Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chapter 2

Desi awoke to the bright morning sunshine streaming through the thin cotton curtains of the window near her bed. She yawned then stretched before throwing back the covers and climbing out of bed. She reached for the phone to call room service and ordered her usual toast and coffee. “20 minutes? Thank you,“ Desi said. She hung up the phone, then walked over to her suitcase. She had several hours before the show, so there was plenty of time to figure out what the hell she was gonna wear.

Before reaching in to survey the clothing she’d packed, she reached for the remote and flicked on the TV. “Great, sweltering hot. Guess it’s a tank top and capri’s type of day today,“ she muttered as she tossed the remote onto the table.

She went back to the task at hand and pulled out several tops, jeans and capri’s as well as underwear to match. With a shake of her head, Desi smiled at the overabundance of clothing she packed for such a short trip.

After a few moments of indecision, she finally decided on a cream color tank top and a pair of khaki Marisa fit crop cargo pants, along with a cream color lace bra with matching underwear then placed the carefully selected outfit onto the back of the chair.

“Well that’s done,“ Desi murmured to herself as she at the clock. What in the hell was she gonna do with all her time before the show? She had hours yet before she had to meet up with the shuttle.

Her thoughts were disrupted with a slight knock at the door. “Room Service “ The person called out.

"Just a moment," Desi answered as she pad into the room and to the door. After a quick peek through the peephole she opened the door.

“Here you are Ma’am. Have a Nice Day,“ The man replied with a smile as he handed her the slip to sign.

“Thank you I will. “ Desi smiled back as she signed the slip then returned it to the man. She pushed the cart further into the room then turned back to shut the door.

Once she had the cart near the coffee table; she poured her everyday morning wake up call then took a sip before removing the lid of where the toast lay. She then sat down on the sofa with her coffee and toast and proceeded to watch TV.

After a few hours of mindless movie watching,Desi’s preshow excitement kicked into gear. She stood and made her way to the bathroom for a quick shower then the long daunting task of making herself look decent for round 1 at the New Meadowlands.

A few moments later, Desi turned off the shower, reached for a soft fluffy towel then wrapped it around her body and stepped out. Once out she grabbed another towel for her hair and gave it a nice brisk rub, then flipped it into a twist on top her head.

Desi traipsed back into her bedroom, patting herself dry with the fluffy hotel towel. Dropping it to the floor she slid on her on her bra and panties. Then she slid on her Capri's and tank to finish the look. Taking a quick look in the mirror, satisfied with her selection, she walked back into the bathroom to dry and fix her hair.

Once back in the the bathroom she dropped the towel that was wrapped around her head then turned on the dyer and flipped her long auburn hair upside down. After a few moments of the hot air blowing against her scalp she flipped it back up, giving a chuckle at her wild mane before turning off the dryer and reaching for her brush.

Brushing in long soft strokes, She watched the wild mane turn into silky smooth tresses framing her face. Sitting the brush down she contemplated what style would be appropriate on a hot, humid day. Best course of action she thought, was either a ponytail or braid. Soon she began the daunting task of french braiding her hair.

Moments later with her hair braided ,she would pulled a few strands of hair free to cover her forehead but not before adding what little makeup she planned on using. Chuckling to herself she murmured, “Ana would shit if she saw me.“ One thing about her friend, she didn’t care what the temperature was outside. She believed in getting all dolled up, no matter if it would disappear later on from sticky sweat. Her theory never know who might notice, “Well she isn’t here so I’m gonna be comfortable”

Satisfied with her appearance, she glanced at her watch. Even with watching TV few hours earlier she still had a few more to kill before showtime. She walked out of the bathroom towards the window. Pulling back the curtain she gazed out into the bright sunlight . Scrambled thoughts of uncertainty plagued her brain. She quickly shook them away. She was gonna have a great time tonight , she deserved it! There would be no negative thoughts, not tonight .

She walked away from the window, casting a quick glance at her phone. “Sarah said she was going so did Emily. Wonder if I should call them maybe we can meet up later,“ she mumbled to herself. Sitting herself back down on the couch, she strapped on her dreaded knee brace, making sure it was secure. God how she hated to wear it but if she didn’t...

Deciding she waited long enough, blazing oven or not outside, she was heading down to the stadium. Besides she didn’t know how long she would have to wait for the shuttle. She stood up, slipped on her tennis shoes, grabbed her key and ticket, shoving them in her purse, then pulled out her sunglasses sliding them on before she headed out the door.

Once in the lobby, the front desk told her that it would be about a 15 minute wait til the shuttle returned. So instead of waiting in the god-awful heat, Desi sat down in a chair near the door to wait. Maybe texting Sarah would be a good way to pass the time she thought to herself then pulled out her phone.

Desi was furiously texting, plans being made for during and after the show. She was so excited! It was beginning to really sink in now. She smiled and glanced around the lobby. The elevator doors dinged open and two men stepped out. One was tall, a bit lanky, clean cut and busily yakking on a cell phone. The otherwas a few inches shorter, dressed in relaxed jeans and an orange t-shirt with dark sunglasses and shaggy blond hair. Desi’s jaw slowly dropped as realization hit her. Matt and Jon??? As they passed by her chair, Jon glanced her way, slid his shades down his nose and spoke. “Hello.” He nodded, flashed a smile then slid his glasses back up his nose as he sauntered out the door and followed Matt into a waiting car.

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