Monday, August 16, 2010

Chapter 6

Jon had been pacing the long corridor , worried about how the weather was going to effect the show. Would they have to cancel? He prayed not .That would have been a first in their long history of shows but the safety of his fans came first.  Then it got back to him that there had been an injured fan , so he had to go find out how bad and what exactly happened.  He reached the door and listened as the girl told her story. He heard her refuse the help they were offering , insisting she was fine. Well if she got hurt at one of his shows , they were gonna see to it she was taken care off.

Desi glanced up and gazed nervously into those blue eyes , OH God its him !  No !  Please don’t see my legs! she hurriedly tugged at  the blanket , making sure her knees were covered.

Jon noticed with each step he took the more nervous she became.  At first he thought it was because of who he was but no this was different, she kept tugging on the blanket as if she didn’t want him to see her injury. It couldn’t be that bad ? Could it ?  he wondered  “I won’t bite . Honest” he smiled trying to ease her fears.

“It’s not that “ Desi answered quietly.  scooting further back on the cot.

“Then tell me ? “ Jon found a stool and scooted it near her .

“It’s just that you don’t need to go to all this trouble . I’m clumsy!  it happens all the time “ She admitted.

“Now I can’t believe that someone stepping on the back of your leg is your fault ? “

“Well no but I just happen to get hurt alot is all .So there is no reason for you all to pay for something I can do myself . “ Desi insisted

“Why don’t you let me worry about what I should and shouldn't pay for hmmm . You go get fixed up and we’ll take care of the rest. No more arguing ‘bout it either “

Desi frowned Great just great ! Now he sees me as a charity case.  Way to go Desiree!  Before she could argue anymore the EMT’’s entered the room with the gurney . “Do I have to get on that?”

“Yes Ma’am I’m sorry its procedure. “ The one man responded .

She groaned then grasped the blanket tightly before she stood . Jon reached for her “Hey take it easy let someone help you.  Stubborn lil thing aren’t you?“ he winked while gently guiding her to the gurney.

Desi, though grateful for his kindness, was still a bit uneasy with his being close to her but reluctantly let him lead her to gurney where she settled in while they fastened the straps securely across her.  “Thank you “ she smiled

Jon returned her smile “ Na, no need for thanks , gladly help out a pretty lady . Now go get fixed up”

Desi smiled again as they started to wheel her out , Jon called out “ Wait , I know you’re staying at the Hilton but what room ? I wanna check on you later -- that is if you’re not still sitting at the hospital “ He bantered

She rolled her eyes. Definitely she was in for a long night . Hospital visits usually were. “You want my room number ? “ she asked incredulously

“Well yea, how else am I gonna see how you’re doing? “ Jon chuckled

Desi debated for a moment , it wasn’t like he wanted to have sex with her or anything so what would it hurt besides how could she really say no to JON BON JOVI .  “True “ she laughed “ 211”

‘Ok then Desiree will see you in a few hours “ He winked .

She nodded then turned to face the doorway while the two men pushed her out and into an awaiting ambulance.

Several hours later , Desi wearily unlocked her door , kicking it with her good leg shut then slowly limped over to couch . She tossed her purse on the coffee table and collapsed on the couch, resting her leg on the coffee table. It was a long night to say the least.  Not surprising she missed the show.  Waiting to be seen , waiting for xrays for cautionary reasons , waiting for for the doctor to read the xrays - knowing they would show nothing - waiting for the doctor to come back to suture her leg , waiting for the paperwork and a couple packets of pain pills to last til she could get to a pharmacy and fill a prescription - Where the hell she was going to do that? In a city she had never been to before now was beyond her . Thank god she had the patience of a saint,  though one thing that always pushed the boundaries of her patience was when they- meaning the doctors wanted their residents to come have a ‘peek’ at her , God ! Did she feel like a guinea pig or worse an animal being gawked at in the zoo.

Once they finished with they’re poking and prodding , she was released and much to her surprise there was a black Lincoln waiting to whisk her away back to her hotel .

The only bright spot in this whole mess was she had gotten to meet Jon , for only a few moments but still it cause a smile to spread across her face.  He had mentioned about wanting to stop by to check on her but -- she glanced at her watch and frowned “ It’s too late and besides he was just probably trying to be nice “

She took another quick glance  at her watch.“I should call Ana “ reaching in her purse and pulled out her phone then flipped it open, 5 voice mails were flashing “Shit , she is gonna freak when I tell her “  Just as she was about to hit speed dial , her hotel phone rang .

With a resounding groan, she stood up and walked into the bedroom to answer the phone.

“Hello ? “

“Hi Is this Desiree? “ Jon asked

Desi’s eyes widened , her mouth agape  , she knew that voice anywhere  OH Hell ! He did remember! GOD dumb ass say something “ Uh, yea it is “ she replied praying she didn’t sound as nervous as she felt.

Jon smiled “Good . Was afraid I might have gotten your room number mixed up “

“No its me , home safe and sound “ Desi lightly teased.”Well at least my home for the next couple more days anyway “

Jon chuckled “Yea, I know what you’re saying there . “ he paused “I was wondering if its not too late if you minded if I stopped by . Just to see if you’re okay “

Desi started to say he didn’t have to but stopped herself “ Sure “

“Ok good , see you in a few then “ Jon replied

“Ok  bye “ Desi hung up the phone , “OH fuck! He’s coming to my room ! “ she did a quick glance around to make sure she didn’t have a disaster of a room  “What the fuck you worried about , Desi ? He’s not coming into your bedroom . “

She hobbled back over to the mirror , running her fingers thru her hair  “You’ve looked worse Des . Besides he just being friendly is all . “

After one last look in the mirror , she limped back into the living room to await for the man who had crept into her dreams for the past twenty plus years.

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  1. I think she just needs to relax a bit more! Jonny boy's just looking out for her. Making sure she's ok... kissing the boo-boo's better haha.

    Thanks for the update =)