thanks to the pills , does hurt a bit without, but nothin’ I haven’t been through before. Unfortunately I’m gonna have a nice scar . It took 15 stitches to close it.”

“Fifteen you gotta be fuckin’ kidding me ?! “Jon exclaimed.  He had heard it was bad but not that bad.

She shook her head “Nope, no big deal really. “ Desi couldn’t believe just how relaxed she was with him, she had expected to be all giddily stupid around him.  Ana would be shocked to see me like this , Hell I’m shocked . Maybe its the pain pills .

Jon flicked up an eyebrow “ No big deal ! How can you say that ? “

She shrugged  ‘It’s just isn’t. That’s all “ taking another sip of her soda.  “I’m the Queen of Clumsy actually.. Accidents seem to find me “ she tried to joke not sure if it was more for herself as for him.  “So how was the show ? “

Jon noticed the quick change of subjects, not wanting to press her but still curious , he made a note to find out more about This Mysterious Desiree “ It was good. Once the rain stopped. Though have to admit a good soaking rain would have felt good by the end “

“That’s good too bad I missed it “ Desi responded, disappointment coating her voice .

“I’m sorry too. “ Jon paused for a moment, taking a drink of his wine “ I was thinking maybe there is a way . I could make it up to you “

Desi nearly spit her soda , her mind immediately headed for Gutterville  Oh I can name more than few things you could do,but she quickly shook away the naughty thoughts .“ No no you don’t have to do that . You have done quite enough really”

Jon scoffed “What ? A ride from the hospital and paying the bill . Shit that ain’t nothin’ “

“And that’s plenty “ Desi insisted , her stubbornness quickly showing.

‘No its not . No use in arguing with me , Miss Desiree. I can be one pigheaded son of bitch “ He smirked “ Where’s your seat for Saturday’s show ? “

With a slight roll of her eyes , she answered “ I think front row on Richie’s side and call me Desi please ? “

“Okay then Desi . You can’t be down front not with your leg like that so we need to figure something out for you . Somewhere safer “

You mean safer like your lap. Shit Desi stop it !  Desi glanced away and frowned. Be serious now !  If you allow this then you’ll be nothing but that  charity case you’ve fought so hard not to be ! “Seriously I’ll be OK where I’m at . I’m used to being careful “

Jon leaned towards her , gently cupped her face turning her to look at him “ Why not ? You know there will be shoving and all its gonna take is just one person to re-injure your leg “

She struggled not to get lost in those baby blues but it was so hard not too  , letting out a deep frustrating sigh , she answered “ Its hard to explain and I’m sure you don’t wanna hear about it “

“I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t “ Jon replied with a sweet smile.  He could tell there was definitely more to this than just a mere cut - wondering if she would trust him enough to tell him . There a sadness that coated her beautiful brown eyes and it tugged at his heart . Fuck! Why did it matter so much!  She said no so that should be it . Shouldn’t it ? 

Desi clinched her eyes shut .Why is he being so insistent about this ? Why can’t he let it drop?  And why for once just accept kindness and see its not pity ? 

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Desi spoke “ Jon , I’m thankful you want to do this for me but I just can’t accept it “

“And why not? “ He asked persistently

“Because I worked hard for this ticket and I can’t just throw it away simply because I got hurt “ Desi adamantly answered. It was a piss poor excuse but it was some what of the truth , she had worked hard to save up for this trip .

Jon let out a frustrated sigh “ Ok instead of tossing away your ticket. How’s about a free upgrade compliments from the boss man himself “ He winked “ C’mon you can’t say you wouldn’t want to sit on the stage “

Desi thought over his offer . On stage when would she get this opportunity again ? He wasn’t going to give up til she did . So just this once wouldn’t hurt ? Would it ?  “A’right but just this once” she said with resignation.

“I thought for a moment I would have to resort to desperate measures to get you to agree “ Jon chorted

“Like what ? “ Desi asked curiously

“Like this “ Jon leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.


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