Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chapter 4

Desi awaited inside for her cab to show up dressed in a pair of Mudd Basic Skinny Jeans, a black baby tee , and finishing the look with her black pair of Steve Madden Betsey Ankle boots.  She grumbled as the rain poured down in buckets,  “Just great! The day I decide to wear my ankle boots it decides to rain.“

Today was round two of her grand Jersey adventure, but before she headed to the show, she was meeting up with a few friends. She met them all online through their mutual love for Bon Jovi.  The meet-up was going to be at Cheeseburger’s in Paradise, hence the reason for the cab instead of the shuttle. A few minutes later her cab arrived and she headed on her way.

The cab pulled up to the front doors, Desi paid the driver then made a mad dash to get inside out of the downpour. Shaking her head she watched the water-drops fell to the floor. She glanced around curiously. She really didn’t know who she was looking for, but not seeing any Jovi shirts she assumed she was early.

She walked over to the bench to wait  then reached in her purse for her phone and pressed speed dial. Perfect time to try and reach Ana again.  They had been playing phone tag since late last night.

Ana answered the phone her voice slightly breathless. “Heya girl , ‘bout time beginning to think you got kidnapped or something?”

Desi laughed. “ Had to rush for the phone again?  And no to answer your question, I was beat  by the time I got back to the hotel so I took a long bath then hit the sack.“

“ Ain't I always rushing for the phone, Cell is dead as usual . So Jon too much for you, his workout do you in?,“ Ana teased mercifully.

“No the damned heat, shit girl it was hotter than hell there yesterday and today its pouring down . Lovely weather they have here in Jersey,“ Desi snorted.

“So give me the deets, how sexy did Richie look ? “

Desi preceded to give all the details from last show, right down to the sweat that dripped off each and every member and Ana listening with amusement. It was so damned good to hear her friend happy again.  She was beginning to think nothing was ever gonna make that girl smile again.

Desi paused for a moment.  “Oh and Ana you ain’t gonna believe this. Jon and Matt were in my hotel!“

Ana sat straight up in her chair. “No fuckin’ way! Are they staying there? Did you talk to him? “

She laughed. “Why would they stay in a hotel when they live not too far from here? No, but he did smile at me and say Hello. “

“Did he check you out? “ Ana asked.

“I have no fuckin’ clue, I was too busy being in shock. “ Desi laughed. “Bet he laughed all the way to the car, the way my mouth hung wide open.“

Ana snorted then shook her head. “ Only you Des , only you. “

“What if it had been Richie? You would have been the same way and you know it ,“ Desi bantered.

“Na, I’d be asking where his room was and when we could meet up,“ Ana teased.

“Sure you would, “ Desi snickered. “Tell me another one. “

“Course I would in my dreams , reality I would ramble like a dumb-ass, “ Ana chortled.

Desi talked with her friend for a few moments longer when she noticed a group of girls with Bon Jovi shirts walk in.  “Hey girl gotta run,  I think Sarah just arrived. Give you a call probably tomorrow since its a day off before the last show.“

“Ok have fun, kiss Richie -- wait don’t kiss him for me -- he’s mine, “ Ana joked.

“Will do luv ya girl. “  Desi chuckled then flipped her phone closed and stood up then slowly walked over to the girls .

Desi hesitated a moment then spoke. “Sarah?,“ casting her an unsure look.

Sarah pivoted around , furrowed an eyebrow. “ Yes? “ She paused for a moment. “ Desi? “

Desi nodded then smiled .

Sarah reached out and pulled Desi into a warm embrace “It’s so good to finally meet you girl. “

Desi returned the hug. “Same here. I’m glad we got a chance to meet up. I was afraid we wouldn’t before the shows ended. “

Sarah pulled back then introduced her to the other girls , one of which Desi had spoken with online a few times, Emily.  “Nice to meet you , glad to finally put a face to a name, “ embracing her and the other girls as well.

Desi hadn't laughed so much in ages. Her time with these girls flew by quickly and reluctantly they had to part ways at the restaurant.  Desi laughed out loud recalling the fun they had just had together.  Once they had been seated and placed their drink orders which Emily suggested they had to try Sky Juice - Blue Curacao, Sprite and whatever your choice of spirit. Desi had chosen Vodka.  She knew probably it wasn’t wise to drink before the show , but it wasn’t like she was going to  have more than one.  Maybe later after the show she would indulge herself in some wine.

The drinks were served and quickly consumed , as the alcohol seeped into their minds, they giggled their way through their meal . The conversation became devilish when the topic of Bon Jovi arose . But all too soon it was time for them to leave and they said their goodbyes , promising to meet up one last time before they all had to head for home.

Desi waved as the last of her friends pulled out of the parking lot, she glanced up at the darkening sky while waiting for her Cab to come and pick her up , The rain had ceased for the time being but it looked like the sky was going to open up any second . Desi prayed a silent prayer that it would hold off until after the show.

The cab finally arrived pulling up near the  curb, just as Desi stepped inside, there was  a flash of lightening that radiated the sky followed by a loud crashing boom that shook the car.  “Damn , can’t you just hold off for a few hours “ She grumbled , her gaze turned towards the scenery as the car pulled out and down the road to the Stadium.


  1. Damn Jon! Why didn;t you just pull over first time! Here's hoping he'll see her at the concert tonight... she'll be all wet! (from the rain of course.... =P )