Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chapter 5

The rain played havoc with the crowd settling down in their seats , for a few moments they were able to relax , glancing up at the sky waiting for another downpour to drench them.  That wouldn’t have been too bad , considering how hot it had been the previous night but then lightening started to streak across the dark sky and soon the security started to usher the crowd off the field and into safety.

Desi was one of many that was hunkered down near the stadium seats ,crowded in like a can of sardines. Every time she dared to move even just a mere inch, she was shoved in tighter. Worry sketched across her face, her knee, Damn’t if she hadn’t forgotten her brace. Great ! That’s just what I need for my knee to give way.

That’s when it happened. The crowd rushed forward, and someone behind her stepped on the back of her leg, she felt a sharp pain and winced. A deep dreaded feeling settled in the pit of her stomach , that this was going to be more than just a bruise and silently praying for once, Please let it be just a nasty colored bruise. She needed to get out of the crowd as soon as possible so she could check the damage .

Once out of the suffocating crowd, Desi crouched down to examine her leg, she tugged gently on the denim fabric but it clung to the injury , she knew for certain then it was tore but whether she needed stitches or not she couldn’t tell. Tears of frustration threatened to fall when she stood up to see if she could find help.

Desi spotted a guard standing near the railing , she hobbled over to her  “Excuse me “

The guard looked over at Desi, who was limping her way over slowly “ Yes Ma’am ? “

Desi chewed on her bottom lip , Why of all times did this have to happen ? Now I may miss the show  “I think I need some medical help. Someone stepped on the back of my leg and I am pretty sure its cut“ she turned around , crouched down briefly to show the guard where exactly she was injured.

The guard glanced down where Desi indicated , she couldn't see for sure how bad her injury was with the thick denim   covering her leg. “Ok Ma’am I’ll take you in the back where the emergency triage is located. Can you walk ok ? “

Desi nodded and slowly followed the guard down the ramp and to the back. . They started down a long corridor and into a room on the left . A  crack of thunder echoed in the distance , while Desi took a look around the room . It had a couple cots ,A  medicine cabinet,  IV poles and various other medical equipment.

The guard walked over to the Medical technician explained the situation then turned to Desi and smiled “Take care  “ then left.

The woman walked over to her and with a gentle comforting smile replied “ Ok hun what happened? “

Desi preceded to give a detailed account of how her injury happen then ended with “Oh I have Ehler’s Danlo’s Syndrome too , that's why I think I may need stitches “ By the puzzled look on the tech’s face, A frown settled across her face as she continued “ Its a connective tissue disorder - I am lacking collagen , so my skin tears at the slightest incident and my joints dislocate easily “ God how many times do I have to repeat myself , when will someone know about this besides me  she thought with frustration.

“Ah ok , well lets have a look “ The tech replied as she bent down then tried to raise the pant leg but finding it to tight to look that way . “ We are gonna have to remove your jeans “ She stood back up, reached for a gown then handed it to her . “You need help ? “

Desi groaned “No I think I got it  “ she quickly slid out of her ankle boots then unbuttoned her jeans, slid them gently down , stepping out with her good leg then , braced herself against the wall to gingerly remove the pant leg of her injured leg. Then she slipped the gown on, tying it in a knot in back .

The tech bit back a gasp , she had expected a little cut , nothing a band-aid would take care of the but jagged wound staring back at her was more than a simple cut.

Desi knew by the look of the tech , it was bad, she twisted around to look at the damage , shaking her head , she pinched her eyes , red hot tears building threatening to fall “Not again” she muttered slightly

The tech helped her to the cot once seated comfortably she turned for the peroxide and some gauze “ You are going to have to go to the hospital but I can at least get it all cleaned up for you. to prevent any infection “  She lifted Desi’s leg gently , taking the peroxide and dabbing with gauze over the wound. Once certain it was clean , or as best she could in these circumstances , she placed a temporary bandage on it.

Desi shook her head adamantly and said  “ No! Can’t I wait til after the show ? Can’t you just bandage it then afterwards I’ll go ?”  Fuck why can’t I just be normal 

It was the tech’s turn to say no “ No hun, I wouldn’t advise it . This really needs looked at . If you were to go back into that crowd, someone could very easily brush up against your leg. Making it worse than it already is. "

“I know , a’right . Hundreds of dollars down the drain. No big deal “ Desi sighed dejectedly

The woman did sympathize but this really wasn’t nothing to mess around with  “You wait right here while I go get some help “ she smiled warmly and walked out the door.

Desi nodded then reached for the blanket it to cover her knees , another abhorrent part of this -disorder or at least in her mind, was the purplish- greenish bruises that covered her knees and elbows. She gazed at herself in the mirror that hung on the wall across from her,the sight of her face staring back at her caused tears to well up once again.. I told Ana this would happen , I shouldn’t have came .

Over the years she did really well at disguising her countless injuries with Ana’s help of course. Ana's sense of style and knack for camouflaging imperfections made it so that no one save those very close or the few she'd been intimate with knew about the physical scars of her disorder.

“Guess the rain had stopped “ Desi whispered quietly , she gazed at her watch -Gavin DeGraw  was now hitting the stage , about an hour after he was supposed start .  “Damn I wanted to see him too “

A few moments later the emergency tech returned with two gentleman , neither of whom she recognized - well one looked some what familiar But where had she seen him at ? 

The older gentleman walked over to her , glanced down at her bandaged leg and frowned “I’m so sorry this happened to you Miss ? “

“Desiree Jenkins “ Desi answered

He held out his hand “I’m Mr Tom Martin , I’m with Venue management . Security reported your injury to us and I wanted to make sure you were okay. “

“Oh no need but thank you for your concern really . I’m gonna be just fine . Nothing but a few stitches can’t cure “ Desi replied half jokingly.

“Well , Myself and Michael Rew here , he is with band management  would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind ? “

Her eyes widened , That’s where I know him from  “I don’t mind but its not necessary , really I’m fine “  she knew where they were headed with this. They were afraid of a lawsuit , but to be frankly honest it was the last thing on her mind.

“ We just don’t like seeing our fans hurt and if there is anything we can do ?  Could you tell us what happened ? “ Rew kindly asked.

Desi exhaled an exasperated breath, glanced at both men then told them her story. She had been so engrossed in her ramblings that she hadn’t even noticed a blonde-haired gentlemen peeking his head in the door, eavesdropping on her detailed account of her accident.

She watched Mr Martin write down her account,pausing briefly to glance up “What hospital would you prefer ? “

“I-- don’t know I’m not from here . I’m from Ohio  I just flew in for the shows . "

“How’s ‘bout Hackensack Medical Center  “ The voice suggested

Desi glanced around , Where did that other voice come from?It sounds like-- No it Can't be?!

Mr Martin nodded “Okay I’ll relay that on to the EMT’s and again Miss Jenkins I am so sorry. We'll take care of all this don't you worry"

“That’s too kind of you but really its not necess-- “ Desi was cut off by that voice again, an all to familiar voice .

“Yes it is “ The Voice interjected   “ Like Rew said we can’t have our fans injured “  Jon then walked in , stepped between the two gentleman and smiled.


  1. Woohoo! And so the meeting begins. Here's hoping that a) Minimum of refunded ticket.. b) Visit in hospital just to kiss it all better .... c) dinner afterwards. *prays*